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(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
Chapter 14
Unexpected Reunion

“[First name]! Come with me for a moment, will you?” asked a boy, a bit older than you. He had pitch black hair that cropped around his face and narrow, lavender eyes. His skin was pale and he had a very attractive heart shaped face. You turned, flashing him a bright smile.

“Sure thing Kurai!” you responded cheerfully, tilting your head as you beamed him a smile. You began trotting, or rather skipping, after him happily as he led the way. Your long, waist length, brown hair floating lazily behind you. Kurai turned to flash you a smile as well, making your stomach flutter as your heart skipped a beat. You’d been going out with Kurai for a month now, and he’d made you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. He hadn’t tried to be imposing in any way, he’d made you laugh on every single date you’d gone on and he was always showering you in little gifts, whether it was a new pair of earrings, or a gentle squeeze of the hand. You really weren’t paying much attention at where Kurai was leading you, but when you finally stopped, you looked up to see a large house. You raised a brow.

“Kurai? Where are we?” you asked, seeing him turn to give you a small smile.

“We’re at my place. See, I wanted to introduce you to my parents” Kurai explained. Wait, what!? You hadn’t even had time to make yourself look pretty or anything!

“Kurai, isn’t this a little unexpected? I-I’m not even ready!” you asked, beginning to fiddle with your hair. Your hair wasn’t being very co-operative that day, and you were dreading his parents meeting you like this. Kurai just smiled, stepping forward and grabbing your hair gently, running his fingers through it.

“Your hair is beautiful [First name], you need not worry” Kurai reassured you, offering you his hand. You blinked, looking at it a very times before you accepted it. He gripped it gently, leading you into the magnificent house. It was really well maintained and looked even prettier on the inside. Kurai came from a wealthy family, so wealthy they could even afford a butler apparently. You blinked as you saw the strange man bow to you, reaching out for your school bag. You looked at Kurai for guidance.

“Yuugure, take our bags into the main room will you? [First name] and I will be in my room” Kurai explained, handing both your bag and his to the butler now known as Yuugure. Yuugure nodded, turning and walking to the main room. Kurai continued leading you into the house, beginning to lead you up the stairs that led to his room no doubt. Upon entry, your eyes widened. How could a room be that white and still be so clean? It was unfathomable. The amount of white was almost painful on the eyes. The only hints of colour were the flowers on the bedside desk and on the wall paintings. Kurai shut the door behind the two of you as you walked to the bed, sitting upon the edge.

“Your room is beautiful Kurai” you complimented, seeing him smile as he sat down alongside you.

“Why thank you [first name], but its beauty is nothing compared to yours” Kurai flirted. You felt your cheeks redden, looking down at your lap. You were suddenly really nervous. You were all alone with Kurai in his bedroom. You fidgeted with your hands, unable to sit still. A hand suddenly landed beside you on the bed. You jumped, turning to look at Kurai as you noticed he was leaning towards you.

“K-Kurai?” you stuttered, leaning back and away from him. This was too much, it was too soon. You weren’t ready. Kurai’s lavender eyes were narrowed in what looked like lust, or some other foreign emotion to you. He suddenly grabbed your shoulders, pushing you back on the bed harshly. You let out a small yelp as you hit the bed. You looked up at Kurai in shock and fright as he suddenly leaned down, beginning to kiss and suck at your neck. Your eyes widened as you began struggling, trying to push him off.

“Kurai! No, stop! I don’t like this!” you pleaded, grabbing his shoulders and trying to push him off you. This caused him to bite your neck harshly. You gasped as you let out a yelp, freezing in the pain. He’d just bitten you. Kurai, the man who had been so nice since the very beginning, had just bitten you! You began to struggle harder, attempting to hit him. You needed him off, right now! You felt him shift and took this as your chance. With all your strength, you gave him a strong shove and pushed him away. Jumping to sit up, you jumped off the bed and began to try and run for the door.


You fell to your knees, staring down at the floor as your cheek burnt and stung. Your eyes began stinging painfully as you tried to comprehend what had just happened. You’d just been slapped, really harshly. Looking up through your hair which was now in your eyes, you saw Kurai standing there, glaring down at you sinisterly. You gasped quietly. This was the real Kurai, the Kurai he kept hidden from everyone.

