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Wandering the halls of Teiko Middle School, you scanned the walls as you searched for someone in particular. No, not in the main building. Turning, you jogged the steps and began approaching the first floor. Maybe he was in the gym? You had heard about how he was excelling in basketball, like all the other subjects as well.

“Hey, you looking for someone (____)?” asked a male voice as you jumped, turning to look at them in fright. Your hands trembled as the male approached you, beaming a warm smile that made you shy further away.

“J-J-Just looking for the g-gym…” you stuttered, cursing your shyness. When you were scared you began stuttering like there was no tomorrow. He laughed to himself, completely not noticing your behavior or stuttering. He was very friendly, maybe a little too overly friendly.

“The gym? Come on, I can take you” he offered, not even giving you time to respond as he grabbed your wrist, pulling you along behind him. You let out a squeak of fright, unable to fight against him as he dragged you to the gym. He was either really friendly, or really, really dense. Laughing happily to himself, he eventually led you to the gym and burst the door open so loudly all heads turned to look at you all. You gasped, looking down shyly as your face turned bright red. The boy laughed to himself, smacking your back happily.

“There you go (____)! Have fun!” he stated, turning and walking off as he waved. You tried to call out after him but no words left your mouth, leaving you staring after him in disbelief with your hand outstretched to try and stop him.

“Hm? Who’s this?” asked a chipper female voice as you turned to look at them all in a soundless gasp. You’d almost forgotten where you were for a second there. A girl with bright pink hair and pink eyes approached you, tilting her head as if she were inspecting you. You backed up a step, continuing to back away as she continued to approach you. Bumping into the wall, you grasped what you could of the wall as she continued to stare into you.

“Oi, Satsuki, you’re freaking her out. Back up a step, will you?” demanded a gruff male voice as a boy with dark skin and black hair approached her, grabbing her head and pulling her back a step as she squeaked.

“Dai-kun! Lemme go!” the girl now known as Satsuki squealed, waving her arms as she struggled out of his grip. The dark skinned boy chuckled, smirking as he felt her squirming under his hand. You looked at the sight, unable to help the small giggle that escaped you. Satsuki smiled, no longer squirming under the boy’s hand.

“I’m Satsuki Momoi, this is Daiki Aomine. Can I ask who you are?” she asked, slipping out of Aomine’s hand as she stepped toward you, offering out a hand. You blinked, staring down at the hand before looking up at her. Lifting your trembling hand, it was suddenly snatched up by Satsuki as she gripped it tightly, giving it a shake.

“M-My name is… (____) (_____)” you stuttered, feeling very insecure about having your hand held like this. Satsuki didn’t seem to notice though, giggling happily. Aomine was smiling to himself, watching the scene.

“So, what brings you to the basketball club?” asked a voice as Satsuki and Aomine parted, allowing four more boys to walk up to you. The speaker was a red haired boy with blood red eyes.

“I-I-I… I-I uh…” you stuttered, trembling more as the boy behind him caught your vision. He was the personification of a giant. His hair was purple as were his eyes, and he looked down at you with a bored expression.

“Mursasakibara, you’re freaking her out… Step back” demanded the green haired boy as he adjusted his glasses on his face. The purple haired giant made a noise like he was still half asleep, stepping back. Feeling relieved, you let out a sigh.

“U-Um… I-I-I… I was w-wondering, if maybe… by any chance… c-could I maybe… h-help with the c-club…?” you finally managed to stutter out, looking up at them after you finally managed to get your words out. They all looked at each other with blank expressions as you suddenly heard a squeal. Jumping and looking to your left, Satsuki had hearts in her eyes as she suddenly tackled you in a tight hug, rubbing her cheek into your own. You froze to the spot, looking traumatized as she continued to make sounds that sounded similar to purring.

“So cute!” she squeaked, squeezing you tightly. The boys seemed to chuckle at this sight, enjoying either seeing Satsuki so happy or you traumatized. As Satsuki slowly let you go, you looked between her and the boys, unsure what to do or say.

“Can we keep her Akashi-kun?” Satsuki asked, making you look at her skeptically. Keep you? You weren’t a pet to be kept! What did she mean by that? The red haired boy called Akashi chuckled, almost smirking.

“I guess she can help you manage the team, is that alright Satsuki?” Akashi replied, earning a happy nod from Satsuki. Huh? Wait, what? Before you had time to register what had just happened, Aomine stepped up closer to you, putting a hand on his chin as he looked at you. He seemed to be studying you intently. What was wrong?

“Dai-kun?” Satsuki asked, also noticing. Before you had any time to react, Aomine had grabbed your wrist and was dragging you along behind him. Entering one of the change rooms and shutting the door behind you both, he pushed you gently onto the chair. Looking up at him in shock, you leaned back as Aomine suddenly grabbed at your hair, pulling your long fringe up out of your eyes. You winced, letting out a yelp of pain as he continued to adjust your hair.

Meanwhile outside, Satsuki, Akashi, the green haired boy and Murasakibara were listening from outside the door. They heard your yelp of pain, looking at each other.

“The moment she screams, break the door down Murasakibara” Akashi ordered, looking at him as he nodded. It was unneeded though as the door opened seconds later and Aomine stepped out, grinning proudly.

“Aomine, what did you do?” the green haired boy asked as Aomine glanced at him.

“I merely fixed her up a little Mirdorima” Aomine replied, chuckling before turning to look into the room.

“Come on, come out and show them” Aomine urged you, waving his hand. You stood up, shyly exiting the room as all their eyes widened at the change. Your light brown hair had been long and covering most of your face, but now it’d been swept to the side and the top half of your hair was pulled into a side ponytail on your left side, leaving the rest to hang low to your waist.

“Not bad, eh?” Aomine declared, chuckling as he boasted proudly. Your face flushed pure red, unable to hide under your hair now.

“You did a good job Aomine-kun” stated a voice to your right, making you turn to notice a blue haired boy with blue eyes. Had he been standing there the whole time?! Gasping, you looked at him shock, your breathing freezing to a halt as you stared in a stunned stupor. He was looking at you with a placid look, almost emotionless. Everyone seemed to be waiting for you to scream, but you never did. Instead your legs gave out and you began collapsing to the ground, landing with a thump on the ground as you blacked out. Everyone gasped, the blue haired boy included.

Gathering around you and kneeling, you were lifted up slightly by Satsuki who rested your head on her lap, brushing some hair from your face.

“Tetsu-kun… You really shouldn’t have freaked her out like that…” Satsuki stated, smiling softly as she turned to look at the blue haired boy.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think she’d faint…” he apologised, looking down at you in concern. Akashi frowned, looking down at your face as you slept on Satsuki’s lap.

“Akashi? Is something wrong?” Midorima asked, turning to glance at him. Akashi continued to stare at you for a little longer before turning away with a small smile.

“It’s nothing. Satsuki? Are you alright to watch her while I go fetch Nijimura and Ryouta?” Akashi replied, looking up at Satsuki. Satsuki nodded, watching Akashi stand and walk outside the gym.

“That was odd… I’ve never seen Akashi just stare at someone so intently… Besides when he discovered you Kuroko” Midorima stated after Akashi had left, readjusting his glasses. Kuroko remained silent, having watched Akashi leave. Satsuki looked down at your sleeping form, continuing to gently brush hair from your face.

“Eh, Momo-chin, why do you think (____)-chin came to the basketball club anyway?” Murasakibara asked, looking from your sleeping form to Satsuki. Satsuki frowned in thought.

“I dunno Muk-kun” Satsuki answered, shaking her head disappointedly. The room fell into silence after that, only being broken when Akashi returned with Nijimura and Kise. Kise froze to the spot, seeing you collapsed on the ground, your head on Satsuki’s lap.

“W-What? A-Akashi-chi! Why is there an unconscious girl in the gym!?” Kise stuttered, clearly flustered. Akashi sighed, covering his forehead with his hand. Nijimura looked at you curiously, raising a brow.

“This the girl?” Nijimura asked, turning to look at Akashi who nodded in reply. Nijimura put a hand on his chin, frowning in thought as he tilted his head. After a few more seconds, he turned to Akashi and gave him a thumbs up, winking.

“She’s cute! We’ll keep her!” Nijimura declared, making Akashi protest in shock.

“What kind of reason is that Nijimura!?” he proclaimed, frowning at the captain. Nijimura chuckled to himself, smiling at Akashi.

“I know, I know. I’m just joking. But seriously though, she seems pretty smart. I think she’ll do great as Satsuki’s assistant” Nijimura replied seriously. Akashi relaxed, seeing the captain was back to normal now. But that only lasted a few more seconds though. Nijimura grinned again, looking almost creepy.

“Now there’s two cute girls you could choose between, eh Akashi?” he joked, making Akashi merely glare at him response. The last thing he needed was love and women, he had to excel in all things before he fell in love. Just as Akashi was about to tell Nijimura that they should begin their training soon, a small grumble from you made him fall silent, all eyes turning to you as you stirred, beginning to wake.

“She’s waking up! Give her some room boys!” Satsuki ordered, shooing Aomine, Midorima, Murasakibara and Kuroko from you. You turned your head, opening your eyes part way before lifting a hand to rub your eyes sleepily.

“Hey, are you feeling alright (____)-chan?” Satsuki asked, grabbing your shoulders and helping to push you up so you were sitting up. You let your head hang as you gripped your forehead in your hand. You let out another groan of protest, your mind struggling to comprehend what had happened. When you suddenly remembered the blue eyes that had made you pass out though, your head shot up like a beacon with a gasp.

“The blue haired boy with blue eyes!” you exclaimed, looking around before spotting him sitting a few feet away from you. He seemed to be staring at you emotionlessly, but looks could be deceiving. You shuffled yourself, sitting on your knees as you bowed your head in apology.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to faint, you just startled me. Please forgive me!” you apologised, keeping your head bowed down as you waited anxiously for a response.

