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Several days passed, and Tsuna found herself swamped with stuff to do and learn. During the day she attended school, and after school she was stuck in dance classes with Mukuro. Mukuro was the only one of the guardians who knew how to dance and was skilled enough to teach her. It was day three of her lessons, with only three days left before the party. Walking through the school halls, heading to the assembly hall that they were using, she stopped when she heard a loud commotion outside. Stopping, she ran to the window and peered out to see the cause. Gasping, she saw a group of thugs surrounding Ryohei Sasagawa. She immediately stopped thinking, running to the door and ripping it open. She took off in a sprint to them, seeing Ryohei was shielding Kyoko from the thugs. Tsuna’s mind clouded over in a blind rage as she dashed in the middle, stepping in front of Ryohei and throwing her arms out, creating a shield.

“What do you think you’re doing!?” Tsuna exclaimed, narrowing her eyes in a glare. One of the five thugs glared back while the others smirked, laughing to themselves.

“What do you want missy? Leave, can’t you see we’re busy?” the thug commanded, but Tsuna dug her heels into the ground.

“No I won’t! What do you want with Ryohei and Kyoko anyway?!” Tsuna yelled back, still panting a little from having run so quickly. The head thug gave a confused look, then began laughing.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! You’re that weak you have to have a girl protecting you!?” he exclaimed, making a dig at Ryohei. Tsuna growled, glancing out the corner of her eye to see Ryohei holding Kyoko in his arms tightly, shielding her. He growled as well, glaring darkly at the thugs.

“Tsuna… I’m sorry about this…” Ryohei whispered in an apology. Tsuna’s eyes widened in shock, before she quickly shook it off, glaring at the thugs again.

“Mind explaining what this is all about?” Tsuna asked everyone, including Ryohei and Kyoko into the question. Kyoko looked up from Ryohei’s shoulder, trembling as she looked at Tsuna.

“It’s my fault… I’m so sorry Tsuna… They approached me and I panicked. Big Brother saw and came to help me, but now things just keep getting worse…” Kyoko apologized, her eyes brimming with tears. Tsuna listened carefully, then turned to glare back at the thugs. She needed to find a way to settle this properly without violence, otherwise they could all get into trouble.

“Tsuna!? Ryohei!? Kyoko!?” exclaimed a familiar voice nearby, making all heads turn to look. Yamamoto and Gokudera were standing nearby, looking at the scene in shock.

“Boss!” Gokudera yelled, both of them running to the group. Tsuna’s eyes widened, seeing the thugs looking agitated.

“Stay back!” Tsuna ordered, making them stop a few metres away, looking at her in confusion.

“But Boss! They’re threatening you!” Gokudera questioned, earning a glare from Tsuna. She returned to looking at the thugs, who were still glaring at her.

“How’re you going to compensate for this, missy?!” the head thug declared, glaring darkly at Tsuna. Tsuna frowned, thinking for a little before she turned to look at Kyoko. Kyoko looked at her, tears still in the corner of her eyes. Turning back, she took a deep breath.

“What did you want with Kyoko anyway?” Tsuna asked, seeing the other thugs begin laughing. Narrowing her eyes, she wondered what was so funny about her question.

“That’s for us to know. Now, how’re you going to fix this?” the head thug questioned, a small smirk forming on his face. Tsuna couldn’t think of a better option. Letting out a sigh, she let her shoulders slack, looking at them calmly.

“How about a challenge? If we win, you leave us alone from now on. If you win, I’ll take Kyoko’s place” Tsuna offered, earning gasps from her friends as the thugs looked at each other, debating the idea.

“No Tsuna!” Kyoko exclaimed, the tears falling down her face as Ryohei held her back now. The thugs turned to smirk back at Tsuna, chuckling.

“What’s the challenge?” the thug asked, his smirk only growing. Tsuna glanced around, needing an idea for a challenge. She wasn’t very good at anything physical, but at this rate it was all she could do. Spotting an ash vault court in the distance, she pointed to it.

“I challenge you to a five on five basketball game” Tsuna declared, glaring at the thugs. The thugs started laughing, the head thug holding out his hand. Tsuna looked at it for a few seconds, then took his hand, feeling him grip it tightly in a rough shake.

“Challenge accepted. I guess you’ll do as a replacement for Kyoko. Gotta admit though, I’m gonna enjoy this. Meet you at the court at 5pm today” the thug stated, giving Tsuna’s hand a painful squeeze, then let her go. Watching them all turn and walk off, Tsuna felt her adrenaline leave her body as her legs began to shake. She let out a shaky breath, turning to see Kyoko break out of Ryohei’s grip and tackle hug her. Tsuna lost her footing, hitting the ground painfully on her rear. Kyoko’s grip around her neck tightened as she buried her face in Tsuna’s shoulder.

“You didn’t need to do this Tsuna! I’m so sorry! If we lose, I don’t know what they’ll do to you!” Kyoko sobbed, her tears staining Tsuna’s shoulder. Tsuna’s expression softened as she wrapped her arms around her, feeling the trembling in Kyoko’s shoulders. Kyoko was really scared, and it wasn’t even for her own sake, it was for Tsuna’s. Ryohei’s expression softened upon hearing Kyoko’s sobs. He knelt down, watching Kyoko cry as she hugged Tsuna tighter.

“Kyoko… I’m sorry Tsuna… I never meant for this to happen… What’re we going to do about this challenge? Can any of us even play basketball?” Ryohei apologized, his voice soft and calm instead of its usual energy. Tsuna looked down, sighing.

“I played a little basketball, but I’m actually not that good at it… Yamamoto? Gokudera? Ryohei? Can I count on you three? We need one more person… I can’t see Mukuro playing fairly, but I also can’t see Hibari playing fairly either…” Tsuna stated, looking at them as they nodded.

“I think Hibari would be the better bet over Mukuro though… Mukuro has more chances to try and cheat. We should go ask him to join our team” Yamamoto suggested, walking to Tsuna and Kyoko, then gently took Kyoko’s shoulders, pulling her away from Tsuna. Gokudera approached, offering Tsuna a hand up. She accepted, seeing Yamamoto pull Kyoko up to her feet as Ryohei stood on his own feet.

“But Hibari will just stop the matter completely though… He takes his job as a guardian even more seriously than the rest of us…” Gokudera stated, frowning as he looked at the window where the Disciplinary Committee was located.

“We still need to try… Ryohei? Are you okay?” Tsuna asked, walking to Ryohei and raising a brow. Ryohei blinked, looking at her, startled.

“Come on, let’s go ask Hibari if he’ll join the team” Tsuna offered, grabbing Ryohei’s wrist and beginning to pull him to the Disciplinary Committee. Kyoko followed after them in a hurry with Gokudera and Yamamoto in tow.

Approaching the door, she knocked quietly, awaiting the response. A quiet voice telling her to come in eventually responded. Opening the door, she peered inside to see Hibari sitting at the desk, working on a pile of paperwork. He glanced up when he saw her come in, eyes widening slightly.

“Hello Hibari… Um… I was wondering if we could ask you a favour…?” Tsuna asked, stepping into the room. Hibari remained silent, unmoving on his chair as his eyes narrowed, seeing the others enter the room with her.

“What is this favour exactly?” Hibari asked, standing from his chair and walking to the window, glancing out it. Tsuna gulped, turning to look at everyone else. She shook her head when she saw Gokudera open his mouth to try and explain, quickly shutting him up. Turning back to Hibari, she stepped forward.

“You see… There’s this group of guys we had to challenge to a basketball game to get them to leave Kyoko alone, and we need one more member… Can you help us as the fifth member? We really need your help, please Hibari?” Tsuna pleaded, seeing Hibari turn to look at her. His expression was stern, seeing no point in this roundabout way of doing things. He was about to open his mouth when suddenly Gokudera jumped into the conversation.

“Boss is on the line in this game! She’s using herself as a bargaining chip to get them to leave Kyoko alone!” Gokudera suddenly exclaimed. Both Tsuna and Hibari’s eyes widened in shock, looking at him in disbelief. Tsuna sighed, smacking her forehead with the palm of her hand. This was why she’d wanted Gokudera to stay silent! She lowered her hand, glancing at Hibari to see he was still frozen in shock. The surprise quickly disappeared though as a glare appeared on his face and a dark aura surrounded him. Tsuna suddenly felt very nervous and scared, seeing him bring out a tonfa quite literally out of nowhere. She gasped, seeing him step around the desk, a murderous aura filling the room.

“Where are these punks…?! I’ll skin them alive!” Hibari growled, tonfa at the ready. Backing up, Tsuna felt sweat trailing down her face.

“This is what I was afraid of…” she whispered, seeing Gokudera, Yamamoto, Kyoko and Ryohei all looking just as terrified as she was.

“H-Hibari! Please calm down!” Kyoko pleaded, clinging to the back of Tsuna’s vest and peering over her shoulder. Ryohei frowned, seeing how scared Kyoko was, then turned to glare at Hibari.

“Hibari! Tsuna wants to settle this fairly, are you going to go against her wishes?” Ryohei exclaimed, his expression serious as everyone jumped, looking at him in confusion. Ryohei wasn’t acting like himself. It was almost like he was using the brain in his head. He wasn’t even using his ‘extreme’ catchphrase either.