“You filthy bitch… You offer yourself to me and then toss me aside! Deciding to date me marks you as mine! You belong to me! You have no say in this! You are mine! You will always be mine! You can run, you can hide! But you will never escape me! Do you hear me [First name]!?” Kurai snapped, his eyes widened in madness. You gasped, jumping back as you saw him begin to laugh. Your heart was racing and you felt dizzy, but you managed to scramble to your feet and run for the door. Wrenching the door open, you ran down the stairs and saw Yuugure standing there already with your backpack. You took it off him as he nodded with an expressionless stare, before you ran out the house quickly. That was the last time you saw Kurai, until now.

Now Kurai was sitting in front of you, smirking at you. You were frozen to the spot in fear, realizing that what he’d said was true. You hadn’t been able to run, you hadn’t been able to hide either… Even cutting your hair hadn’t helped, he’d found you.

“Kurai… What do you want?” you managed to choke out. It felt like a huge stone was lodged into your throat. Kurai smirked, shrugging one shoulder as he stood, placing a hand on the table.

“Do you like life here? Is Iwatobi High School nice? Gotta ask though, how’s your mother doing?” Kurai asked, taunting you. You gasped, looking at him in disbelief.

“Wait… It couldn’t be… that you…!” you stuttered, seeing him throw his head back in laughter. It was maniacal, insane. He was too far gone, he was completely nuts. Suddenly he stopped and lowered his head, hiding his eyes with his hair.

“I told you, didn’t I? You belong to me, and no matter where you run, I will find you… And you even had the nerve to start going out with someone else? What was that guy’s name? Oh yeah, Makoto Tachibana, the eldest son of the Tachibana’s. Heard you also joined the swim club. You’ve got a nice little group of buddies, Haruka Nanase, Nagisa Hazuki, Rei Ryugazaki, Rin Matsuoka, and Gou Matsuoka, need I go on?” Kurai said, lifting his head to show his cold, lavender eyes. Your eyes widened as you heard each of your friends listed off. No, he didn’t have information about all of them, did he?

“And as for your previous question, your mother was getting too close. She was close to sniffing me out, the little bitch!” Kurai snarled, growling as you froze. All fear dissolved in a second as you realized your mother had actually been trying to figure everything out. She’d been investigating the vandalism on the town and had gotten too close, so Kurai had silenced her. All you felt was anger now. This bastard was going to pay, but your mother had given you a precious chance, one you had better not mess up.

“And now I’ll silence you! I’ll have you all to myself then! You won’t be able to run then!” Kurai cackled. You glared, shifting suddenly to get ready to run.

“Have fun trying to catch me then!” you challenged, seeing him look at you in confusion as you turned, bolting out the room. You heard him call out, even protest before several crashing sounds came from the room. Running down the stairs, you turned the corner and ran into another part of the abandoned construction site. It was pitch black in here and you couldn’t see anything. Stumbling through an area filled with poles, you stopped when you spotted a shovel laying on the ground. Smirking, you grabbed it. This would make a good weapon, a solid smack to the head would knock that bastard out. Picking up the shovel, you heard footsteps enter the room. Letting out a silent gasp, you turned and quickly hid behind a giant pole. The footsteps walked calmly through the room until you heard them beginning to approach you. You gripped the handle of the shovel tightly, trying to calm down your racing heart. This no longer seemed like a good idea anymore. When the footsteps got close enough, you let out a yell and turned, lifting the shovel over your head and smacking it down onto your victim’s.

“W-Wai…!” called out a voice as a loud ‘WHACK’ resounded through the room. You heard the person collapse to the ground before you gasped. That voice sounded familiar! Trembling, you dropped the shovel to the ground and knelt down by the person. They had black hair, just like Kurai, but when you gently flipped him over, you gasped in horror. It was Haruka! A trail of blood was running down his face from the whack you’d given him. Your body was shaking terribly as tears began welling in your eyes. You shook your head, pleading and begging.

“No… No! NO!!!” you screamed, tears beginning to fall down your face.

“[First name]!?” called out another familiar voice. You turned, seeing a male approach you, but this voice caused you no panic. Makoto reached you, puffing a little as he shone his flashlight at the two of you. You flinched from the brightness of it before you looked down at Haruka with teary eyes.