“It’s alright. People freak out whenever I speak up all the time. You’re just the first to actually faint, it took me by surprise” he replied softly. You lifted your head nervously, seeing a faint little smile on his face. Letting out a sigh of relief, you looked around, only now noticing there were more people in the gym.

“W-Who are these p-people?” you stuttered, now tense and frightened again. Satsuki giggled to herself, scooting closer and putting a hand comfortingly on your shoulder.

“That’s Ryouta Kise and that’s our captain Nijimura” Satsuki introduced, beaming a smile at you as she pointed to each individual. You nodded after each one, turning to look back at her.

“Well, now that introductions are out of the way, we should get to training” Nijimura declared, pointing to the court.

“Let’s start with 20 laps around the court! Come on men, let’s get that blood pumping!” Nijimura ordered, earning groans from everyone except Akashi. Watching the boys get up, you stood with Satsuki and sat down on the bench, watching the boys now begin to run laps around the court. You couldn’t help but giggle whenever Aomine or Kise acted up and started a fight on the court. You felt calm now, knowing you’d found him, the one you were looking for.

“Hey, (____)-chan? Can I ask you something?” Satsuki asked, tilting her head curiously. You turned to look at her, nodding.

“Why did you approach the basketball club? You seem awfully shy, so I was wondering why you approached a team of rough boys. It seems like it’d be the opposite of what you want to do” Satsuki asked, making sure it didn’t sound rude in any way possible. You smiled gently, turning to look out to the court.

“You’re right… I-I didn’t come here for fun… I came here looking for s-someone… And I’ve found him…” you replied, smiling as you watched the boys continue to run laps around the court. Satsuki blinked in curiosity.

“A boy? Can you tell me who?” she asked, making you shake your head.

“Sorry, that’s a secret. I wonder if he’ll remember? D-Don’t worry though Momoi-chan, I’ll tell you one day” you replied, earning a small pout from Satsuki.

After club activities were over for the day, you watched as the boys stood around to listen to Nijimura.

“Alright, seen as it’s (____)-chan’s first day, I’ll let her deal with clean up, but one of you needs to stay behind and help her, teach her what to do. Who wants to do it?” Nijimura asked, and before he could even finish his sentence, Akashi’s hand shot up.

“I’ll do it” he replied, earning a smile from Nijimura.

“Thanks Akashi. Alright, everyone else to the change rooms and get changed” Nijimura declared, shooing all the boys into the change rooms. Satsuki stood from her chair, heading for the door.

“I need to go meet the teachers for a bit, I’ll see you tomorrow (____)-chan!” Satsuki stated, waving goodbye to you as she left. Standing from your seat, you walked over to Akashi.

“Well, let’s start with clean up, shall we? Alright, we need to put all the basketballs in the net, then we need to wheel it into the storage shed. Sound easy?” Akashi asked, making you nod in response. Walking to another end of the court, you knelt down and picked up a basketball. It was a lot bigger than you’d expected. Standing up, you began walking to the net and placed it in with all the other balls.

“(____), I’m going to ask you a question and I want an honest answer, alright?” Akashi suddenly asked, making you freeze to look at him. What did he want to ask?

“Why did you approach the basketball team? And why… do you seem familiar?” he asked, making you gasp, your eyes widening. Your shock fell though as you smiled sadly, looking down at the ground.

“I’m not surprised you forgot… I don’t really stand out much. Did you really forget me that quickly though? Akashi-onii-tan?” you asked, making his eyes widen in a gasp of shock. Seems like he remembered now, it only took the childhood nickname you called him to do it.
Akashi x (shy)Reader - Chapter 1
Hey guys, this is the beginning of an Akashi x Reader I'm writing as a goodbye gift for my best friend and roommate, DarkHikariDevil. I'll be leaving in a month for Uni and I want to write this up as a thank you and farewell gift for having pretty much looked after me these past three years after I had a falling out with my parents. Things are better now and we're able to stand each other's presence a lot more now, and I'll be moving away for Uni now with their blessings.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this story as much as I'm having fun writing it, and I hope she likes the story. Chapter 2 will be up soon, I promise.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
Tsuna wasn’t sure what to expect. Here she was, standing right beside the killer of her parents, and he was inviting her to dance with him. Was there a rule about who she was allowed to dance with first at her introduction ball? Giotto hadn’t asked her to dance like how fathers dance with their daughters at their weddings, so maybe there was no rule? But the terror made her stomach do a painful somersault. This guy was an insane murderer who killed her parents and didn’t snap until she arrived in the picture, she had every right to be scared. But Byakuran was waiting for a response, she had to answer him soon.

“S-Sure…” she stuttered, holding out her hand and letting Byakuran seize it. He smiled kindly at her, almost fooling her into believing he wasn’t psycho. But her memories told her otherwise. In a matter of seconds, Byakuran had gripped her hand and was pulling her out onto the dance floor. Tsuna really hoped all her dance practice would pay off now. Soon she found herself swaying around and being led in a waltz by Byakuran, all across the dance floor.

“I must say, you’ve grown a lot since I last saw you. The last I saw of you was thirteen years ago, when you were only three years old. You’ve grown into quite the beautiful young lady, even more beautiful than your mother” Byakuran complimented her, earning a roaring blush to coat Tsuna’s face. He chuckled, smirking more as he twirled her around, continuing to lead her. Tsuna frowned, pouting a little.

“Enough, didn’t you say you’d tell me some stuff about my mother?” Tsuna complained, diverting the conversation. Byakuran chuckled in response, nodding his head.

“Very well Lady Vongola. If it is your wish, I will tell you. Your mother, Ginevra, was the definition of beauty. She was originally from Japan, did you know that? Your father was an Italian man and he met your mother while abroad in Japan for business. Ginevra was the daughter of a flower shop owner in Namimori, and she was due to take over the business one day. You wouldn’t believe it, but she had at least several confessions of undying love said to her every day, she was that popular!” Byakuran explained, making Tsuna’s eyes widen in shock. Her mother was really that beautiful? And she came from Japan? Is that where her name came from?

“If you’re wondering how I know all this, let’s just say that when I came over a lot to see Giotto in our childhood, Ginevra would be explaining things to the both of us, like how popular she was as a child and showing us her photo album. Giotto didn’t seem to pay much attention, much to her annoyance” Byakuran explained, chuckling more as Tsuna couldn’t help but let out a giggle. Wait, she couldn’t let her guard down! This guy was dangerous! She couldn’t let him distract her!

“As for how they actually met, it took several meetings for the two of them to actually hit it off. Ginevra was very, very obstinate and hot headed. She and Ieyasu clashed heads a lot at first. The first time they met was at the business party. Ginevra was there to deliver the flowers for the party. Ieyasu caught sight of her and stopped a mafia boss who was trying to hit on her. She’d told the man over and over again that she wasn’t interested, but he just kept nagging her. After Ieyasu saved her, she thanked him, but they got into an argument straight after that” Byakuran explained, laughing. The dance had finished, but Byakuran began leading Tsuna away so he could explain his story more. Tsuna didn’t protest, she was curious to know more. After they found a spot near the wall, Byakuran let go of her hand and faced her, smiling.

“That mafia boss didn’t learn his lesson though. That night, he had his men kidnap Ginevra and take her to his mansion. Ieyasu had an idea that the guy wouldn’t learn his lesson, and luckily set up someone to watch over Ginevra despite the fact that they got into a huge argument. And it was a good thing he did, that person then informed Ieyasu and you won’t believe what Ieyasu did. He stormed into the mansion all on his own!” Byakuran stated, bursting out into laughter. Tsuna watched him wide eyed, not having expected such a thing to have happened.

“What happened after that!?” Tsuna asked, balling her hands into fists as she urged Byakuran to continue the story. Byakuran looked at her in slight shock before smiling.

“You really want to know? Well, by the time Ieyasu made it to the room the Boss and Ginevra were in, he found out it was too late. He burst into the room, about to make some big declaration only to discover the Boss was unconscious on the ground and Ginevra was standing there with a large pot in her hands. She’d beaten the crap out of him the moment she’d recovered consciousness. Ieyasu explained his true identity after she questioned what was going on, and she actually laughed” Byakuran explained, seeing the shocked look on Tsuna’s face. Her mother had saved herself? And what was even more shocking, was just how much Byakuran seemed to be enjoying this story.

“So after she thanked him, you wouldn’t believe it, but they got into another huge fight! Ieyasu said that he wasn’t going to save her anymore and left Japan to return back to Italy, but every Valentine’s day he received a bouquet of flowers from someone marked as a ‘mystery sender’. His butler knew of course, so he’d get his butler to send back a pure white rose every White Day. This went on for about three years until Ieyasu went back to Namimori for a business meeting. They ended up meeting again and conveniently it was on White Day. He saw her open the small box he’d sent with the white rose and instantly realized she was the mystery sender. It took a while after that, constant asking her out on dates and stuff like that, but eventually they fell in love after that and got married. They had Giotto and when he was ten, they had you” Byakuran explained, smiling gently at Tsuna as he concluded his story.

“Wow, I never imagined their meeting was like that! Thank you Byakuran, I’m grateful you told me this story” Tsuna thanked, laughing happily as she smiled brightly up at him. Byakuran smiled back, bowing politely to her.

“The pleasure was all mine. If you ever want more stories, you know where to find me” Byakuran replied, standing upright with a smile and turned, heading back into the crowd. Tsuna looked around, unsure what to do now. She’d been lead here by Byakuran and now she didn’t know what to think anymore. She knew what her memories were telling her, that Byakuran was a crazed psychopath and the most likely person to have killed her parents, but she knew what impression she’d gotten from him now. He was polite, friendly and kind. What was she supposed to do now? The plan was getting screwed over all because she couldn’t figure out her own feelings. Leaning back against the wall, she closed her eyes as she let the cold feeling of the wall cool her a little as she sighed.