“Ryohei…” Tsuna whispered, looking at him in concern. Without him yelling his catchphrases all the time, he felt so far away. Hibari paused, looking at Ryohei before he relaxed, lowering his arm with the tonfa, letting out a sigh.

“Fine… I’ll help in your basketball game… But if we lose, I will not let them have you Tsunayoshi… I will simply destroy them” Hibari replied, the dark aura returning to him. Tsuna gasped, blinking in fright. It wasn’t quite what she had in mind, but it was something at least. But why did Tsuna get the feeling she was forgetting something? It suddenly struck her as she froze to the spot, letting out a gasp.

“Tsuna?” Kyoko asked, looking at her in concern. Tsuna lifted her hands shakily to her chin, shaking slightly.

“Oh no… I’m late!” Tsuna exclaimed, turning to look at the time.

“Late?” Yamamoto questioned, raising a brow as he looked at her in confusion. Gokudera exclaimed in realization, grabbing Tsuna’s wrist as she looked at him, both of them looking terrified.

“Hurry up Boss! You might still make it!” Gokudera encouraged, earning a nod from her as she turned, running out the room quickly. Ryohei looked equally as confused as well.

“She forgot dance practice, didn’t she?” Hibari asked, making all eyes fall on him. Yamamoto, Ryohei and Kyoko looked shocked, clearly not having either expected it or remembered it.

“Oh yeah, she’s supposed to dance everyday with Mukuro this week, isn’t she?” Yamamoto asked, chuckling as he remembered. Gokudera looked at him in disbelief, sighing.

Meanwhile, Tsuna ran down the hallways, bursting into the assembly room to see Mukuro sitting on a chair, tapping his hand impatiently on the table. He looked up at her, a small glare on his face. Tsuna panted, leaning forward to grasp her knees as she tried to catch her breath.

“I-I’m sorry Mukuro… I have no excuses… I’m sorry…” Tsuna apologized, hearing Mukuro stand from his chair and walk up to her. Finally recovering enough, she stood up straight just in time for Mukuro to grab her wrist and lift her arm up into the air, almost pulling her off the ground. She let out a silent gasp, staring up at Mukuro in shock as his eyes locked onto hers.

“What were you thinking…? What if you don’t win?” Mukuro questioned, glaring sharply at her. Tsuna’s eyes widened in shock. How did he know about the challenge?

“H-How did you…?” Tsuna asked, seeing Mukuro’s red eye glow a little.

“I got worried when you didn’t show, and I overheard you, every word… Did you even think about the consequences of this!? What would Giotto say if he found out?!” Mukuro exclaimed, glaring at her. Tsuna could only blink in shock. She hadn’t thought much about the consequences when she’d made the deal, she’d only thought about protecting Kyoko. Lowering her eyes from Mukuro’s, she felt the weight of her situation falling upon her. She let out a sigh, feeling Mukuro lower her back to her feet, letting go of her wrist. Her wrist was stinging, but she just continued to stare blankly at the ground.

“I’m sorry… I wasn’t thinking… I just wanted to help Kyoko…” Tsuna apologized, seeing Mukuro’s expression soften. He let out a sigh, running his hand through his hair.

“What do you want me to do Tsunayoshi? Do you want me to inform Giotto and put Kyoko under protection?” Mukuro asked, his voice calming down. Tsuna remained silent for a few seconds before she shook her head.

“No, I want to stick to my word. I’ll settle this fairly… But can you be a substitute in case they don’t play fairly and someone gets injured?” Tsuna asked, looking up at Mukuro. Mukuro blinked, staring at her in shock before he sighed, nodding.

“Very well. But if I catch them cheating, I will punish them severely myself” Mukuro stated, smirking as Tsuna smiled. Now they were all set up for the match in an hour.

“We’ll have to cancel the lesson today and get ready for the match. Come on Mukuro” Tsuna said, her eyes now filled with new determination. She turned, jogging out the room and heading down the hall to where the others were waiting. Mukuro ran behind her, eyes narrowing upon seeing Hibari. Hibari was in the same boat, glaring dangerously at Mukuro.

“Come on guys… Can’t you at least put aside your differences for just one match?” Tsuna asked, looking between the two of them. They both turned their backs to each other, huffing. Sighing, Tsuna looked around. They were ready for the match now, so now all they had to do was head to the court and wait for their opponents. Walking down the hallway, Kyoko tagging along at her side, they exited the school building and headed to the court. Sitting on the bench, they waited patiently for 5pm and the thugs to arrive. Upon their arrival, the thugs stood at one end of the court and Tsuna, Gokudera, Hibari, Yamamoto and Ryohei stood at the other end of the court. The head thug walked to the centre as Tsuna did the same.

“Half an hour game, two five minute breaks. Team with the highest points wins” the head thug stated, holding out his hand as Tsuna nodded, taking his hand and giving it a firm shake.

“May the best team win” Tsuna stated, turning and walking back to her group. The head thug did the same. Kyoko walked up to the centre, basketball in hand. Yamamoto stepped up to the centre, awaiting the ball toss as one of the thugs stood on the other side. Kyoko gulped, ball in one hand, then tossed the ball into the air.

“Play ball!” she exclaimed, running off the court as the game began.
Tension in the air was high as both children of the Vongola sat facing each other, both wearing serious looks. Giotto’s guardians all stood against one wall as Tsuna’s stood against the opposite wall. Giotto had called an emergency meeting upon the words Tsuna had told him. Now, only those fourteen were in the room, to prevent any leaks of information. Giotto folded his hands and placed his chin upon them, looking at Tsuna seriously.

“Now that we’re all here… Tsunayoshi, can you please explain?” Giotto asked, meeting Tsuna’s just as serious eyes. She gulped, a little nervous and overwhelmed by the amount of people in the room, but she steadied herself, looking back at Giotto.

“When I was unconscious… I saw my memories of when I was here as a child… I know that they’re correct, I can’t say how I know, I just do. Big Brother… Did you know about Mother’s ability?” Tsuna asked, seeing Giotto’s eyes widen in shock. He sat back, dumbstruck.

“You mean her ability to see flashes of the future? Yes, I knew. At the time, I wasn’t aware. I found out after they died. Continue Tsunayoshi” Giotto stated, relaxing as he urged Tsuna to continue her story. Tsuna nodded, glancing at her guardians. She saw Gokudera and Yamamoto both nod their heads.

“When I was about to turn three, I think… Mother was talking to someone. I didn’t see his face… But he was declaring his love to Mother. She turned him down, saying that he was your friend Big Brother, and that he was your age. He had white hair, that was all I could see” Tsuna explained, seeing Giotto’s eyes widen in realization. He sat up straight, his body rigid.

“White hair!? How was it styled!?” Giotto asked, his voice panicked and shaken. Tsuna lifted her hands to rest near her own hair.

“Similar to ours… All spiky…” she stated, hearing a panicked gasp from Giotto as he stood, knocking his chair back. Tsuna’s eyes shot up to meet Giotto, seeing the look of disbelief on his face.

“Maybe he just confessed and that was it?” Asari cut in, stepping forward to try and get Giotto to calm down. Tsuna looked down, shaking her head.

“No… He is linked, I know that for a fact. After she turned him down, he began yelling and cursing at her, claiming that he’d take over Italy and have her groveling at his feet, begging to be beside him… Then he started yelling about me being the reason she denied him. I think… he was targeting me to begin with” Tsuna explained, looking down sadly at her hands which were folded in her lap. Giotto remained silent in the room, processing what he’d been told.

“Based on what you’ve told me… It can only be one person… Byakuran Gesso. He was a childhood friend of mine. He’s now a part of the Millefiore family, another powerful mafia family in Italy. He’s actually one of the two bosses. See, the Gesso and the Millefiore families ended up merging after an agreement was made between Byakuran, the leader of the Gesso family, and Yuni, the leader of the Millefiore family. Though while they’re under the illusion of a joint leadership, everyone really knows that it’s just Byakuran who’s in charge” Giotto stated, sitting back in his seat after recovering from his shock. Tsuna’s eyes locked up to meet Giotto’s, eyes widening at the info. Now she had a name to match who she’d seen. Byakuran Gesso, so that was the bastard’s name.

“What are we going to do Giotto? We can’t just accuse Byakuran of murder by Tsunayoshi’s alibi alone, it’s not enough. We need information. How are we going to get it?” Knuckles suddenly announced, stepping forward. He wore a grim look on his face, which wasn’t like him. Tsuna looked up at him, nodding her head. She knew her alibi wouldn’t be enough from the beginning.

“We could sneak into the Millefiore base and get information?” G spoke up, holding his chin in thought. Giotto looked up at him in shock, Tsuna’s expression matching his own.

“Hang on! Sneaking in is like committing suicide! The Millefiore’s base rivals ours in security. It’d be like a fly landing on a Venus fly trap!” Giotto declared, his eyes wide in panic. Tsuna looked between the two of them, confused.

“If I may?” a voice suddenly interrupted, all eyes turning to look at Mukuro. He stepped forward, a small smirk on his face as he walked toward Tsuna.

“We don’t need to go to him to get the information. Why not bring the enemy into our own Venus fly trap?” Mukuro offered, stopping to stand beside Tsuna’s seat. Tsuna looked up at him, confused by what he meant.

“What is your idea Mukuro?” asked Daemon, amused by this idea. Mukuro let out a small chuckle, giving a small flick of his hair with his hand.