“I… I didn’t mean to… I thought…” you stuttered, whimpering as Makoto gasped in horror. He dropped the flashlight and ran to the other side of Haruka. Gently grabbing his shoulders, he began shaking him.

“Haru! Haru! Wake up! Please! Wake up!” Makoto pleaded, his own eyes welling with tears. You sniffled, burying your face in his shirt as you cried.

“Haru, wake up! I’m so sorry! I thought you were Kurai! Please forgive me! Please wake up!” you begged, whimpering as you clung to his shirt. A groan suddenly broke the silence of sobs and you jumped up quickly with a gasp. Haruka’s face was scrunched up in pain as he slowly opened one of his blue eyes.

“[First name]? Makoto?” Haruka wheezed out, looking at the two of you before letting out a groan and bringing to his hand to his head. Pulling it back, he gasped at the blood coating his hand.

“I’m sorry, I hit you with the shovel… I’m so sorry, I’m so, so sorry Haru…” you apologized, sounding like a broken record on repeat. Instead of getting angry though, he just smiled.

“It’s okay… Let’s just get out of here…” Haruka stated, beginning to push himself up off the ground. Both you and Makoto gasped in unison as you grabbed his shoulders, supporting him.

“You shouldn’t get up Haru!” Makoto scolded, his eyes wide in worry.

“But we need to get out of here… He’s still on the loose…” Haruka reasoned just as a crashing sound from the other side of the room made you all gasp, turning to look at it. Oh no. Kurai had found you. And Haruka was hurt now. There was no way to run.

“Gotta admit, I didn’t expect you to be so violent [First name]” teased Kurai as he emerged from the shadows. You frowned, seeing him stand there and laugh.

“Makoto… call the cops…” you whispered, seeing him turn to you and gasp as you dove forward, grabbing the shovel again and stood, standing in front of the two of them protectively.

“[First name]…” Haruka whispered, before groaning in pain again.

“No! You can’t! It’s too dangerous!” Makoto yelled out, making you turn to smile at him.

“You’ve protected me since I got here… Now it’s my turn to protect you! Both of you!” you stated, turning back to Kurai with a glare. Gripping the handle tightly, you leaned down before running straight at him.

“You won’t hurt me!” Kurai stated, smirking as you swung the shovel back, swinging it forward again and smacking Kurai against the side of the head. His eyes widened at the contact as he was sent straight to the ground. He connected with it and made a terrible crunching sound. You panted, stepping back as you watched Kurai lay on the ground in a mess. Sighing, you relaxed your shoulders. Suddenly there was a grip on your ankle and you looked down, seeing him glaring up at you.

“You belong to me! How dare you hit me!” Kurai snapped, pulling your leg out from under you as you let out a gasp. Your head connected with the ground harshly and you laid on the ground for several seconds, trying to process what had happened. Kurai began pulling himself up to his feet and stood over you. Grabbing the front of your shirt, he lifted you up to your feet with a snarl before throwing you back against a pole. You let out a yell of pain as you hit the metal pole, leaving a small dent as you collapsed to the ground.

“[First name]!” both Makoto and Haruka yelled out, eyes wide in fear at the sudden fight. You heard footsteps approach you and you looked up weakly, seeing the wicked look on his face.


Your eyes widened as you felt a sharp piercing sensation in your gut. You coughed, feeling the wind leave you as you let out a cry, curling up into a ball as you tried to protect your gut from being kicked again. Kurai let out a cackle of laughter. One whack, then another, they came in unison and all you could feel was an insane, burning feeling in your gut. You laid still, waiting for the next one but all you heard was a loud bang of something metal. Then there was a crashing sound next to you. Looking up weakly, you saw Makoto standing there, holding the shovel in his hands as he panted. His eyes were wide in what looked like fear and anger.

“Ma…koto…” you wheezed, seeing him gasp, dropping the shovel and kneeling beside you. Lifting you to sit up, you threw your head back in pain. Makoto held you still for a moment before pulling you to his chest, cradling you tightly. You lay still like that for several minutes as the sound of sirens were heard in the distance.