“What do I do now?” she asked herself in a whisper, opening her eyes again to scan the crowd of people. She spotted Giotto talking to his guardians and several heads of other mafia families. The Varia were scattered along the walls of the giant grand hall in the Vongola Castle. Xanxus still was at the buffet table, looking pissed off about being there. Letting out another sigh, she spotted her guardians scattered throughout the room, observing and interacting with the guests. Shaking her head, Tsuna scolded herself. Her guardians were out there in the danger zone of guests, she couldn’t slack off either. Stepping away from the wall, she ventured back into the field of guests. Squeezing between people and excusing herself, she continued to work her way through the crowd. Suddenly a guest stepped on the back of her dress, catching Tsuna off guard as she stumbled, falling into another guest and making them tip their drink over, it spilling over the floor. The man turned to glare at Tsuna, clearly unamused by her bumping into him. Tsuna let out a shocked gasp, bowing her head to him.

“I’m so sorry!” Tsuna apologized, looking back up to see the man still looked pissed.

“This wine was expensive! I think a sorry isn’t going to be enough, little Vongola” he replied, suddenly smirking as if he were struck with a brilliant idea. Tsuna blinked, stepping back in fright.

“Excuse me, that incident was my fault” called out a female voice that could rival bell chimes. Both Tsuna and the man looked at the source, seeing a young girl about Tsuna’s age walk up to stand beside her. She had black hair which was chopped to chin length and the back was in a waist long pony tail. Her eyes were large and blue and a small orange flower shaped tattoo sat under her left eye. She smiled kindly at the two of them, bowing her entire upper half in apology to the man.

“I truly am sorry for the inconvenience I may have caused” the girl apologized, standing upright and smiling brightly at the man.

“Hmph. Just don’t let it happen again” the man grumbled, turning and walking away in disgust. Tsuna blinked, watching him leave in a stunned stupor. She’d handled that so well, just who was she?

“I do apologise for his behavior young Vongola, please don’t think too badly of him” the girl apologized, stepping closer to Tsuna and grabbing her hands in her own, squeezing them tightly.

“You look pale, come. Let’s talk some out on the balcony” the girl offered, beginning to lead Tsuna through the maze of people and towards the balcony window. She opened the glass doors and Tsuna felt the cold air hit her like a smack to the face. The wind blew their dresses around madly, almost pushing them back into the room. The girl practically skipped up to the railing of the balcony, throwing her arms out happily as she soaked up the cold air. Tsuna watched her before stepping out onto the balcony with her.

“We never got the chance to introduce ourselves. I do apologise. My name is Yuni, you are Tsunayoshi, yes?” the girl stated, turning around to look at Tsuna. Tsuna watched her silently before nodding silently. There was just something about this girl. She was so friendly, so cheerful, and so warm, Tsuna couldn’t help but stop and stare at her majestic nature. She was more fit to be in the Vongola family than Tsuna was. No, she had to stop thinking about herself like this! Looking up at Yuni, she smiled brightly.

“It’s nice to meet you Yuni. You can just call me Tsuna though, everyone else does” Tsuna replied, walking up to Yuni and standing alongside her against the railing. Yuni giggled, smiling at her before looking out at the night sky.

“That’s not what your guardian Mukuro told me. He continuously called you Tsunayoshi” Yuni teased, making Tsuna’s cheeks flush red. Yuni giggled, watching her reaction before placing a hand on Tsuna’s shoulder.

“Hey, do you like any of them? It’s okay, you can tell me” Yuni asked, still smiling brightly. Tsuna’s face flushed pure red as she looked away shyly.

“L-Like any of them? I-I wouldn’t know… I don’t know… I understand what Mukuro’s been through to get where he is today. I know of his pain and suffering… He can be flamboyant and flirty, but he means well. It’s just his way of coping with the scars he will always have. But I also feel drawn towards Hibari for some reason. He’s standoffish and is mean and scary, but he’s not to me. He lets me into his space and actually talks to me, unlike anyone else. I think he suffers from anxiety, and hides it with his violent behavior to everyone. But when he talks to me, he’s kind and reassuring. He always knows just what to say. And then there’s the issue of my own behavior as well. When I was showed Mukuro’s past, I full on snapped at our attacker. And when Hibari was struck by some bullies, I full on snapped at them as well. I don’t understand my own feelings, yet alone theirs” Tsuna explained, looking down at her hands on the railing.

“It’s tough, is it? I understand, you’re uncertain at the moment” Yuni replied, smiling reassuringly at her. Tsuna smiled back, giggling a little as Yuni did the same. It was nice to have a girl around her age with her here at the party.

“Hey Yuni, I’m glad you’re here. I would be feeling so out of place at the moment if you weren’t here” Tsuna thanked, smiling gratefully at her. Yuni blinked in shock before smiling brightly, stepping to Tsuna and wrapping her arms around her in a tight hug. Tsuna blinked in shock, unsure how to respond.

“If that’s the case, I’m glad I came Tsunayoshi” Yuni stated, pulling away from the hug and giggling happily. The last thing Tsuna had been expecting tonight was to make friends with a girl her age. Stepping back to rest against the railing, Tsuna watched as Yuni babbled on about her own family and guardians.

“You have guardians too?” Tsuna asked curiously, tilting her head. Yuni laughed, twirling around to explain to her when she gasped in shock. Tsuna looked puzzled for a second before she sensed a presence behind her. Before she could turn to fight though, a hand clamped around her mouth, the other grabbing her wrist of her right arm. She let out a surprised gasp, trying to struggle out of the person’s grip.

“Tsunayoshi!” Yuni called out in shock, looking around in a panic as Tsuna let out a muffled scream from under her attacker’s hand. The attacker tried to pull Tsuna off the edge of the balcony, but Tsuna clamped her left hand to the railing tightly, refusing to be moved. Yuni raised her hands into her hair in panic before turning to the entrance to the ballroom.

“Someone! Tsunayoshi’s in trouble!!” she screamed over the crowd of guests. All heads shot to her before two people rushed through the crowd to Yuni.

“Tsunayoshi!?” Mukuro gasped, running up to Yuni as Hibari ran up beside him.

“Out there!?” Hibari asked, looking panicked as he brought out his tonfas and Mukuro summoned his staff. Yuni nodded, still panicked and frightened. Both boys ran through the doors and gasped at the sight. A person dressed entirely in black had hold of Tsuna and was trying to pull her over the balcony with him. He seemed to panic though when he spotted the two guardians. Tsuna’s eyes widened when she saw them as she tried to scream out their names, only to have it muffled by her attacker’s hand.

“Tsunayoshi!” both boys called out, running to them. The attacker seemed to be panicking, taking his hand off of Tsuna’s mouth and smacking his fist down on Tsuna’s hand which held the railing. She let out a yelp of pain, her hand going limp and practically signing her death warrant. The masked attacker managed to grab her, shoving her over the railing as he fell from the balcony as well. Tsuna’s eyes widened as she let out a scream, her body falling over the railing. The world seemed to run in slow motion as she could see the ground coming up to meet her face. No! She wasn’t going to die here! Seeing an opportunity, she managed to grab the bottom of the balcony with her right hand, catching herself from falling straight down to an instant death. But the force was too much and she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold on for very long. Lucky for her, two sets of hands were offered to her in an instant. Mukuro grabbed her right wrist, pulling her up as she saw Hibari offering her his hand as well. Tsuna smiled in relief, lifting up her sore hand and placing it into his.

In a matter of moments, Tsuna had been pulled up over the railing and onto the balcony. She only managed to stand for a few seconds before her legs wobbled violently and she fell to her knees, shaking violently in fear.

“Tsunayoshi…” Mukuro whispered, kneeling to her level and placing a hand on her back, rubbing it gently. Tsuna tried to regulate her breathing, knowing she was in the first stages of a panic attack. Hibari looked down at the two of them, unsure what to do. So he knelt like Mukuro was doing, placing a hand on her hand and gently petted it. Tsuna looked up at him in confusion before letting out a small laugh. This seemed to relieve the two boys who stopped comforting her and stood back upright. Tsuna joined them, seeing Yuni standing there in fright.

“Yuni…” Tsuna started to say before Yuni burst into tears with a happy smile.

“You’re alright!” she cried out, running to her and hugging her tightly. Tsuna blinked in shock again, but wrapped her arms around Yuni, gently petting her back.

“Sorry I worried you so much” Tsuna apologized, smiling gently. Their moment was ruined though when G walked up to them, scratching his head in confusion.

“Hey, anyone know where Giotto cleared off to? He’s disappeared…” G asked, being followed by a man who was wearing a strange uniform, most likely from another mafia family.

“G? Master Giotto is just in a meeting with my Boss, I do apologise for the lack of communication. Ah, you must be the young Vongola. It is a pleasure to meet you” stated the man, offering Tsuna his hand. Yuni pulled away from the hug, stepping away as Tsuna smiled politely, accepting the man’s hand and giving it a shake. She froze to the spot though as she saw images flash through her head, a small gasp escaping her.

She saw Giotto entering a room after following a man down the hallway. He appeared to be confused for a few seconds, turning to yell to the man before turning to look back into the room in horror. Lots of goons suddenly appeared out of their hiding spots in the room, armed with guns and all fired at Giotto. She saw Giotto’s body get hit by multiple bullets, blood spraying all across the room, his body collapsing to the ground in a bloody mess.

Tsuna let her hand fall from the man’s, her shoulders shaking as her eyes widened to painful sizes, her breathing shaky. She backed up a step, muttering protests to herself as she wrapped her arms around herself. What was that? A vision? This man’s true intent? Was it seeing through his lie? All she knew was Giotto was about to die.