“It’s quite simple actually. We haven’t actually introduced Tsunayoshi to the other mafia families yet, right?” Mukuro began, seeing Giotto’s brow raise in suspicion. Giotto had no intention of getting Tsuna involved in the mafia world, but it seemed that wasn’t an option anymore. Mukuro smirked upon the raising of Giotto’s brow, then suddenly snatched Tsuna’s hand, pulling her up to her feet as she let out a small yelp.

“I propose a ball, Tsunayoshi’s introduction ball, and we invite Byakuran to it. Then, we catch Byakuran in our own web and get the info we need” Mukuro proposed, grabbing Tsuna and beginning to dance with her a little, then laying her back in a finale position. Tsuna was letting herself be leaned back, blinking in confusion. What the heck had just happened? She let out small stutters as Mukuro stood her straight, bowing to her. Stepping back, he bowed to the others and returned back to his spot. Tsuna watched in confusion before shuffling quickly into her seat, her cheeks burning furiously.

“That could work Giotto, and it’s less risky than infiltrating their base” Lampo stated, scratching his hair. Asari nodded in agreement, turning to see Knuckles agree as well. Daemon let out a chuckle to show he was in agreement with the plan. G nodded as well, smiling at Giotto. It was Alaude that broke the merry cheer.

“I’m not on board with this… Not completely… Tsunayoshi won’t survive in such an atmosphere… A lot of preparations will need to be made before we can even think about her induction party. She needs lessons in etiquette, court manners, dancing, and conversation, need I go on? She is nowhere near ready for her debut” Alaude announced. The entire room fell silent, all eyes falling upon Tsuna. Tsuna froze to the spot, her pulse racing as she felt all eyes staring at her. Sweat rolled down her cheeks, her hands shaking.

“We can support Tsuna. Tsuna doesn’t need all those lessons, she’s perfect the way she is now. All she needs is a little dance practice, that’s all!” Yamamoto suddenly said, flashing his warm smile as he walked to Tsuna, putting a hand on her shoulder. Tsuna jumped, looking up at him in panic before she began to relax at the smile on his face. Yamamoto had that calming effect on people.

“Baseball idiot’s right! Boss is perfect the way she is! There’s no way we could be as bad as the Varia, and they’re a bunch of uncouth idiots!” Gokudera agreed, stepping to Tsuna as well. Tsuna raised a brow at the unfamiliar name, turning to raise a brow at Gokudera.

“The Varia? I don’t believe I’ve heard of them yet…” Tsuna questioned, looking back at Giotto. He sighed, his expression turning into a soft smile.

“Gokudera’s right, Tsunayoshi doesn’t require all those lessons. But we will need to hire the Varia for protection during the event” Giotto stated, turning to look at his own guardians. They all nodded in agreement, including Alaude who reluctantly gave in.

“As for the Varia, they’re a side family to the Vongola, like a branch on the family tree. They’re hired assassins and bodyguards for members of the Vongola. It’s run by Xanxus, who technically, is our cousin by a few generations. He’s a rather frightening man, and his face always has a scowl on it. Don’t be surprised if he calls you ‘trash’ when he first meets you, he did the same to me too” Giotto explained, smiling gently at Tsuna. Tsuna listened carefully, nodding in uncertainty. Would meeting this Xanxus be a good idea? She was rather timid around aggressive people, especially if they were taller than her. Sudden talking caught everyone’s attention as all eyes landed on Alaude who was on his phone, chatting to someone with his usual, stoic expression. After hanging up, he looked at Giotto with a frown.

“I’ve informed the Varia that they will be required in the next coming weeks, they’ll be arriving in a few hours to set up and settle in. I’ve told them that we’re unsure when they will be finished” Alaude informed them, earning a nod from Giotto.

“Thank you Alaude. Men, prepare the castle for possible destruction please” Giotto ordered, seeing all his guardians nod as they exited the room. Giotto turned to look at Tsuna’s guardians, standing with a serious frown.

“As for the rest of you, we have a lot of planning to do before next week. Tsunayoshi needs to master dancing before the end of the week for her debut party to the mafia families, therefore I assign this task to you all. I will test your progress at the end of the week” Giotto informed them, a smile forming on his face as he turned to look at Tsuna.

“What about Lambo?” asked Lambo who had finally spoken up, jumping up onto Tsuna’s lap. Tsuna smiled, allowing him to sit and gently began petting his head.

“You have the special task of watching the other guardians. I’m counting on you to protect Big Sis Tsuna from them if they get too carried away” Giotto stated, smiling gently as he saw Tsuna’s face turn bright red like a tomato. He saw Gokudera and Yamamoto blushing as well, Ryohei was too dense to get the joke, Hibari wasn’t even looking his way and Mukuro was just smirking as if he accepted Giotto’s challenge. After petting Lambo on the head, Giotto left the room to begin preparing for the Varia’s arrival. Tsuna sat there, unsure what to do or say.

“Don’t worry Tsuna, we’ll make sure you can dance to the extreme for sure before the week’s over!” Ryohei exclaimed, grinning madly as he pumped his fist into the air. Tsuna nodded, still a little shaky from the overwhelming situation. They were having a ball to debut her to the mafia families to corner her parents’ murderer. Something about that sounded wrong to Tsuna. Shouldn’t her debut be happier or more innocent? No, these were mafia families, there was nothing happy or innocent about that, but what they were using her debut for sounded even more wrong. Looking down at Lambo, she ruffled his hair and hugged him to herself. Lambo looked up at her, confused.

“Big Sis Tsuna, you look pale…” Lambo announced, snapping Tsuna out of her trance. She blinked, startled. Now that Lambo mentioned it, she didn’t feel very well either. Must’ve been a lingering effect of her passing out and putting her body to extreme risks. Smiling gently, she ruffled his hair again.

“Sorry, I’m gonna go back to the infirmary for today. Maybe Asari has some medicine that might make me better” Tsuna apologized, standing up and putting Lambo down on the chair. Smiling to all her guardians, she nodded her head and left the room. All the guardians looked at each other, unsure whether to follow or not, but they decided to give her some space.

Tsuna found herself wandering the halls, scratching her head. She’d been walking for a while now, just where was she? Vongola Castle was way too big and she must’ve missed the turn off to the infirmary. She felt like all the blood was rushing out of her head, giving her a bit of light dizziness. Using the wall as a support with one hand, she continued walking down the halls. She knew it was at least an hour of walking she’d done, and she hadn’t run into a single person yet. Turning the corner, she suddenly stopped when she heard a loud crashing noise. Gasping, she began sprinting to the door, opening it to see who was in there. Freezing to the spot, she found herself frozen by a pair of dark, deadly red eyes, glaring at her. A soft gasp escaped her as she trembled, unable to look away from the eyes. A man was sitting on the bed in the room, black short hair, very tan skin and a frown that would scare a tiger away. Scars covered his face and he wore a black jacket over his shoulders with a white shirt. His main colour scheme appeared to be black and white. Another man was standing in the room as well, with long silver hair and silver eyes.

“Voi! Who are you brat!?” yelled the silver haired man as he pointed his hand at Tsuna. It took her a few seconds to realize it wasn’t just his hand, there was a sword attached to it and the tip was pointing right at her neck. She gasped, eyes wide in fright as she trembled violently, backing up into the wall.

“I-I’m sorry… I-I was just… l-looking for the infirmary…” Tsuna stuttered, seeing the silver haired man hover over her with a stern glare.

“Wait, Squalo… Back up…” the black haired male ordered, making the silver haired man tense and back away.

“You girl… Who are you…?” snarled the black haired man. Tsuna gulped, no longer feeling so over whelmed.

“M-My name is Tsunayo-…” Tsuna began before the man interrupted her.

“Tsunayoshi Vongola? Giotto’s little sister? You?” he asked, standing from his seat with a dark glare. Tsuna gasped, backing up against the wall again, completely terrified again.

“This is the brat we’re to protect?” Squalo questioned, growling and beginning to get ready to strike with his sword. Tsuna looked at him in terror before she let out a squeak of fright as the man smashed a vase into his head. Squalo ended up flying out the room from the impact and the man kicked the door shut. Tsuna looked up from her arms which she’d shielded herself with, gulping to find herself alone with the scary man. He turned to glare at her, sizing her up.

“You’re a midget…” he finally stated, making Tsuna pause, raising a brow. Was he… trying to make light conversation?

“E-Excuse me?” Tsuna stuttered, seeing the man walk to the bed and sit down. He glanced at her, staring for a few seconds before he began tapping his foot impatiently.

“Oi, sit!” the man barked, making Tsuna squeak in fright. She hurried to the nearby chair, sitting up straight and rigid.

“So… You’re the one who figured out who killed Ieyasu and Ginevra…?” the man asked, making Tsuna look up at him. Did he know Tsuna’s parents? She nodded, not trusting her voice to help her. She gulped, gripping her hands tightly.

“Um… E-Excuse me… but… May I ask who you are?” Tsuna asked, fidgeting nervously. There was a silence for a little before the man spoke.

“Xanxus…” he stated, hearing Tsuna gasp and look at him in shock. So this was the Xanxus that Giotto had warned her about, her long distance cousin, the boss of the Varia. Xanxus huffed under his breath, still glaring, but there was less hostility behind it.

“So… Byakuran Gesso, huh? He seems the type of do that…” Xanxus stated, looking at Tsuna as he tapped at his knee.