“[First name]… You don’t have to blame yourself for what happened… I don’t blame you, and I’ve already forgiven you” Haruka stated, making you open your eyes to see him kneeling beside Makoto, smiling gently at you. You felt like a huge weight had been lifted off your chest and you couldn’t help but smile back at him. Closing your eyes again, you felt several wet droplets fall down your cheeks as the sirens grew louder. But you could relax now, you were finally safe.
Chapter 13
Meeting Again

It’d been a week after your mother’s funeral. The police still had your father detained at the police station, constantly questioning him. You’d visited a few times with Makoto, even sometimes with Hiyori and Ryouta. Hiyori gave your father updates on how you were doing, and even gave him some baked goods the two of you had made, just to boost his morale a little. But tomorrow, after how long you’d been away from school, you were going back. You were kind of excited to go back to school, especially with how much Makoto had been telling you about fun stuff you were missing. You missed swimming at the swim club, you missed sitting in class and listening to Miss Amakata’s rants and old sayings. But today, Hiyori and Ryouta were out at another Neighborhood Watch meeting and Makoto was at school. You were alone, taking care of the twins who had a student free day.

“Big Sister! Come outside and play in the sprinkler with us!” Ran exclaimed, running to you as you sat on the couch, watching your favourite soap opera. You pouted at the screen being blocked, attempting to see over the top of Ran’s head. She bobbed her head up, blocking the screen more.

“You brat!” you stated, grabbing Ran and pulling her to sit on your lap so you could see the TV. She let out a squeal, giggling as she sat on your lap content. Ren ran into the room, having heard the squeal.

“No fair! I want to sit on Big Sister’s lap too!” he exclaimed, jumping on the couch next to you and jumping onto your back. Your breath left you in a big huff as you avoided smacking your chin on Ran’s head, giggling a little as Ren grinned at you.

“You’re both brats! We’ll go out and play with the sprinkler once my show’s done. It’s got a few minutes left” you said, seeing them smile and grin at each other. Damn incarnations of Satan. A smile worked its way on your face regardless. You just couldn’t be mad at these two brats. Those few minutes passed quickly and upon seeing the credits rolling, the twins jumped up, grabbing both of your hands and dragged you outside. Both of them were already dressed in their bathers, which you found hysterical. Exiting the house and entering the backyard, you smiled as you saw Ren run to the tap, turning it frantically. The sprinkler sprung to life, sending shoots of water everywhere. You let out a shriek at the cold water, laughing as the twins began running through the water, squealing at how cold the water was. You stepped away from the water, giggling as the two of them ran around, looking happy and content.

“Big Sister! Come join us!” Ran called out, standing in the middle of the sprinkler’s aim, running quickly on the spot as the cold water hit her. You smiled.

“I have to get my bathers first. I’ll be back in a minute, you kids keep playing” you stated, seeing the twins nod as you walked back inside. Stopping in the lounge room first, you turned the TV off, before making sure the front door was locked. Walking up the steps to the bedroom, you opened the door to Makoto’s room, which was also your room as well now, and began searching through your bags for your swimsuit. Finding your one piece swim suit, you changed quickly. Jogging down the steps, you exited the house, seeing the twins still running around in the cold water. You braced yourself before running into the water, grabbing Ran from behind and lifting her off her feet. She squealed in surprise, laughing as she looked up at you. Ren laughed at seeing his sister getting drenched. The cold water on your skin was freezing, making you shiver as you let Ran go. She ran from you, turning and laughing.

“Me too!” Ren called out, running to you. You smiled, picking him up and beginning to spin around under the sprinkler. He squealed as well, giggling and laughing. Placing him back on his feet, he turned to flash you a big grin. You couldn’t help but smile as well. It was so nice to see the twins like this, smiling and laughing, compared to back at the funeral. This was so much nicer to look at.

“Me next! Me next!” Ran exclaimed. She didn’t get very far though before something was suddenly thrown into the backyard. The twins looked at it before glancing at you. You stepped forward, issuing for them to stay far away from it.

“Stay there… I’ll go look at what it is…” you stated, stepping forward cautiously. Your eyes widened as you suddenly realized it was a very badly tortured dead animal. Some kind of rat or rodent creature. You stepped back, turning and grabbing the twins, leading them back inside quickly.