“No!! Big Brother! No!!” Tsuna suddenly screamed, tears forming in the corners of her eyes as she shoved the man aside, taking off into the crowd of people, shoving people aside as she went, and running into the maze of hallways. She was in a race now to save Giotto, she had to hurry!
She had to get to Giotto’s room! Grabbing the front of her dress and running as quickly as she could, she turned the corner of the hallway and ran as fast as her legs could carry her. The heels she was wearing were killing her, but all Tsuna could process was that Giotto was in danger and she needed to get to him in time! She could hear footsteps running after her, but Tsuna paid it no heed, with a set destination in her mind. She was so panicked, she questioned how this had even happened. Thinking back, she recapped things in her mind.

It had begun the morning of her introduction ball. Bianchi had been the first to welcome her that morning, having been standing at the foot of her bed. Tsuna stirred from her sleep, sitting up and rubbing her eyes sleepily.

“Good morning Tsuna! It’s time! You just sit there and eat your breakfast, I’ll get to work on your beauty treatment” Bianchi greeted, placing down a tray of scrambled eggs, earl grey tea, a slice of toast with butter on it and some small salt and pepper shakers. This was Tsuna’s first time eating breakfast in bed since arriving in Italy.

“Wow, I get the special treatment today?” Tsuna asked, amazed. Bianchi giggled to herself, sitting down on the edge of the bed and grabbing a small pot off the bedside table. Opening it, she dipped a finger into the mixture and began dabbing at Tsuna’s face. She flinched upon the contact, but relaxed after getting used to how cold it was. Once her face was covered, she began eating quietly as Bianchi walked off to go put the beauty mask away. Finishing up the last bit of her toast, Bianchi returned with a small little machine that she connected to the electrical socket and began to puff out little bits of white coloured smoke. It smelled faintly of roses and jasmine.

“It’s aroma therapy, it’ll help you relax seen as today’s such an important day. Also, your bath won’t be in your room today, it’ll be in the joint bath today with me, is that alright?” Bianchi asked, smiling as she tilted her head curiously. Tsuna looked up at her before smiling brightly, nodding her head.

“Yeah I don’t mind. It’d be nice to talk anyway” Tsuna replied, giggling a little as she grabbed the cup of tea and began sipping at it. Bianchi smiled, sitting back on the edge of the bed.

“You’re too kind Tsuna… One day your kindness will be taken advantage of… I fear for that day…” Bianchi warned, looking at Tsuna worriedly. Tsuna glanced back up at Bianchi, blinking in confusion as she focused on Bianchi’s eyes.

“One day, you’ll take over the Vongola Family, and you’ll have to make some hard decisions. You’ll have people trying to win you over, and people ready to stab you in the back in a millisecond. You need to be careful” Bianchi explained, her brows furrowing in concern. Tsuna lowered her cup, looking down at her hands.

“I know… I know that I’m not suited to running a mafia family, and most definitely the biggest in the world… But I made a promise to Mukuro… I swore that if the mafia stood for what he had to suffer through in his childhood, that I would use the Vongola family to destroy the mafia once and for all” Tsuna stated, her voice turning stern as she looked up at Bianchi with newfound determination. Bianchi blinked in shock, unsure how to respond. Suddenly she smiled kindly, lifting a hand and petting Tsuna’s head gently.

“You have my support… I don’t know when you’ll be able to do so, but when the time comes, you will have my full support” Bianchi replied, still smiling. Tsuna giggled a little, unconsciously pushing her head into Bianchi’s hand.

“Well, finish your tea and we’ll sit and watch a movie, how does that sound?” Bianchi asked, earning a happy nod from Tsuna. She grabbed her tea cup, downing in in one big gulp and placing it down on the tray. She stood, grabbing her dressing gown and slipping it on. Looking around, she waited for Bianchi to return from delivering the tray to the kitchen. She was concerned about how Ryohei was going after his knee injury. Asari had told her during her day of bedrest that Ryohei had just torn a muscle in his leg and would be on crutches for a few weeks, but wasn’t to do any fighting for a few good months. Tsuna blamed herself and her weakness for Ryohei having gotten so badly hurt. She was too kind, and didn’t want to get into a fight with the thugs, and it cost Ryohei dearly. Speaking of the thugs and fighting, after seeing Hibari get smashed on the head with the stick, she couldn’t remember what happened after that. She hadn’t seen anyone much lately, except for Bianchi and Giotto. She hadn’t seen Hibari at all since seeing him be clobbered either.

“Tsuna? Is something wrong?” Bianchi asked, tilting her head curiously. Tsuna turned to look at her, unsure how to ask.

“Um… I was wondering if I could see Hibari and Ryohei first before we watch some movies…” Tsuna asked, fidgeting her hands and feet nervously. Bianchi smiled, giggling a little.

“Of course. Ryohei went out for a bit, but Hibari’s still resting in his room. Come on” Bianchi urged, leading Tsuna out the room and down the hallway towards Hibari’s room. Tsuna felt like her heart was going to beat out her throat. Each step made her heart pound harder, a large lump caught in her throat. Finally they approached Hibari’s door and Tsuna realized her shoulders were shaking.

“Well, I’ll let you talk to Hibari on your own, give you two some privacy. I’m gonna go talk to some people as well” Bianchi stated, waving as she began walking down the hallway to the other rooms. Tsuna inhaled deeply, letting out a shaky sigh, and knocked on the door. It took a few seconds but she began hearing footsteps shuffling to the door and the door opened to reveal Hibari standing there with a bandage wrapped over his head. His expression was one of annoyance until he saw his visitor was Tsuna, in which case it was replaced by pleasant surprise.

“Tsunayoshi?” he asked, blinking in stunned confusion. Tsuna looked down in shame, seeing the bandage over his head. She was the cause of that, she knew that for a fact.

“Um… C-Can I come in and talk to you?” Tsuna asked, fidgeting and twiddling her thumbs. Hibari looked at her for a few seconds before stepping aside and revealing a path into his room.

“Go on…” he muttered, allowing Tsuna to walk inside. She stepped inside cautiously, looking around. It suited Hibari, the walls covered in shades of black and purple, a large bookcase full of old looking books, and even a small table used for traditional tea ceremonies. It was a cute little room, reminding her of her old lounge room back in Japan.

“The place isn’t that Italian, I know… I just like the Japanese style renovations better” Hibari muttered, rubbing the back of his hair as he stepped closer behind Tsuna, putting a hand on her back and guiding her to one of the cushions on the floor by the small table. Tsuna jumped upon the contact, but didn’t resist, sitting on the small cushion on her knees. Hibari did the same on another cushion, looking at her for a second before beginning to make some green macha tea.

“What’s that on your face? Some kind of face mask?” Hibari asked, glancing up for a second before returning to the tea.

“Yeah, Bianchi put it on this morning to get ready for tonight. After seeing you and checking on Ryohei, we’re gonna resume getting ready” Tsuna answered, blushing a little. She was thankful for the face mask, it at least hid her face when she was blushing.

“I think you’re fine without any beauty treatments… Natural beauty is best” Hibari muttered under his breath, earning a silent gasp from Tsuna as she looked at him in shock. Her cheeks began burning as she looked down shyly.

“T-Thank you…” she whispered back, twiddling her thumbs. Hibari looked up at her, smiling gently and handing her the ready cup of tea. Tsuna smiled in return, turning the cup around a little before picking it up and having a drink. The familiar taste of the macha tea began reminding her of home, and she began to feel a little homesick. Lowering the cup, she stared longingly into the cup and didn’t even realise she had tears falling down her face.

“Tsunayoshi? Are you alright…?” Hibari asked, looking up at her cautiously. Tsuna jumped back to reality, looking up at Hibari before realizing she was crying.

“O-Oh! I just miss Japan… That’s all. Guess I got a little homesick” Tsuna reassured him, giggling a little as she drank more of her tea. Hibari let out a quiet sigh of relief and began work on his own cup of tea.

“Um, those bandages… When do they come off?” Tsuna asked, looking up at Hibari curiously. Hibari chuckled a little, finishing off his own cup of tea.

“They come off before tonight, so I’ll be fine for your introduction ball tonight. Speaking of that… how are you feeling?” Hibari explained, looking up at her worriedly. Tsuna blinked in shock, unsure of how to respond.

“W-Well… I’m nervous… Very nervous in fact. I have no idea what to expect… and I only just know how to dance now. I’m still worried I’m going to make a fool of myself and the Vongola family. And I’m really scared to meet Byakuran Gesso, I have no idea what to expect from him” Tsuna admitted, her shoulders trembling. Hibari studied her during her explanation, frowning in concern. Seeing her shoulders trembling, he reached out and put a hand on the back of hers. Tsuna jumped, looking down at her hand to see Hibari gently gripping hers in his and giving it a squeeze. She didn’t fight or pull away, but smiled gently as she began to relax.

“We’ll all be there, and we’ll protect you” Hibari reassured her, letting a gentle smile form on his face. Tsuna couldn’t stop the grateful smile from forming on her face as she let out a happy laugh.

“I know, thank you Hibari. I feel better now” Tsuna stated, smiling brightly at him. She wasn’t sure if she saw correctly, but she could’ve sworn she saw a smile form on Hibari’s face as well. Knocking on the door caught both their attentions as they looked at the door to see Bianchi peering in.

“Tsuna? You done yet? We need to get you ready” Bianchi asked, reminding Tsuna about the time. Tsuna jumped up to her feet, nodding.

“Yep! I’ll see you later Hibari!” Tsuna bid farewell, turning for the door. Hibari jumped up to his feet, snatching her arm in his hand, snaking her wrist and stopping her. Tsuna let out a yelp as she nearly fell backwards, but regained her balance to look at Hibari in confusion.

“Yes?” she asked, tilting her head as Hibari looked down at his hand which still had a tight grip of her wrist. He looked up at her, looking serious.