“I-I wouldn’t know… I’ve never met him… Besides when I was little…” Tsuna replied, feeling the adrenaline leave her body. Now she felt even sicker. Xanxus seemed to notice this, raising a brow.

“Oi… You alright?” Xanxus asked, sitting forward. Tsuna’s vison was getting a little dizzy and her head was spinning.

“I’m not feeling very well… S-Sorry…” Tsuna apologized, trying to shakily pull herself up to her feet. She didn’t get very far though as she began to fall. She was caught by Xanxus who sighed, picking up her legs and carried her to his bed. Putting her down on the bed, he stood back and studied her. She acted so timid, but he could sense something strong within her.

“I-I’m sorry about this…” Tsuna apologized, her eyes beginning to fall, sleep overcoming her.

“Don’t worry about it… I’ll go get Asari… You sleep…” Xanxus instructed, putting a hand over her eyes and closing them for her. After a few seconds, he sensed her sleeping and pulled his hand away. Turning it over, he looked at it in disbelief. He was never this nice to anyone, so why did she get special treatment? Was it because she resembled Ginevra? Maybe…
The door suddenly burst open as Giotto stormed into the room, an angry frown coating his face. Stepping to the bed, he looked down at the body of his younger sister which had been put on the medical bed. All seven guardians stood around the bed, looking down sadly.

“What happened exactly?” Giotto demanded, seeing Gokudera and Yamamoto flinch. Hibari was standing against the wall, hands across his chest as he looked at the window. Mukuro was standing nearby the door, Ryohei standing nearby him. Gokudera and Yamamoto stood on either side of the bed and Lambo was standing on the foot of the bed, looking at Tsuna worriedly.

“We went exploring Vongola Castle sir…” Yamamoto began, his voice almost hollow as he looked at the sleeping figure of Tsuna sadly. Tsuna’s brows were furrowed in pain and sweat coated her face. The doctor, Asari Ugetsu who was another of Giotto’s guardians, had checked her over and concluded that Tsuna had developed a raging fever and appeared to be suffering from a migraine. Her blood pressure had risen dramatically and her pulse was going rapidly. Asari had announced that if Tsuna’s condition didn’t improve in the next few hours then her life would be in danger.

“And we discovered a room with sealed up photos and items from the previous Vongola…” Gokudera continued, making Giotto’s eyes widen in shock. They’d discovered that room? Well, he did seal it up years ago, long before they even joined the family, so it wasn’t a surprise that they’d discovered it.

“And we found this… It made Tsuna’s eyes go big and she suddenly started screaming…” Lambo finished, lifting up the cassette to Giotto. Giotto raised a brow, not remembering putting such a thing in the room. Taking it from Lambo, he looked at the date. It was dated way before Tsuna’s date of birth, so why had it affected her in such a way? Was it a form of hypnotism that the enemy had set up to get Tsuna?

“She said that it was her mother on the recording” Ryohei stated, making Giotto’s eyes as he turned to look at him in shock. Their mother’s voice was on this cassette? Well, that ruled out the enemy.

“I see… I’ll inspect what’s on the tape, tell Asari to keep an eye on her condition… This could be bad. We need to lower all her vitals because they’re going into overdrive. If this continues her body will most likely give out” Giotto stated, looking at his little sister worriedly. Stepping to the head of the bed, he reached out and gently caressed Tsuna’s cheek as if she were made from fine china. Looking at her with sad eyes, Giotto leaned down slowly, planting a kiss on Tsuna’s forehead. Pulling away, he looked at her in concern.

“Stay strong Tsunayoshi…” he whispered, standing back and turning, leaving the room with brisk steps. The other guardians watched him leave before their eyes trailed back to the boss.

“Big Sis Tsuna… Please wake up…” Lambo pleaded, jumping from where Tsuna’s feet were and waddled up to where her hand was. Waddling a little further, he snuggled up near her chest and arm, listening the sound of her rapid heartbeat as he closed his eyes. Gokudera was going to tell him off for perving on Tsuna, but he saw the tears falling down Lambo’s eyes and stopped. How could he tell a small five year old off when he was just trying to cope? He felt ashamed for having ever gone to tell the poor child off.

“Tsuna’s gotta come out of this okay… She’s just gotta…” Yamamoto whispered, clenching his hands into tight fists. Gokudera looked at him, blinking sadly at seeing this effect Yamamoto in such a way. He hadn’t been this down since the accident with his father.


Tsuna felt like she was floating around in space. Where was she? What had happened? Looking around, everything was blurred around her.

“You wanna know what happened that fateful day?” asked the voice that had spoken to her in her head. Tsuna’s eyes widened as she looked around for the source. Where were they?

“Hello? Who are you? Where am I?” Tsuna asked, turning around and looking everywhere around her. The voice remained silent, but the background began morphing into a scene. Tsuna’s eyes widened when she realized where she was. She was inside Vongola Castle, but a room she had never seen before. It was decorated in pictures of flowers, rainbows and fairies all across the walls. A cot sat across the wall, followed with a changing table, several cupboards and dressers and a large rocking chair. She was in a nursery. Sudden screaming made her jump as she looked to the cot, peering over the edge and gasping. A baby was wrapped up in a blanket, but this baby had her identical brown hair. Even back then it was uncontrollable. Hearing footsteps, Tsuna panicked as she looked for a way out of the room. She was unable to though as the door opened and Tsuna’s eyes widened in shock to see a woman with long, waist length hair enter the room. She had Tsuna’s brown hair and the most beautiful golden orange eyes.

“M-Mother?” she asked, but the lady continued walking towards her. Suddenly she walked through her, causing Tsuna to freeze in terror. It took a few seconds for her to realize she wasn’t real in this world, she was just re-living a memory. Turning, she saw her mother scoop up baby Tsuna into her arms and cradle her gently in her arms, a kind and gentle smile on her face. She began to sing a quiet lullaby which Tsuna immediately recognized as the song from the cassette. So this is where she’d heard it before! Watching her mother sit on the chair and begin rocking, Tsuna saw that the baby her had begun to fall asleep. Tsuna couldn’t help but smile while watching the scene. She had to admit she was a pretty cute baby.

“I’m sorry Tsunayoshi… If only there was a way to avoid your fate… But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s to never change the future I see, or a worse future will happen…” her mother apologized, standing up and walking back to the cot. Placing the baby back in the cot, she smiled gently and set up the music box to play a soft melody before turning out the lights and walking to the door. Turning to look back into the room, she smiled gently and exited the room. Tsuna looked from the door back to the cot.

“How did Mother know? What did she mean by the future she sees? Could Mother see the future?” Tsuna asked, awaiting the voice to begin speaking. It took a few seconds, but the voice soon answered her question.

“Ginevra Vongola, wife to the head of the Vongola family, Ieyasu Vongola, had the rare ability to see glimpses into the future. Even with the abilities of the Vongola and the guardians, the gift of sight was rare. But she realized this gift was more a curse than a present. As a child, she saw things and tried to change them, only to have worse consequences happen. She learnt not to change the future, as what was to happen was meant to happen for a reason” the voice explained. Tsuna’s eyes widened at the explanation, looking back at the door again. So her mother’s name was Ginevra, it was a very pretty name to suit her, she was absolutely beautiful. Suddenly the scene morphed again as Tsuna was suddenly stuck to the spot. She tried to move her feet, but they refused to budge. Looking ahead, she saw two chairs facing each other. On the chair that was facing her, her mother sat there, looking ahead calmly but sternly. On the chair facing away from her, she could see the legs of someone, but she couldn’t make anything out about them. All she could tell was that they weren’t an adult yet.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot accept… I am a married woman with two children, one of them your age… I’m terribly sorry” Ginevra apologized, catching Tsuna’s attention as she looked at the scene with wide eyes. The person she was talking to was Giotto’s age?

“Mummy!” called out a high pitched voice and Tsuna felt a presence run through her, looking down to see a little toddler her running up to Ginevra and clutch her dress. She tugged at the hem of it, looking up at her.

“Up! Up!” Tsuna asked, earning a smile from Ginevra as she picked her up, lifting her up onto her lap as she returned her attention to the person.

“So, you won’t accept just because I’m younger? So what if there’s a huge age gap, I love you! You’re absolutely beautiful, and if anyone should stand at my side when I control the entire Italy, it should be the most beautiful woman in the world! You!” yelled the voice, making Tsuna jump in fright. It was a boy, she could tell that much for sure. Ginevra remained poised, sighing to try and calm the situation.

“I’m sorry child, but I cannot condone such behavior. I am in love with my husband, and I will not betray him. You may be Giotto’s friend, but I must tell you to back off from me. I am not good for you, distance yourself please” Ginevra stated, making the boy stand up and begin to shout. Tsuna gasped, seeing nothing but a head of white, spiky hair.

“Fine! Screw you then! You’re just gonna be treated like a lowly dog, just like everyone else! I tell you now Ginevra, I will rule all of Italy one day, and soon I will have you begging at my feet, pleading to be by my side!” the boy shouted. Ginevra remained calm, which seemed to be calming Tsuna down as she whimpered and clung to Ginevra, shaking in fear. Ginevra raised a hand, stroking it through Tsuna’s hair gently. Meanwhile Tsuna who was frozen to the spot suddenly got a shiver down her spine when the boy remained silent for a few seconds. What was he thinking?

“It’s that pest, isn’t it? The little brat is what’s stopping you from coming with me, isn’t it?” asked the boy, making Tsuna’s eyes widen. He didn’t mean…?! Ginevra’s eyes narrowed as she appeared to be getting angry.

“No, I explained my reasons before… Now I request you to leave before I call the guards” Ginevra commanded, making the boy huff to himself, turning and stomping off to the door. Tsuna watched in terror, hearing the door suddenly slam as she flinched.

“Mummy?” asked the little Tsuna, catching Tsuna’s attention as she looked at the scene again. Ginevra was frozen to the spot, eyes wide and blank, and her expression void. Little Tsuna tilted her head, lifting a hand and tapping at Ginevra’s cheek. Ginevra suddenly snapped back into her body as she looked down at Tsuna in what looked like shock. Standing suddenly while holding little Tsuna in her arms, she began pacing. Stopping, she hugged Tsuna tightly in her arms, a tear trickling down her face.

“Ginevra had a vision of the future, and came to a decision at that moment. What she witnessed wasn’t her own death, but the death of someone else” narrated the voice before the scene suddenly changed again. Tsuna was really starting to get a headache now, a really bad one. Clutching at her head, she winced in pain.

“M-My head is killing…” she whispered, earning silence from the voice.

“You cannot stay very long, much longer and your body will fail and you will perish… But there is one more scene to see. Please, stay strong” pleaded the voice in a calm tone. Tsuna nodded her head, lowering her hand. Once the scene had finished morphing, Tsuna saw a familiar hallway. It was the one from her nightmare when she’d slept for the first time in Vongola Castle. Four people were walking the hallway. One was Ieyasu Vongola, dressed in a white suit and black cloak. He had bright, spiked blonde hair and Tsuna’s brown eyes. Ginevra was walking behind him in her dark blue dress and holding the hand of little Tsuna, who was in a frilly little pink dress. She was beaming brightly, skipping alongside Ginevra. A thirteen year old Giotto was walking behind them, looking around in boredom.

“Oh no…” Tsuna muttered, suddenly hearing the countdown of the beats of her heart. She saw Ginevra glance out the window, eyes widening before she let out a shout. Ieyasu turned, looking shocked and determined at the same time as he ran to them. Ginevra scooped up Tsuna in her arms as Ieyasu stood in front of her, making himself a shield as he faced the window. The sound was deafening as gunshots suddenly blasted through the window. Tsuna gasped in horror as red blood sprayed everywhere and she saw the bodies of both Ginevra and Ieyasu collapse to the ground, and little Tsuna slowly crawled out from under Ginevra and began to shake her, pleading her to wake up. Giotto was shouting to both Ginevra and Ieyasu, pleading for them to wake up, then began screaming for help. A cry filled the air though as she saw herself look at Ginevra in distraught.

“MUMMY!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs as Tsuna couldn’t take it anymore. She let out a cry at the top of her lungs, clutching her head tightly in her hands. Collapsing to her knees, she felt the scenery morph again back into a blurred nothingness. Her head was killing her, it felt like it was going to split open. A figure began to morph in front of Tsuna and she looked up weakly through one eye. She gasped to see herself standing there, but a flame was burning brightly on her forehead. Her eyes were also narrow and she looked incredibly calm.

“Tsuna… Ginevra Vongola and Ieyasu Vongola gave up their lives to change your fate. You were destined to die that day, however they decided that your fate was worth changing. Now you have to return back to your body… It won’t last much longer…” the other Tsuna stated, kneeling down and helping to lift Tsuna back up onto her feet.

“W-Who are you?” Tsuna asked, still clutching her head. The other her smiled gently, showing a little of Ginevra’s features in her face.

“I am you, the you who takes over when you enter Dying Will Mode. To make it easy you can just call me Hyper. I can access all your memories in your brain, so I was able to show you all these scenes. But you must return now. We can talk another time” Hyper stated, letting Tsuna go as she stepped back. Tsuna’s eyes widened as Hyper suddenly began to blur and fade away. The scenery turned back and suddenly Tsuna felt herself falling.

When Tsuna opened her eyes again, she was blinded by an incredibly bright light. Blinking and lifting her arm to cover her eyes, she heard several gasps. Looking around curiously, she was suddenly greeted by a cow’s face right up close to hers.

“Big Sis Tsuna!” Lambo shouted, clearly overjoyed. He snuggled into Tsuna’s hair and neck, hugging her tightly. Tsuna couldn’t help but giggle a little as she hugged him back.

“Tsuna! Tsunayoshi! Boss!” called out a chorus of voices in the room as Tsuna was suddenly crowded by all her guardians rushing closer to her, overjoyed as well.

“Thank goodness you’re alright now!” Gokudera exclaimed.

“That was extremely worrying Tsuna! Don’t scare us again!” Ryohei shouted.

“Glad to see you’re awake now!” Yamamoto added.

“Pleasure to have you return to us Tsunayoshi” Mukuro stated from his spot against the wall. Hibari also stayed against the wall, but on the opposite side of the room. He didn’t speak, but he had a rare, warm, kind smile on his face. Tsuna blinked, unsure of what had just happened, but she couldn’t stop the smile from forming on her face.

“Sorry I worried you guys. But during my sleep I saw some interesting things… I need to see my brother, where is he?” Tsuna asked, pushing herself up so she was sitting up. Lambo squeaked as he fell onto her lap, looking up curiously.

“You need to rest!” Yamamoto tried to reason but Tsuna shot him a determined look.

“I think I may have figured out who killed my parents! I need to let Big Brother know!” she retorted back, earning shocked looks from everyone. Tsuna heard no more objections, so after tearing off the covers, she stood to her feet and began to head for door after ripping off all the cords and stuck on bits, minus the injections which she just disconnected. Exiting the room, she was followed by all her guardians.

“I think Giotto was in his study. He took the cassette and took off” Gokudera explained. Tsuna nodded her head, walking briskly to the study and slammed the door open. Giotto had been sitting at his desk, tears falling down his face as he listened to the cassette. When the door had suddenly slammed open, he jumped and looked at Tsuna in shock. Standing to his feet, he rushed around the desk and began wiping at his eyes.

“Tsunayoshi? You’re alright now?” he asked, looking down at her. She looked back at him in determination.

“Big Brother… I believe I may have identified Mother and Father’s killer…” Tsuna stated, earning a gasp from Giotto as he looked down at Tsuna in shock. What did she mean? Was she serious?
"Boss? Are you sure you want to explore Vongola Castle? It's so big, you won't remember it all in one sitting, and most of the rooms are boring…" Gokudera asked, walking alongside Tsuna as both they, Yamamoto, Mukuro, Hibari, Ryohei and Lambo all walked down the hallway of Vongola Castle. Tsuna looked around, still in awe at the majesty of her home. She really lived in a castle, it was unbelievable! It was like something out of a fairytale. Turning to look at Gokudera, she flashed him a smile.

"Well, say the worst was the happen and we were attacked, how would I know where to go in case of an emergency? Big Brother's so busy I rarely have time to ask him for things like tours, and his guardians are always so busy too. Seen as we have a day off, I thought we could all go out and explore the castle, do some bonding as a team!" Tsuna explained. Gokudera immediately shut up, blushing a little as he looked away. Yamamoto chuckled to himself, smiling brightly.

"Good idea Tsuna! We could all use a team building exercise!" Yamamoto agreed, earning a small huff from Hibari in the back. He was glaring daggers at Mukuro who walked nearby him in the hallway. Tsuna couldn't help but giggle nervously. Would they be able to last the day without killing each other? They seemed okay when she was with them, but she'd heard what they were like when she wasn't around. They could get so violent that rooms ended up trashed. Sudden high pitched laughter caught her attention though as Tsuna looked down to see Lambo laughing proudly in her arms. She'd been carrying him the whole way because he was just so tiny he would've been left behind. She still didn't quite understand how Lambo was a guardian of hers, it seemed more like she was his guardian, rather than the other way around.

"Lambo spots a mysterious door!" Lambo declared, jumping from Tsuna's arms as she stopped, gasping in shock. Lambo landed on his feet, running to the door he was talking about. Tsuna's eyes widened, picking up her feet as she ran after him.

"Lambo! Wait up!" she called out, chasing after the baby cow. Lambo laughed loudly to himself, reaching the door and jumping up to grab the door handle. He jiggled it violently, trying to get it to open, but had no such luck as he dropped to his feet, pouting. Tsuna had finally reached him as she knelt beside him.

"Do you want to check out this room Lambo?" she asked, seeing Lambo turn to look at her, pouting.

"Lambo wants to see… But the stupid door won't open…" Lambo whined, tears forming in his eyes. The footsteps of her guardians behind her alerted Tsuna of their arrival.

"Don't cry Lambo! We'll get that door down to the extreme!" Ryohei encouraged him, pumping his hands into fists. Tsuna smiled at him, giggling a little before she smiled reassuringly down at Lambo. The pout vanished as a bright smile formed on his face. He cheered, jumping around on the ground in a bouncing heap. Laughing, Tsuna stood and grabbed the handle, jiggling it a little. Frowning, she glared at the door before pushing on the door harshly, then pulled the door with all her might, finally giving up after a few seconds. Looking at it in exasperation, she sighed.