“Kyoya… I want you to call me by my first name, Kyoya” Hibari asked, muttering it quietly. Tsuna heard though, blinking before beaming a bright smile at him. She laughed happily, nodding her head.

“Okay, see you later tonight Kyoya” Tsuna stated, feeling the grip on her wrist loosen as she turned and went out to join Bianchi. Hibari stood there, watching her leave before looking down at his hand with red cheeks.

Tsuna spent the remaining time of the day with Bianchi, being washed, primed and done up until the clock struck 6pm. Tsuna sat at the vanity set in her room, her long hair being brushed by Bianchi who was trying to figure out how to style it. Tsuna was wearing a beautiful fuchsia coloured strapless ball down with shades of purple and pink under ruffles. She wore really long fuchsia coloured gloves and a purple coloured cloak attached to her shoulders and round her neck. On her feet were dark purple coloured high heels. Her face was coloured in mixtures of purple and pink, much to Bianchi’s delight.

“What should we do with this hair of yours? What CAN we do with it is the question I should be asking, huh?” Bianchi asked, giggling a little as she played with some of the long strands of Tsuna’s hair. Tsuna watched her in the mirror, laughing.

“I don’t think there’s much we can do with it. It’s the traditional Vongola style, isn’t it? I think we should leave it be, it looks nice like this” Tsuna explained, laughing before she spun in her chair, standing up. Bianchi stood back, admiring her work.

“You’re gonna take their breath away!” Bianchi announced, laughing triumphantly as Tsuna couldn’t help but laugh softly. She heard a soft knocking on the door before a head poked into the room.

“Is the Princess all ready?” G asked, grinning before stepping into the room in amazement. He let out an impressed whistle, walking to the two of them before bowing and offering Tsuna his arm.

“May I lead you to your party Lady Tsunayoshi Vongola?” G asked, smirking confidently as Tsuna let out an embarrassed giggle, putting her hand around G’s arm. G smiled, nodding his head to Bianchi.

“I’ll take it from here Bianchi?” G asked, earning a nod from Bianchi in return. G grinned, beginning to lead Tsuna out the door and down the hallway. They approached the stairs and stopped, confusing Tsuna. She looked up at him, seeing him standing there comfortable, waiting patiently.

“By the way, you look amazing Princess. Giotto’s gonna have to double check to see if we grabbed a body double. Though, if I can say one more thing, you look even more beautiful than your mother” G complimented her, earning a massive blush from Tsuna who began stumbling on her words. She looked more beautiful than her mother? That was pushing it a bit, wasn’t it? Tsuna remembered what she’d looked like, and that was pretty hard to top. Suddenly she heard clapping in the room downstairs, making her look at G. G grinned, straightening them up before he began walking them both down the steps. Tsuna’s heart was pounding so hard she was sure she was going to have a heart attack. The moment of truth, where she would meet the killer of her parents. The one that destroyed Giotto’s life and her own. She was temporarily blinded for a split second by the light as they entered the room, but once Tsuna adjusted to the light, she saw hundreds of people, ranging in genders, ages and races in the room, looking at her in silent shock. Suddenly everyone erupted into applause and began clapping. Looking up at G, she saw him wink at her as he let go of her hand and bow before turning and leaving. Tsuna looked around in slight confusion and panic before she spotted Giotto nearby. Grabbing the front of her dress and lifting it a little, she began walking up to him. He looked a little shocked, but smiled gently as she stopped to stand beside him.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! I thank you for coming at such short notice, but now that everything’s been sorted out, I would like to introduce my sister, Tsunayoshi Vongola! One day, she will take over the Vongola family and lead us into a new age!” Giotto announced, lifting his hands up dramatically in his speech as his face was filled with nothing but pride and joy. Tsuna looked up at him, blinking in shock at his announcement. She was taking over? When? Giotto was older, stronger, and wiser. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have his future child take over, not his little sister? And why was this the first time she’d heard of this? Looking out at the crowd so as to not cause a scene, she scanned the audience. She spotted the members of the Varia scattered across the room, all leaning against the wall. The only one missing was Xanxus, who she found beside the buffet table with a plate of fine cuisine and a glass of red wine. He looked just as ticked off as always. She eventually spotted her guardians in the room, all scattered as well. Gokudera was beside Yamamoto, both watching in awe with pink cheeks. Mukuro was actually standing nearby Xanxus, but the two didn’t look like they’d noticed each other’s presence. Lambo was with Chrome, who was sitting at the table and eating quietly to themselves. Ryohei was at the front of the audience, using his crutches to stand as he gave Tsuna a huge grin when they made eye contact. And finally she spotted Hibari against the wall, watching with an impressed look on his face.

She hadn’t found her main target. Damn. Had he decided not to show? Maybe he couldn’t make it seen as the party was kind of last second? Looking dejected for a second, her eyes suddenly snapped to a head of white hair in the crowd. She gave a silent gasp, eyes locking straight into purple eyes. He was the spitting image of her memory, just slightly older. His face was twisted into a cross between an evil smirk and satisfied grin. It looked slightly psychotic, mixed with a tint of what looked like lust. Her stomach dropped, twisting into a painful knot. She wasn’t even aware of it, but her breathing had increased in pace and she’d gone ghostly pale. Giotto looked at her in concern, waiting before tapping her shoulder. Tsuna jumped, letting out a squeak of fright as she turned to look at Giotto, wide eyed.

“Tsunayoshi? Your speech?” Giotto issued, nodding his head to the audience. Tsuna blinked, looking between the two before flushing bright red.

“Oh, sorry. Excuse me” Tsuna apologized, stepping forward shakily and beginning to say her speech to the audience. She accidentally stuttered a few sentences, but she managed to get it all out clear and loudly. Once it was over, the audience erupted into cheers again. Tsuna felt her cheeks burn as she stepped back and retreated to where Giotto stood. She heard a few chuckles from people as she stood slightly behind her brother as if she were hiding. Giotto chuckled, earning a pout and smack on the back from her.

After the exchanges were made, Tsuna walked straight to Ryohei who was waving to her. She lifted the front of her dress and jogged lightly to where he stood.

“Ryohei! I’m so glad you’re alright! Asari told me you tore a muscle behind your knee! I’m so sorry!” Tsuna greeted, bowing her head in apology. Ryohei laughed, waving his hand dismissively.

“Don’t worry about it Tsuna! I get worse injuries from boxing! I’m just glad your injury is okay” Ryohei replied, laughing more. Tsuna giggled happily, enjoying the light conversation with him before a voice cut them off.

“Lady Tsunayoshi Vongola? Greetings, I am Byakuran Gesso, leader of the Millefiore family. It is an honour to meet you at last” greeted Byakuran who stood to their side. Tsuna gulped, turning to face him before grabbing her dress and curtseying to him. He bowed in return, taking her hand and placing a kiss on the back of it as he smirked up at her.

“Might I say that dress looks stunning on you, just as it did on Lady Ginevra 20 years ago” Byakuran complimented, earning a shocked gasp from Tsuna. She blinked at him, looking like a stunned mallet. This dress belonged to her mother? How come no one had told her? Why was Byakuran, he murderer, the one to tell her this important fact?! Byakuran smirked in return, offering her his hand.

“You seem shocked Lady Vongola. May I have this dance? I might be able to tell you some stuff about Lady Ginevra no one else here has told you yet” Byakuran offered, urging her to dance with him.
Tsuna knew she wasn’t the most skilled basketball player, nor was she the quickest, or nimble, or fast thinking. But she hadn’t expected to actually be somewhat decent at basketball. As soon as the match began, Yamamoto had snatched the ball off the head thug, who they’d found out was named Hajime. Tsuna had run as quickly as her legs could carry her and Yamamoto had thrown the ball to her. She managed to catch it without kissing it with her face and began dribbling it to the hoop. In a matter of seconds she was surrounded by three of the thugs, now known as Daisuke, Keisuke and Akira. Stopping, she held the ball tightly in her hands and glanced around for someone to pass to. Catching Hibari standing near the hoop, she readied herself and threw the ball up over the boys’ heads as if she were aiming for the hoop. Hibari ran up to the ball, jumping up and snatched the ball in midair, managed to turn, and slammed it into the hoop. So far, so good! They’d managed to earn a point over the thugs. The last thug, Kaoru, stood at the white line with the ball and waited for a chance to throw it to one of his team mates.

“Come on guys!” Tsuna yelled, frowning as she dashed to Akira when she saw Kaoru throw the ball in his direction. She wasn’t quick enough as Akira grabbed the ball, still in midair as he turned, aiming the ball at Tsuna. Tsuna realized what he was intending just in time, stepping back and narrowly missing having the ball smashed into her head. Akira smirked, chuckling a little.

“Woops, didn’t see you there” he teased, suddenly throwing the ball to Daisuke. Tsuna gasped, seeing Daisuke running to their hoop. Gokudera and Ryohei were defending the goals, frowning as they saw Daisuke running to them.

“You’re not getting past us!” Gokudera declared, jumping in front and throwing his hands out to stop Daisuke’s advances. Daisuke stopped, smirking before throwing the ball forward, bouncing it under Gokudera’s spread legs, and catching it around him. Gokudera gasped in shock, turning to see Daisuke had gone around him. Ryohei charged, letting out a yell as he tried to snatch the ball off Daisuke, only to have Daisuke turn, then shoot the ball into the hoop. Tsuna slowed to a stop beside Yamamoto, watching the ball sink into the hoop in shock. Now they were tied. They were three minutes into the first eight minute half! They’d have to put some distance between them if they were going to succeed.