"Wow, its stuck fast…" she muttered, hearing chuckles from her guardians behind her. Turning to glare at them, she returned to glaring at the door. Stepping back, she braced herself and charged at the door, smashing her shoulder and back into the door. A large crunch sound alerted her of the lock breaking before the door swung open and she fell to the ground with a yelp. Lambo cheered loudly, running into the room and jumping on Tsuna's lap.

"Yay! Big Sis Tsuna! You opened it!" he cheered, smiling brightly before jumping off her lap and running around the room excitedly. Tsuna giggled a little, turning to watch him run around. Standing up and dusting herself off, she noticed the room was very dank and cluttered. Looked a bit like a storage room, or something someone had used to seal up a lot of memories. It looked like a lot were boxes, but some looked like paintings that had been covered with cloths. Tsuna had to admit her curiosity was getting the better of her.

"We broke open the door for a room of dust and boxes?" Mukuro asked, not really amused with their discovery. Hibari huffed at him, still glaring daggers into the side of his head. Ryohei let out a yell which made Tsuna squeak and twirl to look at him in fright.

"Extreme discovery!" Ryohei shouted, pumping his fists and charging into the room and began looking through the boxes. Tsuna blinked, watching in a dumb stupor before laughing.

"Kyaah!" screamed out Lambo as he jumped out of the way of a falling box that Ryohei knocked, jumping up and clinging onto Tsuna's arm.

"This place looks like it's been sealed up for several years at least… I wonder what we'll find in here" Yamamoto stated, stepping into the room and standing beside Tsuna. Tsuna smiled at him, glad that he was at least excited by their discovery. Smiling in determination, she rolled up her sleeves.

"Alright! Let's see if we can find something cool!" Tsuna declared, walking to another set of boxes and began prying it open. Lambo climbed up from her arm and sat on her head, watching curiously. Searching through some trinkets and items, she paused at the huge pile of photos that lay in the box. Blinking, she picked up a few and flicked through them. Her eyes widened upon recognition.

"Mother… Father…" she stated, making the whole room suddenly fall silent as all eyes shot to her. They saw her kneeling on the ground, staring at several photos blankly.

"Tsuna?" Yamamoto asked, walking to her and squatting by her. He blinked in shock at the small tears falling down her cheeks.

"Big Sis Tsuna? Why are you sad?" Lambo asked, leaning over the top of her head to look at her. Tsuna glanced up at him, letting him jump off her head and sit on her lap instead. She forced on a smile, petting Lambo on the head with her spare hand.

"I'm okay Lambo… Yamamoto…" she reassured them, wiping at her tears before smiling sadly down at Lambo.

"See these two here in the photo Lambo? That's my mother and father. They're not here anymore… They left when I was little" Tsuna explained, pointing at her parents in the photo. Lambo looked at the photo before looking back at Tsuna.

"Should we really continue digging through painful memories that should remain buried?" Hibari suddenly announced, stepping forward from his spot in the corner. All eyes went on him, shocked that he'd even spoken up. Yamamoto stood, backing away as he saw Hibari walk towards Tsuna and kneel in front of her. Tsuna blinked, looking up at him in confusion.

"I don't understand…" she whispered, seeing Hibari sigh to himself.

"I'm asking you if you really want to find more stuff like these photos and make yourself cry. None of us like seeing you cry Tsunayoshi…" Hibari explained, making Tsuna's eyes widen in shock as she felt her cheeks burn a little. Did Hibari just say he didn't like seeing her cry in the most subtle way possible? Blinking in a dumb stupor again, she quickly shook herself back to reality, smiling at him reassuringly.

"I'll be okay Hibari… I want to know more about them… Big Brother hasn't told me much about them, so I want to discover myself…" Tsuna reassured him, seeing Hibari's face soften as he moved back.

"Very well…" he responded, backing away and standing again. The commotion returned as everyone began searching through things. Ryohei's sudden announcement though caught everyone's attention as he lifted his discovery into the air.

"Look! I found an extreme cassette tape!" Ryohei declared, turning and walking to Tsuna, putting it in her hands. Tsuna looked at Ryohei, seeing the smile on his face as he nodded, then looked down at the cassette in her hands. What would be on it?

"A cassette? Wait right here Boss, I'll be back with a cassette player!" Gokudera declared, dashing out the room. Tsuna blinked, looking at the door before looking back at the cassette. Lambo looked at it curiously, tilting his head.

"Big Sis Tsuna, what's a cass-ket…?" Lambo asked, earning a small giggle from Tsuna.

"Cassette, not casket… It's a little tape you can record music and sound on. It was used before CDs were made" Tsuna explained, making Lambo blink in shock.

"Wow, it's old!" Lambo declared, pointing at the cassette and laughing. Tsuna couldn't help but giggle as well.

"It could be interesting to see what's on there… I wonder if it's a love poem from your father to your mother by any chance." Mukuro teased, smirking as he chuckled a little.

"Ooh, maybe it's their wedding vows?" Yamamoto chipped in, grinning to himself. Hibari huffed, back in his corner as he glared at Mukuro again, drilling holes in the back of his head. Tsuna turned over the cassette, seeing the date on it was written before her date of birth.

"Extreme! Maybe it's a recording of the night your father proposed?" Ryohei announced. Tsuna smiled at all of them, glad they were being so supportive. Loud footsteps caught their attention as Gokudera arrived, rushing to Tsuna with the cassette player. Placing it down on the ground, Gokudera operated it and put the cassette in while Tsuna grabbed the headphones, placing them on her head. Lambo looked at her curiously. Gokudera waited for Tsuna to nod her head, then nervously pressed the 'play' button. Tsuna held the headphones against her ears as she waited in silence before music began to play softly in the background.

"It's music…" Tsuna announced, earning a sigh from everyone before a voice began to sing. Tsuna's eyes widened in shock, looking down at the cassette. She knew this voice. She hadn't heard it in years, but she'd recognize this kind voice that sounded like bell chimes. It was her mother's voice singing to the music.

'I've been dreaming for so long, to find a meaning, to understand. The secret of life, why am I here, to try again?'

"It's my mother… She's singing…" Tsuna announced, seeing all the worried looks on their faces from having seen her tense up in shock at the voice. They looked at each other, unsure what to think.

'Will I always, will you always, see the truth, when it stares you in the face? Will I ever, will I never free myself, by breaking these chains?'

Tsuna had to admit, her mother could sing really well. But there was something familiar about this song. She'd heard it before, but she couldn't recall where or when.

'I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul. I'd turn it back, it's my fault. Your destiny is forlorn, have to live till it's undone. I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul. I'd turn it back, and then at last, I'll be on my way'

"Tsuna's really quiet… Should we try and stop her?" Yamamoto asked, looking at Gokudera in concern. Gokudera looked just as worried, seeing the blank stare on Tsuna's voice as she focused so hard on the voice.

'I've been living for so long, many seasons have passed me by. I've seen kingdoms through ages, rise and fall, I've seen it all'

"You can see it, can't you? She's treasuring this, that's why she's concentrating so hard… She has barely any memories of her mother and father, so to actually have a recording of her voice, it's like a sparkling jewel to her…" Mukuro explained, putting a hand on Yamamoto's shoulder as he shook his head. There was no reason to stop Tsuna from listening to the cassette.

'I've seen the horror, I've seen the wonders, happening just in front of my eyes. Will I ever, Will I never free myself by making it right?'

"I guess if I had no memories of my parents I'd treasure that stuff too…" Yamamoto replied, looking down at Tsuna sadly.

'I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul. I'd turn it back, it's my fault. Your destiny is forlorn, have to live till it's undone. I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul. I'd turn it back, and then at last, I'll be on my way'

Tsuna felt her heart squeezing painfully as the memories stirred in her mind, being resurfaced from the song. But the next words made her freeze up in horror.

'Tsunayoshi, our dream ended long ago. All our stories, and all our glory, I held so dear. We won't be together forever and ever, no more tears. I'll always be here, until the end...'

Why had her mother suddenly said her name? This was done before she was born, right? That's what the date on the cassette had said, so what did this mean? Everyone gasped, having seen the fearful look on her face.

'Tsunayoshi, no more tears... Tsunayoshi, no more tears...'

Tsuna felt like she couldn't breathe properly. She was pretty sure she was beginning to hyperventilate, looking ahead at nothing in horror and fright. What did this all mean? Why was her mother saying her name in a song she'd written way before Tsuna was even born or conceived? It made no sense!

'I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul. I'd turn it back, it's my fault. Your destiny is forlorn, have to live till it's undone. I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul. I'd turn it back, and then at last, I'll be on my way'

Upon the end of the song, so many things were swirling through Tsuna's mind and her head felt like it was about to explode. Hearing the click of the end of the song, Tsuna's eyes were wide and looked like dots.

"Big Sis Tsuna?" Lambo asked, getting a little freaked out from seeing Tsuna so terrified. Tsuna ripped the headphones off her head, jumping up to her feet and looking at the cassette player in fright.

"Tsunayoshi?! Tsuna!? Boss!?" all of the guardians called out, looking at her worriedly. Tsuna was definitely hyperventilating, looking around the room, her eyes darting about. She jumped back, knocking down an item behind her. Jumping and turning to look at it, her eyes widened to painful sizes to see a portrait of her mother, father, a thirteen year old Giotto and herself as a three year old, all sitting down and smiling happily. Her vision was focused on the part with her mother, questions swirling in her mind. Just who was her mother? How did she know about and dedicate something to Tsunayoshi before she was even born? What kind of abilities did her mother have? What was her mother?

You want to know Tsunayoshi? Then I'll show you  

Tsuna gasped, freezing to the spot as she heard the voice in her head, then felt a splitting pain in her head as she clutched her head in her hands, throwing her head back in a yell. She could hear her guardians making a fuss around her before Tsuna collapsed to her knees and elbows, still clutching her head in her hands. Her forehead was against the ground, her teeth grit tightly and tears forming in her eyes. Her head was going to split into two at this rate! Suddenly her vision blacked out and she felt her body slacken on the ground.
Tsuna suddenly found herself at several different clothing shops, trying on everything from sexy lingerie to really tight clothing that revealed her figure. Even her night gown now was sexy and questionable. Sighing, Tsuna felt exhausted.

“Another one” Bianchi stated as she stopped in front of Tsuna, beaming a smile as she held a black, tight cocktail dress with a really low V neck. Tsuna sighed again.

“Alright, but after that can we find some normal clothes too? It’s hard to move in these ones…” Tsuna asked, taking the black dress. Bianchi smirked back at her.

“That’s the whole point of the slit in the side. You can fight in them and distract your enemy at the same time” Bianchi stated, winking. Tsuna’s cheeks flared before she quickly darted back into her dressing room. Looking at herself in the mirror, she sighed. Being dressed in only her underwear at the moment, she slipped into the dress, zipping up the low back and pulling out the hair that was caught. Turning to look at herself in the mirror, she let out a soft gasp. Was this really her? Tsuna didn’t want to admit it, but she looked ‘damn fine’ in her opinion. Blinking, she didn’t even realise the curtain opened as Bianchi stepped in, admiring her work.

“It suits you. We’re definitely getting that one. Let’s get some make up on and your hair done, find some shoes and you can wear that home. Let’s see the boys’ heads turn” Bianchi stated to herself, hand under her chin. She then giggled hysterically.

“I can’t wait to see Giotto’s reaction, it’ll be hilarious!” Bianchi exclaimed, cackling loudly. Tsuna turned to Bianchi, imagining Giotto’s reaction. His face had paled considerably and he was exclaiming about how his baby sister wasn’t a baby anymore. Tsuna couldn’t help but burst into giggles as well. Nodding, she agreed to Bianchi’s plan. Bianchi pumped her fist in the air before petting Tsuna’s head.

“Wait here, I’ll go get some shoes that will suit it” Bianchi stated, dashing out the room. Tsuna looked back at herself in the mirror, trying to picture the other guys and their reactions. Yamamoto probably would think she was someone else… Mukuro would… on second thoughts, maybe not… Mukuro was kinda scary to imagine… Ryohei would probably get all pumped and say she looked pretty… Gokudera would most likely faint… Hibari probably wouldn’t even notice… and Lambo would most likely bury his face in the V neck. Tsuna couldn’t help but sigh to herself. What was she getting herself into…? The curtain ruffled and Tsuna turned to see Bianchi standing there with some black, high heeled pumps in her hand. She put them on the ground, getting Tsuna to sit as she put them on her feet.

“You’ve even got cute, small feet… You’re gonna look like a sophisticated, confident young woman when I’m done with you” Bianchi stated, observing Tsuna’s foot before putting it in the shoe. Tsuna couldn’t help but blush madly.

“I-I don’t know about that… I’m hardly ‘young woman’ material…” Tsuna scoffed, turning to look away as Bianchi put on the shoes. Bianchi glanced up at her before smiling softly.

“You may think that… but you don’t even know what you’ve done in the small time you’ve been in Italy… Hayato’s changed since you came… He used to always frown and was always angry, but since you came here, he’s making expressions and saying things I never dreamed he’d ever say. He’s happier, he’s finally made a friend who accepts him without making his temper explode. I’m glad to see him so happy. He deserves to finally find a small piece of happiness in his life” Bianchi explained, smiling sadly down at the ground as Tsuna glanced at her curiously. Just what had Gokudera been through to cause these expressions on Bianchi?

“Bianchi… You really care about Gokudera, don’t you?” Tsuna asked, sitting properly and reaching her hands down to grasp Bianchi’s. Bianchi looked up at, seeing the gentle smile on her face. Bianchi smiled back, nodding her head.

“That’s correct. Hayato is very special to me. He’s my baby brother… even if we don’t share the same mother” Bianchi explained, making Tsuna’s eyes widen in shock. She hadn’t been expecting that one. Gokudera and Bianchi were only half siblings? Bianchi giggled at her reaction, standing and gently ruffling Tsuna’s hair.

“It’s a long story. Let’s get these and go to a good smoothie store I know. I’ll tell you the story there” Bianchi stated, winking at Tsuna who was still struggling to swallow the concept of them being half siblings. Is that why there seemed to be some tension between the two of them? Following after Bianchi, they exited the dressing rooms and walked to the counter. Tsuna was having some difficulty in the black pumps, but once she got the hang of them, walking became a breeze. Once they got out the store, Bianchi began pulling her excitedly to the smoothie store. Tsuna felt like she was the guy in the relationship, being dragged around by the excited girlfriend who wanted to go on a shopping spree, but everything was being bought and spent for her, not Bianchi. Was this Bianchi’s form of an apology? Once she sat down, Bianchi returned in a few minutes with two smoothies.

“Hope you don’t mind strawberry… I forgot to ask before I went to the counter” Bianchi apologized, blinking when the huge smile formed on Tsuna’s face. She loved strawberry, it was like, her favourite flavor.

“I love strawberry!” Tsuna exclaimed, gladly taking the smoothie and bringing the straw to her mouth. Taking a sip, she froze, blinking at the smoothie in shock. She had had smoothies in the past, but this one… was absolutely delicious! She’d never tasted something so good in her life! Her shock slowly turned to pure awe as she began drinking quickly, pulling away quickly and holding her forehead as a bad brain freeze began pulsing from her forehead.

“O-Ow…” Tsuna winced, hearing Bianchi laugh to herself. She took a sip of her own smoothie, smirking at Tsuna who was still holding her forehead.

“Was it that good?” Bianchi teased, but Tsuna was either that dense she didn’t get the joke, or had just ignored her probing. She beamed a happy smile, nodding her head.

“Yep! I’ve never tasted a smoothie this good! The ones in Japan are okay… but damn, this is fantastic! You weren’t kidding!” Tsuna explained, smiling down at her smoothie in her hand. Bianchi blinked, smiling gently as she watched Tsuna. She could see the appeal that Gokudera must’ve seen in Tsuna. She was pretty, cute, had her flaws, but was incredibly kind and forgiving, thinking of others before herself. If Bianchi had to pick someone she wanted Gokudera to settle down with, she couldn’t think of anyone other than Tsuna.

“Tsuna…” Bianchi stated, catching Tsuna’s attention as she looked up at her. Bianchi’s smile faded as her expression turned serious.

“I owe you a story, don’t I? I’ll tell you about Hayato and myself… You see, Hayato and I are half siblings, we only share our father. Hayato’s mother was our father’s mistress” Bianchi explained. Tsuna’s eyes widened in shock upon her words. Gokudera was technically a ‘bastard child’? Was that why he acted like the world always looked down upon him?

“Her name was Lavina… She was only allowed to see Gokudera three days every year. Father fell in love with her during a piano performance. She was a very skilled piano performer and eventually fell in love with her, resulting in an affair. Hayato was born as the result, however, due to the mafia law, Hayato was taken away from her and he was classed at the legal child between Father and my mother, his legal wife. She never let Hayato know she was his birth mother when she saw him, and she always supported his piano playing. She was just a ‘tutor’ to him” Bianchi continued to explain. Tsuna didn’t like all this past tense, it was beginning to make her stomach twist into a painful knot. Bianchi smiled sadly, looking away from the table.

“Hayato actually inherited her looks, the silver hair and almost green eyes. I remember seeing her occasionally. However, when Hayato was three, she was on her way to see him to celebrate his birthday. Her car fell off the road at an impossible place and she died instantly. Hayato didn’t discover she was his mother until he was eight and overheard some maids talking about her. He began to get the wrong idea and thought that father had her killed. He ran away, rejecting us all and turned out the way he is now. Giotto took him in, which I’m very thankful for. He seems happier here, but I just wish he’d come home once in a while and find out the true story” Bianchi finished explaining, smiling sadly up at Tsuna. Tsuna tried to process what she’d just been told. Gokudera had been lied to for most of his life. No wonder he didn’t trust hardly anyone now and tried to push others away from him. Tsuna suddenly felt like she could connect all the dots, as if she’d gone through an epiphany. Tsuna looked down at her smoothie sadly. Now that she knew all this about Gokudera, how was she going to bring this conversation up without making things worse? This was a touchy subject, so she had to tread lightly or else she might set off a landmine.

“Tsuna?” asked a female voice behind Tsuna, making her gasp and turn to see Kyoko, Haru and Chrome all standing behind her, glancing at her curiously. Their eyes widened upon seeing the dress Tsuna was in.

“Tsuna? I didn’t know you wore stuff like that” Haru exclaimed, a faint blush on her cheeks. Chrome nodded her head to Tsuna, a small smile on her face.

“You look pretty Tsuna...” Chrome whispered. Kyoko nodded in agreement, beaming a huge smile at her. Tsuna giggled a little before turning to look at Bianchi. She saw Bianchi nod before turning to look back at the girls.