“Tsuna, I’ve got an idea… Hibari and I will try to claim the ball, you try and always be free to pass to the other if we have the ball. That sound like a good idea?” Yamamoto asked, turning to smirk at Tsuna. She blinked, a little confused before understanding his idea. She nodded, new found determination in her eyes as Yamamoto turned to Hibari, nodding at him and earning a nod back. Tsuna jogged into centre court, awaiting Gokudera who was now on the white line with the ball. Keisuke was blocking Ryohei, Akira and Daisuke were double blocking Yamamoto and Hajime was blocking Hibari. Kaoru was guarding their goal. Tsuna looked around, finding herself to be the only one free. She lifted her arms, ready to catch the ball if Gokudera threw it to her. Luckily, he spotted her from behind the double team and threw the ball in her direction. Adding a little extra distance to it, Tsuna jogged after the ball, catching it in her hands. She began dribbling the ball to the goal as Kaoru narrowed his eyes, locked onto her. Lifting his hands up defensively, she jogged up to him, nearly having the ball snatched away from her. She bounced the ball away in time, dribbling around him before jumping up and shooting the ball into the hoop. The look on Kaoru’s face was priceless, just the shock horror plastered onto his features. Landing back on her feet and hearing the satisfying ‘whack’ of the ball hitting the court, she turned to see Yamamoto link an arm over her shoulders and laugh.

“Good job Tsuna!” he cheered, pulling away and giving her a whack on the back. Tsuna giggled a little, turning to see the timer now at five minutes. They were a point ahead, but how long would that last?

The next quarter was a lot harder. Tsuna witnessed her team mates being elbowed roughly and tripped. Some of them were getting bruised and Ryohei was even limping! Tsuna had been elbowed harshly in the ribs, but she was alright. These guys were playing dirty, but Tsuna was determined not to let them win. There was one minute left in the last half, so Tsuna focused on making sure they didn’t score another point. With three points to them, and two to the thugs, she was determined not to let them close the gap. Seeing Kaoru throw the ball from the white line to Akira, he dribbled the ball to their goal before Tsuna jumped in front protectively. She’d managed to stop him at centre court only to have him go around her. He dribbled up to the goal, managing to pass Gokudera and Ryohei before Tsuna came running up to him. She saw the smirk form on his face as he jumped up to shoot, throwing the ball into the air as she attempted to jump after him. She was shorter than and not as strong as him, so she didn’t manage to catch the ball, but her eyes widened when the ball completely missed the hoop, bouncing away. She didn’t even see it coming as Akira’s elbow collided with her head, sending her straight into the ground.

She heard the sound of gasps all around her as she lay still on the ground, but truth be told, she was trying to process what had just happened. Her head was spinning and all she could see was the little stones of the court. Her whole body felt like it was paralyzed and as if she wasn’t in control of her own body.

“Tsuna!” yelled Kyoko’s voice suddenly and Tsuna suddenly snapped out of her dazed state. The pain hit her in a flash as she managed to move, clutching her head in her hand as she tried to push herself up off the court.

“Tsuna! Tsuna! Can you hear me?” Kyoko yelled, having run up onto the court and was kneeling beside Tsuna. Attempting to pull herself up, she felt Kyoko’s hands grip her shoulders and help her up to her knees. Blinking, Tsuna turned to look at Kyoko, seeing the shock and worry on her face.

“Tsuna! You’re bleeding!” Kyoko exclaimed, earning gasps from the boys. It was then that everything exploded.

“You assholes!” Gokudera exclaimed, turning and grabbing Akira’s collar of his shirt roughly. He pulled Akira closer, clenching his free hand into a fist. Akira smirked, panting a little from having run so much.

“It was an accident dude! Chill would you?” Akira declared, brushing Gokudera off him and shrugging his shoulders. Gokudera snarled, his fists shaking as he was about to punch Akira square in the jaw. Tsuna’s eyes widened in shock, afraid Gokudera was going to get into trouble. Her eyes narrowed as she yelled out a stern order to Gokudera.

“Gokudera! No!” she ordered, her voice catching the attention of everyone on the court. All of Tsuna’s guardians froze, bound by her words of authority. Gokudera turned to glance at Tsuna, freezing upon the wide eyed glare Tsuna was giving him. He instantly retreated from his aggressive stance. Akira chuckled, the other four thugs gathering behind him.

“We’ll continue the match… A deal is a deal. Mukuro, you’re going to have to sub in for me” Tsuna stated, trying to push herself up into a standing position. Kyoko hooked her arms under Tsuna’s and around her back, helping her stand. Mukuro walked onto the court, looking at Tsuna worriedly.

“Tsunayoshi… Are you going to be alright?” Mukuro asked, looking at her worriedly. She flashed him a reassuring smile, nodding her head gently.

“I’ll be alright. Kyoko’s gonna get me all fixed up” Tsuna stated, earning a nod from Kyoko as she began helping Tsuna walk off the court. The game resumed as Tsuna was laid down on the bench, resting her head on Kyoko’s lap as Kyoko began to disinfect the cut on Tsuna’s forehead.

“Thank you Tsuna… Really… You’ve gotten hurt, everyone has, to try and protect me. I’m glad that you all care so much, but I want this to stop. I want to be stronger, so I can look after myself. It’s been this way ever since I was little. Big Brother’s always been protecting me, and one time he got really badly hurt… That’s why I don’t like Big Brother fighting, it scares me” Kyoko explained, dabbing a wet cotton bud on Tsuna’s forehead. Tsuna winced, listening to the story intently.

“I see. But Kyoko, you’re almost an adult now. Even if you’re not physically strong like Ryohei, you’re still strong in your own way. You’re kind, caring, you can cook and maintain a household. You’ve got a good sense of order and you also know what you want in life. If those aren’t strong qualities, I don’t know what is” Tsuna stated, looking up at Kyoko with a smile as Kyoko covered her mouth with her hand, tears beginning to fall down her cheeks.

“Tsuna… Thank you… You’re a good friend” Kyoko thanked, sniffing as she tried to stop herself from sobbing. Grabbing a spare bandage out of her pocket, she placed it gently over Tsuna’s cut before flattening the hair back over Tsuna’s forehead. Tsuna smiled, glad she was able to cheer Kyoko up a little.

A sudden scream though caught everyone’s attention as Tsuna shot up off Kyoko’s lap, looking out at the court with a gasp. Ryohei was on the ground, clutching his knee in agony.

“Big Brother!” Kyoko shouted, worriedly running out onto the court as Tsuna stood up. She’d had enough of this unfair play. It was time to end this. Walking with confident strides onto the court, all heads turned to look in her direction.

“Enough… Either take this seriously and play fair, or GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!” Tsuna yelled, her anger beginning to spike out of control. She could feel her powers flickering on and off, feeling the flames engulf her senses and be extinguished, only to be relit.

“Tsunayoshi! Stop! They’re only normal civilians!” Mukuro yelled, trying to stop Tsuna from transforming into her Dying Will Mode. He ran to her, grabbing her shoulders and giving her a little shake. The thugs all looked at each other in confusion before Hajime stepped forward, unamused.

“What? Normal civilians? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Listen here, we don’t take being looked down upon lightly, do we?” Hajime asked, turning to his group as Akira nodded, grabbing a large stick off the ground nearby and smirking, before charging at Hibari and clopping him one in the back of the head. All the guardians and Tsuna stopped, looking at Hibari in horror as he clutched the back of his head, his arms shaking a little.

“Kyoya…” Mukuro whispered in shock, his eyes wide in horror. Yamamoto and Gokudera looked just as shocked, standing beside each other with their mouths hanging agape. Ryohei was sitting up thanks to Kyoko’s help, and both were looking at Hibari in fright.

“Kyoya… Oi, you alright?” Ryohei asked, his voice strained from how much pain he was in. It was then that a drop of blood landed on the ground from Hibari’s head, snapping Tsuna to her senses. She let out a small growl, her senses being engulfed entirely. She stepped around Mukuro who watched her walk away, knowing he couldn’t stop her now.

“Eh? What’s this? Miss Prissy Pants here wants to have a few words with us? Well tough luck, we always win and that means we’ve won you. Now come here!” Hajime mocked, grabbing Tsuna’s wrist and lifting it roughly. Tsuna was nearly yanked off her feet, but she continued to look down at the ground, her hair hidden in her face.

Meanwhile at the gate of the school, a group of men walked into the school grounds. A set of red eyes caught sight of the event, widening in shock before narrowing in realization.

“Boss, isn’t that the Princess we’re supposed to be protecting?” asked a green haired Mohawk guy in sun glasses called Lussaria.

“Yeah, that’s the brat… What’s going on?” asked Squalo, frowning darkly. His eyes widened though at what he saw.

“You dare to harm one of my guardians…? You can hit me, cut me, break my bones, even kill me, and I wouldn’t care less… But you touch one of my guardians? Consider. Your. Life. OVER!!!” Tsuna suddenly shouted, the flames bursting from her forehead as she used the flames on her spare hand to flip over and kick Hajime in the head. Catching herself with her hands, she somersaulted back onto her feet and looked up with a glare at the other thugs. They looked confused and panicked.

“Get her!” Hajime yelled once he’d recovered from his fall, clutching his cheek in his hand. Akira growled, stick at the ready as he charged at Tsuna. Tsuna shot up to her feet, using the flames on her hands to propel herself forward, smashing her fist into his chin. Upon impact, things seemed to slow down as she saw his stunned face. His body flew up a little before he collapsed back onto the ground. Kaoru looked at Akira’s now unconscious body, blinking in shock.

“Hajime!” he called out, his voice shaking a little. Hajime looked at the three remaining thugs in disbelief, before looking back at Tsuna. Tsuna stood still, looking down at the ground as the flames danced around her head and fists. Her hair flew around madly along with her skirt.

“I don’t believe this! You’re afraid of one little girl!?” Hajime declared, turning to look between Kaoru, Daisuke and Keisuke, then back to Tsuna. When he turned to look at Tsuna though, she’d suddenly disappeared, reappearing straight in front of him. Hajime didn’t even have time to react. Tsuna had punched him with all her power straight in the gut. Hajime’s face contorted as the air left him, doubling over. Tsuna lifted one hand, blasting flames from it to twirl herself, kicking Hajime with her leg and sending him flying straight back into the pole used for the basketball goal. Slumping down to the ground against it, Hajime clutched his sides, looking up in pain. Tsuna remained still before looking up at him, face still hidden in her hair. She began taking long strides to him. It seemed tauntingly slow as Hajime cringed in pain, shaking in fear. Once Tsuna was in front of him though, she lifted her head high enough for Hajime to see her face. He let out a gasp, shaking madly in fear. All the emotion had disappeared in her eyes, only replaced with anger and fury. Her eyes were wide though in some slight form of insanity. But the frown on her face could kill.

“H-Hey!” called out a voice from one of the trembling thugs. Tsuna had been in the process of reaching down and finally killing Hajime, but stopped, turning to look at the other three. Her face was hidden again as she withdrew her hand from Hajime.

“C-Can we just call it even? We’ll go… A-And never bother you again… W-We’re sorry Kyoko, we never meant for t-this to happen” Keisuke called out, shaking before bowing in apology to Kyoko. He nodded to Kaoru and Daisuke, turning back to look at Tsuna. Daisuke walked to Akira, picking him up and slinging him over his back. Kaoru and Keisuke walked up to Hajime, being sure to go around Tsuna carefully, and began helping him get away. Tsuna remained silent, watching them go before her eyes caught sight of the Varia, or more particularly, Xanxus. She gasped, lifting her head up as all the flames disappeared, the adrenaline fading away.

“Xanxus?!” she questioned before gasping again, her vision swaying and fading. She stumbled before tipping to her side and collapsing to the ground with a thud. Her vision blacked out, her mind entering a peaceful slumber.

Xanxus had been watching the whole commotion in intrigue, hand on his chin as he smirked. Maybe the Princess wasn’t so much of a Princess, and was already in her transformation into a Queen? That thought made his smirk increase in size as he chuckled.

“Boss?” asked a man with black hair and lightning shaped sideburns called Leviathan. The tall man in a cloak called Mammon looked up at Xanxus, before looking back at Tsuna’s collapsed form. Gokudera and Yamamoto had each grabbed an arm of Ryohei’s, helping him stand and not put pressure on his injured leg. Mukuro had picked up Tsuna and Kyoko was in the process of treating Hibari’s head wound. He looked shocked still, unaware that someone would become so angry all because he was hurt.

“Hibari? Are you alright?” Kyoko asked cautiously, petting at the wound on Hibari’s head.

“I didn’t think she’d explode like that… Did you see the look in her eyes?” Hibari asked, his voice barely above an audible whisper.

“Yeah… I did… She was ready for murder…” Ryohei replied, looking at Tsuna’s sleeping form.

“She still can’t control her powers very well… We need to be wary of when she uses her powers, and stop her if she goes out of control” Mukuro stated, looking down at Tsuna in his arms. She was sleeping contently, her breathing even.

“ShiShiShi, Boss… What are you planning?” a blonde called Belphegor asked as he stood nearby Xanxus. Xanxus turned to look at him with a dark smirk, making all of the Varia members jump back in fright.

“I’ve got a plan. And it involves her introduction ball” Xanxus explained, chuckling darkly to himself as he hatched his plan.
Several days passed, and Tsuna found herself swamped with stuff to do and learn. During the day she attended school, and after school she was stuck in dance classes with Mukuro. Mukuro was the only one of the guardians who knew how to dance and was skilled enough to teach her. It was day three of her lessons, with only three days left before the party. Walking through the school halls, heading to the assembly hall that they were using, she stopped when she heard a loud commotion outside. Stopping, she ran to the window and peered out to see the cause. Gasping, she saw a group of thugs surrounding Ryohei Sasagawa. She immediately stopped thinking, running to the door and ripping it open. She took off in a sprint to them, seeing Ryohei was shielding Kyoko from the thugs. Tsuna’s mind clouded over in a blind rage as she dashed in the middle, stepping in front of Ryohei and throwing her arms out, creating a shield.

“What do you think you’re doing!?” Tsuna exclaimed, narrowing her eyes in a glare. One of the five thugs glared back while the others smirked, laughing to themselves.

“What do you want missy? Leave, can’t you see we’re busy?” the thug commanded, but Tsuna dug her heels into the ground.

“No I won’t! What do you want with Ryohei and Kyoko anyway?!” Tsuna yelled back, still panting a little from having run so quickly. The head thug gave a confused look, then began laughing.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! You’re that weak you have to have a girl protecting you!?” he exclaimed, making a dig at Ryohei. Tsuna growled, glancing out the corner of her eye to see Ryohei holding Kyoko in his arms tightly, shielding her. He growled as well, glaring darkly at the thugs.

“Tsuna… I’m sorry about this…” Ryohei whispered in an apology. Tsuna’s eyes widened in shock, before she quickly shook it off, glaring at the thugs again.

“Mind explaining what this is all about?” Tsuna asked everyone, including Ryohei and Kyoko into the question. Kyoko looked up from Ryohei’s shoulder, trembling as she looked at Tsuna.

“It’s my fault… I’m so sorry Tsuna… They approached me and I panicked. Big Brother saw and came to help me, but now things just keep getting worse…” Kyoko apologized, her eyes brimming with tears. Tsuna listened carefully, then turned to glare back at the thugs. She needed to find a way to settle this properly without violence, otherwise they could all get into trouble.

“Tsuna!? Ryohei!? Kyoko!?” exclaimed a familiar voice nearby, making all heads turn to look. Yamamoto and Gokudera were standing nearby, looking at the scene in shock.

“Boss!” Gokudera yelled, both of them running to the group. Tsuna’s eyes widened, seeing the thugs looking agitated.

“Stay back!” Tsuna ordered, making them stop a few metres away, looking at her in confusion.

“But Boss! They’re threatening you!” Gokudera questioned, earning a glare from Tsuna. She returned to looking at the thugs, who were still glaring at her.

“How’re you going to compensate for this, missy?!” the head thug declared, glaring darkly at Tsuna. Tsuna frowned, thinking for a little before she turned to look at Kyoko. Kyoko looked at her, tears still in the corner of her eyes. Turning back, she took a deep breath.

“What did you want with Kyoko anyway?” Tsuna asked, seeing the other thugs begin laughing. Narrowing her eyes, she wondered what was so funny about her question.

“That’s for us to know. Now, how’re you going to fix this?” the head thug questioned, a small smirk forming on his face. Tsuna couldn’t think of a better option. Letting out a sigh, she let her shoulders slack, looking at them calmly.

“How about a challenge? If we win, you leave us alone from now on. If you win, I’ll take Kyoko’s place” Tsuna offered, earning gasps from her friends as the thugs looked at each other, debating the idea.

“No Tsuna!” Kyoko exclaimed, the tears falling down her face as Ryohei held her back now. The thugs turned to smirk back at Tsuna, chuckling.

“What’s the challenge?” the thug asked, his smirk only growing. Tsuna glanced around, needing an idea for a challenge. She wasn’t very good at anything physical, but at this rate it was all she could do. Spotting an ash vault court in the distance, she pointed to it.

“I challenge you to a five on five basketball game” Tsuna declared, glaring at the thugs. The thugs started laughing, the head thug holding out his hand. Tsuna looked at it for a few seconds, then took his hand, feeling him grip it tightly in a rough shake.

“Challenge accepted. I guess you’ll do as a replacement for Kyoko. Gotta admit though, I’m gonna enjoy this. Meet you at the court at 5pm today” the thug stated, giving Tsuna’s hand a painful squeeze, then let her go. Watching them all turn and walk off, Tsuna felt her adrenaline leave her body as her legs began to shake. She let out a shaky breath, turning to see Kyoko break out of Ryohei’s grip and tackle hug her. Tsuna lost her footing, hitting the ground painfully on her rear. Kyoko’s grip around her neck tightened as she buried her face in Tsuna’s shoulder.

“You didn’t need to do this Tsuna! I’m so sorry! If we lose, I don’t know what they’ll do to you!” Kyoko sobbed, her tears staining Tsuna’s shoulder. Tsuna’s expression softened as she wrapped her arms around her, feeling the trembling in Kyoko’s shoulders. Kyoko was really scared, and it wasn’t even for her own sake, it was for Tsuna’s. Ryohei’s expression softened upon hearing Kyoko’s sobs. He knelt down, watching Kyoko cry as she hugged Tsuna tighter.

“Kyoko… I’m sorry Tsuna… I never meant for this to happen… What’re we going to do about this challenge? Can any of us even play basketball?” Ryohei apologized, his voice soft and calm instead of its usual energy. Tsuna looked down, sighing.

“I played a little basketball, but I’m actually not that good at it… Yamamoto? Gokudera? Ryohei? Can I count on you three? We need one more person… I can’t see Mukuro playing fairly, but I also can’t see Hibari playing fairly either…” Tsuna stated, looking at them as they nodded.

“I think Hibari would be the better bet over Mukuro though… Mukuro has more chances to try and cheat. We should go ask him to join our team” Yamamoto suggested, walking to Tsuna and Kyoko, then gently took Kyoko’s shoulders, pulling her away from Tsuna. Gokudera approached, offering Tsuna a hand up. She accepted, seeing Yamamoto pull Kyoko up to her feet as Ryohei stood on his own feet.

“But Hibari will just stop the matter completely though… He takes his job as a guardian even more seriously than the rest of us…” Gokudera stated, frowning as he looked at the window where the Disciplinary Committee was located.

“We still need to try… Ryohei? Are you okay?” Tsuna asked, walking to Ryohei and raising a brow. Ryohei blinked, looking at her, startled.