“Kyoko, Haru, Chrome. This is Bianchi, she’s Gokudera’s sister. Bianchi, these are my friends, Kyoko, Haru and Chrome” Tsuna introduced. Bianchi looked up at the girls, smiling as she nodded a greeting to them. The girls nodded as well, bowing in greeting.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all. I took Tsuna clothes shopping today. All her clothes were so baggy and boyish, so I thought I’d spice up her wardrobe a little” Bianchi stated. Haru let out a small squeal, nodding her head desperately.

“You did a good job Bianchi! Tsuna looks so gorgeous, I might open a new door that should remain closed!” Haru exclaimed, cupping her cheeks in her hands as she blushed. Tsuna raised a brow in confusion, unsure what she meant or what she was implying. She wasn’t sure she wanted to know…

“It’s true that Tsuna looks pretty, but Tsuna looks pretty in anything she wears” Kyoko said, making Tsuna’s cheeks flare up. She still wasn’t used to so many compliments. Chrome cleared her throat, earning silence from everyone as they looked at her to let her speak.

“Um… The boyish clothes are more Tsuna’s style though…” Chrome whispered, earning small giggles from Haru and Kyoko. They nodded their heads in agreement. Tsuna felt a warm smile forming on her face as she looked at Chrome. Chrome barely spoke, but when she did, it always mattered. Tsuna was so grateful to have such great friends. Just as Tsuna was about to let her guard down, her eyes suddenly widened as she felt an aggressive presence. It seemed like Bianchi had sensed it too, both of them jumping to their feet quickly as they tackled the three girls down as the store nearby the dining area suddenly exploded in a burst of fire and heat. Tsuna could feel the heat behind her. It was burning. Looking up, small bits of debris fell off her as she stared at the store which was now burning brilliantly. How many people had been in there when it exploded? How many people were dead? Tsuna’s chest tightened painfully, making it difficult to breathe. High pitched laughter filled the room and Tsuna slowly turned, seeing a woman standing there. Her bright, rose quartz hair flying around in the air madly with the flames and winds. Her eyes were a beautiful ocean blue, however they were twisted in madness. She was cackling madly as the flames danced around her. She began walking towards them, giggling insanely.

“Tsuna!” called out Bianchi, making Tsuna turn to look at her. She had all three girls beside her. They were all cowering and shaking in fear.

“Bianchi! Look after the girls!” Tsuna yelled back over the roar of the flames and the screams of the people. Bianchi’s eyes widened in shock, seeing Tsuna stand to her feet. They only had a small amount of time before things got worse, and if they breathed in too much smoke, they could die. Yet Tsuna was planning on fighting? The lady laughed, raising a hand and the flames began to circle around her arm as if they were waves of air swirling around her. Tsuna gasped silently, backing away a step.
“I’ll get the girls out of here! Can you handle her?” Bianchi yelled over the roar of the flames. Tsuna turned, giving a stern nod as Bianchi nodded back, grabbing all three of the girls and running with them to the exit. Tsuna returned her attention back to their attacker just in time to see a burst of flames heading for her. She let out a small yelp, jumping out of the way in time. Rolling on the ground, she jumped to her hands and knees, glaring at their attacker.

“Really? THIS is the Princess of the Vongola family? What a letdown!” she exclaimed, cackling madly. Tsuna couldn’t help but growl. How dare she say such things! Standing up suddenly, Tsuna felt a burst of heat sprout from her forehead. Her hands felt hot as well. Looking down, Tsuna saw her hands lit in pure golden flames. She could only assume her forehead was doing the same thing. The lady had stopped laughing, looking at Tsuna in shock.

“W-What!? H-How can you have Dying Will Mode!? Giotto should be the only one to have the power!” she yelled, glaring dangerously at Tsuna. Tsuna kept her resolve, seeing the lady preparing another attack. Tsuna closed her eyes to relax, putting one hand behind her, letting flames pour out of that hand. The hand in front was glowing brilliantly, slowly increasing in power.

“I WON’T LET YOU!!” the lady screamed at the top of her lungs, sending a huge wave of flames crashing in Tsuna’s direction. Tsuna’s eyes snapped open, sending her front hand back before shooting it forward. The flames shot forward like a single shot, zooming straight at the lady and cutting through her attack in one spot. When it broke through, the shot zoomed at the lady and pierced straight through her torso and out her back. She let out a blood curdling scream of agony as the life faded from her eyes. Tsuna didn’t even have time to watch her fall. Her attack that had killed the lady had shot through to the tank against the wall, which Tsuna could only assume was some kind of generator. She turned, bolting for the window. Putting both hands behind her, she shot out flames and propelled herself forward like a bullet, shooting through the glass as the generator exploded, sending a bomb of flames crashing through all the windows and knocking Tsuna off balance. Her flames disappeared as she struggled to keep control, spiraling to the ground from the second story in the mall. She could hear screams of the people and sirens from the emergency services. Closing her eyes, she braced herself for impact with the ground but it never came. Opening her eyes, she saw pretty blue flames around her as she was gently lowered to the ground. Upon sitting down, she looked around to see Yamamoto and Gokudera there.

“Yamamoto! Gokudera!” Tsuna exclaimed, standing on her shaky feet. Both boys had run to her, shocked and out of breath.

“Boss! Are you alright!?” Gokudera called out, grabbing her shoulders and shaking her gently. Tsuna could feel the world spinning, but she just smiled reassuringly.

“I’m alright Gokudera… Was that you that saved me Yamamoto?” Tsuna asked, turning to see Yamamoto looking at her in shock. His cheeks were a little pink in colour as he looked away awkwardly. Tilting her head, Tsuna looked at him in confusion.

“Yamamoto? You too Gokudera?” Tsuna asked, having turned and seen Gokudera looking the same. Why were they acting like this? Gasping in realization, Tsuna looked down at her black dress to see the V neck was even longer now, all the way to her naval. The explosion must’ve ripped her dress a bit! Blushing furiously, Tsuna crossed her arms over her chest in a vain attempt to cover herself. Squatting, Tsuna covered what couldn’t be covered with her knees. Closing her eyes and wishing the world would hurry and swallow her, she looked up in a small gasp as she felt something be lowered over her shoulders. Turning, she saw Gokudera smiling gently at her, putting his jacket over her shoulders to help her cover up. Smiling back gratefully, she pulled the jacket over herself and stood back up again. All three of them turned to look at the burning building, seeing all the customers outside in a panic and the emergency service people rushing in to stop the fire.

“What do we do about that?” Tsuna asked, hearing Yamamoto chuckle a little.

“Not sure… I think Giotto will be able to sort this out better than us, don’t you think?” Yamamoto asked, beaming a warm smile at Tsuna. Tsuna smiled back, nodding in agreement.

“Yeah… By the way… What happened to Bianchi and the girls?” Tsuna asked, looking around with signs of them. Yamamoto grinned at her as Gokudera flinched at the mention of her name.

“She took the girls back home. They were scared and in shock. You entrusted her to look after them, so she’s taking her job seriously” Yamamoto replied, putting a hand on Tsuna’s head and ruffling her hair. Tsuna giggled slightly, turning to look at Gokudera. He still looked pissed off at the mention of Bianchi’s name. This was going to be a long process that would take some effort from everyone’s part. But in time, the bond between Bianchi and Gokudera could be fixed. It’d just take time.
Hey everyone, it's been a while since i did a journal last! A lot has been happening since my last one. I'm still trying to finish off my year 12 externally and I'm writing more on that MakotoxReader story.

I'm doing a creative careers course every Wednesday and we do a different creative thing every week, for example, one week it'll be digital editing, the next it'll be spray painting. It's incredibly fun and I've gained a new friend that i've introduced to the group. She's been accepted well by all my friends so we all consider her part of the gang. The only shame is she lives a few towns over, about an hour drive away. So we don't get to visit very often.

I've gotten a new car as well cause my old one literally was on it's last legs. It's a beautiful burnt copper bronze Toyota Camry, 2001 model. I absolutely love it! The only shame about it is i've had it for two months, and it already needs to see a mechanic to see why it's leaking engine oil. Why do all the cars i get do this? I don't drive them excessively, or recklessly, and yet they always break! I have no luck with cars... or computers either... My computer has a neon green line through the screen, straight down, on the right hand side. I can't fix it. So i've just given up on it. It doesn't seem to be affecting the performance of the computer, so it's fine. I hope.

Oh, and another thing about the Creative Careers course is we'll be making a horror movie together! I'm really excited about it! Everybody wants to make like a slasher horror movie, meanwhile me, i want to make it similar to Corpse Party. I just think that'll be easier because we're setting it in the old high school that was used over 30 years ago. Seen as Corpse Party has school kids in it and we're all close to school age, or at least, we'll pass for it. We also have like no budget for it either, and we need permission from the council to use the High school in our movie as well. Another issue is that if we do get permission to go in as well as use the outside of the school, we'll need blueprints or maps of the school so we can plan where everything will be. I'm really iffy about all of this and trying to figure out how it will turn out, but i'm also really exited about it too.

But yeah, wow, this journal is pretty big! That's about all i have to say.
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Hey everyone, not much to say here, except i'm 20, love anime and writing for it, and one day i hope to become an author or a manga artist. The second one's a bit unlikely, but i'll certainly give it my all!

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