“Come on, let’s go ask Hibari if he’ll join the team” Tsuna offered, grabbing Ryohei’s wrist and beginning to pull him to the Disciplinary Committee. Kyoko followed after them in a hurry with Gokudera and Yamamoto in tow.

Approaching the door, she knocked quietly, awaiting the response. A quiet voice telling her to come in eventually responded. Opening the door, she peered inside to see Hibari sitting at the desk, working on a pile of paperwork. He glanced up when he saw her come in, eyes widening slightly.

“Hello Hibari… Um… I was wondering if we could ask you a favour…?” Tsuna asked, stepping into the room. Hibari remained silent, unmoving on his chair as his eyes narrowed, seeing the others enter the room with her.

“What is this favour exactly?” Hibari asked, standing from his chair and walking to the window, glancing out it. Tsuna gulped, turning to look at everyone else. She shook her head when she saw Gokudera open his mouth to try and explain, quickly shutting him up. Turning back to Hibari, she stepped forward.

“You see… There’s this group of guys we had to challenge to a basketball game to get them to leave Kyoko alone, and we need one more member… Can you help us as the fifth member? We really need your help, please Hibari?” Tsuna pleaded, seeing Hibari turn to look at her. His expression was stern, seeing no point in this roundabout way of doing things. He was about to open his mouth when suddenly Gokudera jumped into the conversation.

“Boss is on the line in this game! She’s using herself as a bargaining chip to get them to leave Kyoko alone!” Gokudera suddenly exclaimed. Both Tsuna and Hibari’s eyes widened in shock, looking at him in disbelief. Tsuna sighed, smacking her forehead with the palm of her hand. This was why she’d wanted Gokudera to stay silent! She lowered her hand, glancing at Hibari to see he was still frozen in shock. The surprise quickly disappeared though as a glare appeared on his face and a dark aura surrounded him. Tsuna suddenly felt very nervous and scared, seeing him bring out a tonfa quite literally out of nowhere. She gasped, seeing him step around the desk, a murderous aura filling the room.

“Where are these punks…?! I’ll skin them alive!” Hibari growled, tonfa at the ready. Backing up, Tsuna felt sweat trailing down her face.

“This is what I was afraid of…” she whispered, seeing Gokudera, Yamamoto, Kyoko and Ryohei all looking just as terrified as she was.

“H-Hibari! Please calm down!” Kyoko pleaded, clinging to the back of Tsuna’s vest and peering over her shoulder. Ryohei frowned, seeing how scared Kyoko was, then turned to glare at Hibari.

“Hibari! Tsuna wants to settle this fairly, are you going to go against her wishes?” Ryohei exclaimed, his expression serious as everyone jumped, looking at him in confusion. Ryohei wasn’t acting like himself. It was almost like he was using the brain in his head. He wasn’t even using his ‘extreme’ catchphrase either.

“Ryohei…” Tsuna whispered, looking at him in concern. Without him yelling his catchphrases all the time, he felt so far away. Hibari paused, looking at Ryohei before he relaxed, lowering his arm with the tonfa, letting out a sigh.

“Fine… I’ll help in your basketball game… But if we lose, I will not let them have you Tsunayoshi… I will simply destroy them” Hibari replied, the dark aura returning to him. Tsuna gasped, blinking in fright. It wasn’t quite what she had in mind, but it was something at least. But why did Tsuna get the feeling she was forgetting something? It suddenly struck her as she froze to the spot, letting out a gasp.

“Tsuna?” Kyoko asked, looking at her in concern. Tsuna lifted her hands shakily to her chin, shaking slightly.

“Oh no… I’m late!” Tsuna exclaimed, turning to look at the time.

“Late?” Yamamoto questioned, raising a brow as he looked at her in confusion. Gokudera exclaimed in realization, grabbing Tsuna’s wrist as she looked at him, both of them looking terrified.

“Hurry up Boss! You might still make it!” Gokudera encouraged, earning a nod from her as she turned, running out the room quickly. Ryohei looked equally as confused as well.

“She forgot dance practice, didn’t she?” Hibari asked, making all eyes fall on him. Yamamoto, Ryohei and Kyoko looked shocked, clearly not having either expected it or remembered it.

“Oh yeah, she’s supposed to dance everyday with Mukuro this week, isn’t she?” Yamamoto asked, chuckling as he remembered. Gokudera looked at him in disbelief, sighing.

Meanwhile, Tsuna ran down the hallways, bursting into the assembly room to see Mukuro sitting on a chair, tapping his hand impatiently on the table. He looked up at her, a small glare on his face. Tsuna panted, leaning forward to grasp her knees as she tried to catch her breath.

“I-I’m sorry Mukuro… I have no excuses… I’m sorry…” Tsuna apologized, hearing Mukuro stand from his chair and walk up to her. Finally recovering enough, she stood up straight just in time for Mukuro to grab her wrist and lift her arm up into the air, almost pulling her off the ground. She let out a silent gasp, staring up at Mukuro in shock as his eyes locked onto hers.

“What were you thinking…? What if you don’t win?” Mukuro questioned, glaring sharply at her. Tsuna’s eyes widened in shock. How did he know about the challenge?

“H-How did you…?” Tsuna asked, seeing Mukuro’s red eye glow a little.

“I got worried when you didn’t show, and I overheard you, every word… Did you even think about the consequences of this!? What would Giotto say if he found out?!” Mukuro exclaimed, glaring at her. Tsuna could only blink in shock. She hadn’t thought much about the consequences when she’d made the deal, she’d only thought about protecting Kyoko. Lowering her eyes from Mukuro’s, she felt the weight of her situation falling upon her. She let out a sigh, feeling Mukuro lower her back to her feet, letting go of her wrist. Her wrist was stinging, but she just continued to stare blankly at the ground.

“I’m sorry… I wasn’t thinking… I just wanted to help Kyoko…” Tsuna apologized, seeing Mukuro’s expression soften. He let out a sigh, running his hand through his hair.

“What do you want me to do Tsunayoshi? Do you want me to inform Giotto and put Kyoko under protection?” Mukuro asked, his voice calming down. Tsuna remained silent for a few seconds before she shook her head.

“No, I want to stick to my word. I’ll settle this fairly… But can you be a substitute in case they don’t play fairly and someone gets injured?” Tsuna asked, looking up at Mukuro. Mukuro blinked, staring at her in shock before he sighed, nodding.

“Very well. But if I catch them cheating, I will punish them severely myself” Mukuro stated, smirking as Tsuna smiled. Now they were all set up for the match in an hour.

“We’ll have to cancel the lesson today and get ready for the match. Come on Mukuro” Tsuna said, her eyes now filled with new determination. She turned, jogging out the room and heading down the hall to where the others were waiting. Mukuro ran behind her, eyes narrowing upon seeing Hibari. Hibari was in the same boat, glaring dangerously at Mukuro.

“Come on guys… Can’t you at least put aside your differences for just one match?” Tsuna asked, looking between the two of them. They both turned their backs to each other, huffing. Sighing, Tsuna looked around. They were ready for the match now, so now all they had to do was head to the court and wait for their opponents. Walking down the hallway, Kyoko tagging along at her side, they exited the school building and headed to the court. Sitting on the bench, they waited patiently for 5pm and the thugs to arrive. Upon their arrival, the thugs stood at one end of the court and Tsuna, Gokudera, Hibari, Yamamoto and Ryohei stood at the other end of the court. The head thug walked to the centre as Tsuna did the same.

“Half an hour game, two five minute breaks. Team with the highest points wins” the head thug stated, holding out his hand as Tsuna nodded, taking his hand and giving it a firm shake.

“May the best team win” Tsuna stated, turning and walking back to her group. The head thug did the same. Kyoko walked up to the centre, basketball in hand. Yamamoto stepped up to the centre, awaiting the ball toss as one of the thugs stood on the other side. Kyoko gulped, ball in one hand, then tossed the ball into the air.

“Play ball!” she exclaimed, running off the court as the game began.
Hey everyone, it's been a while since i did a journal last! A lot has been happening since my last one. I'm still trying to finish off my year 12 externally and I'm writing more on that MakotoxReader story.

I'm doing a creative careers course every Wednesday and we do a different creative thing every week, for example, one week it'll be digital editing, the next it'll be spray painting. It's incredibly fun and I've gained a new friend that i've introduced to the group. She's been accepted well by all my friends so we all consider her part of the gang. The only shame is she lives a few towns over, about an hour drive away. So we don't get to visit very often.

I've gotten a new car as well cause my old one literally was on it's last legs. It's a beautiful burnt copper bronze Toyota Camry, 2001 model. I absolutely love it! The only shame about it is i've had it for two months, and it already needs to see a mechanic to see why it's leaking engine oil. Why do all the cars i get do this? I don't drive them excessively, or recklessly, and yet they always break! I have no luck with cars... or computers either... My computer has a neon green line through the screen, straight down, on the right hand side. I can't fix it. So i've just given up on it. It doesn't seem to be affecting the performance of the computer, so it's fine. I hope.

Oh, and another thing about the Creative Careers course is we'll be making a horror movie together! I'm really excited about it! Everybody wants to make like a slasher horror movie, meanwhile me, i want to make it similar to Corpse Party. I just think that'll be easier because we're setting it in the old high school that was used over 30 years ago. Seen as Corpse Party has school kids in it and we're all close to school age, or at least, we'll pass for it. We also have like no budget for it either, and we need permission from the council to use the High school in our movie as well. Another issue is that if we do get permission to go in as well as use the outside of the school, we'll need blueprints or maps of the school so we can plan where everything will be. I'm really iffy about all of this and trying to figure out how it will turn out, but i'm also really exited about it too.

But yeah, wow, this journal is pretty big! That's about all i have to say.
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