“Sorry kids… play time outside is over…” you said calmly, gently pushing them inside. This was the first bit of vandalism that had happened to the Tachibanas, was it because you were here? The twins looked confused as they looked at you, seeing the panicked expression on your face.

“Big Sister? Are you okay?” Ran asked, looking at you curiously. Ren nodded his head, urging you to spill the beans. You sighed shakily before smiling at them.

“I’m okay… Come on, let’s get dressed” you reassured them, seeing them grin at each other. They turned, taking off in a sprint up the stairs. Turning to look at the back door, you stepped forward and locked it, ensuring no one could enter.

“Big Sister!” called out a chorus of voices from upstairs, whining for you to hurry up and get up there. Smiling, you walked up to join them.


“Big Brother should be home from school soon. Do you two want to go get something from the convenience store across the road?” you asked, seeing them grin at each other. They nodded brightly, jumping off the couch and running to the door. You walked after them, seeing them scramble to put their shoes on.

“Now, here’s a thousand yen, that’s five hundred yen each… Make sure to split it evenly and be good” you stated, handing Ran the thousand yen note. Ran and Ren’s eyes lit up brightly, before they ripped the door open and ran out quickly. You giggled, watching them run off. Smiling, you walked back to the couch, sitting down. In a matter of minutes though, there was a sudden crashing sound in the kitchen. Jumping to your feet, you ran there quickly and gasped. A brick was sitting there with a note attached to it. Picking up the note, a photo slipped out. Your eyes widened as you gasped, freezing in shock and fear. The photo was a picture of Ren, Ran and Makoto. You opened the note, freezing upon its words.

‘[First name], Come to the abandoned construction site alone. Unless you want the twins hurt. You have twenty minutes.’

You didn’t even think, you dropped the note and took off out the door. You didn’t even realize you’d left the door open, nor did you even stop to think if this was a trap. You ran as if your life depended on it, running all the way to the abandoned construction site.


Makoto yawned, having had a hard day at school as he returned home. Approaching the door, he stopped, raising a brow in confusion. Stepping to the door, he looked around, seeing the scattered shoes at the door. Walking in, he looked around.

“[First name]? Ren? Ran? Where are you all?” Makoto asked, stepping into the kitchen. His eyes widened as he froze to the spot, seeing the brick and note on the ground. The shattered glass around the kitchen also made his heart begin racing. Stepping to the note, he picked it up, gasping at the photo under it. Reading the note, he stood there, in stunned silence before he dropped it, running to the door and about the leave the front yard.

“Big Brother?” asked a small voice. Makoto froze, seeing Ren and Ran standing at the gate, looking at him weirdly.

“Ren? Ran? Oh thank god…” Makoto whispered, walking to them and falling to his knees, hugging them to his chest tightly. The twins stood there, confused and lost.

“Big Brother? Is something wrong?” Ran asked, pulling Makoto away from her. Ren looked between the two of them. Makoto smiled gently at them, patting them both on the head.

“Ren, Ran… I need you two to go back inside and lock the front door. Stay there until Mum and Dad get back… I need to go somewhere…” Makoto stated. The twins looked at each other in confusion, but they complied. Walking into the house, Makoto watched before turning and taking off in a sprint.


Entering the abandoned construction site, you looked around nervously. Stepping cautiously, you avoided anything that would cause noise as you looked around. Despite the fact that it was abandoned, it was well maintained and there were lights on in one of the offices upstairs. You gulped, walking to the stairs and began walking up slowly, step by step. Approaching the last step, you began to have second thoughts. No, this person had Ren and Ran! You had to! Grabbing the door handle, you turned it, pushing it open. Stepping into the room, you saw a desk and a spinning office chair. It was turned so you couldn’t see the person upon it. Frowning, you stepped further forward.

“I knew you’d come” stated a male voice. You raised a brow. Why did this voice sound so familiar? Stepping further forward, you gave them a harsh glare.

“Release the twins” you demanded. You clenched your hands into tight fists to hide the violent shaking in your body. The male chuckled. That sounded really familiar… Wait… It couldn’t be…!

“I don’t have them [First name], it was all a trick” taunted the voice as the chair turned around and you gasped loudly. You froze to the spot instantly, your eyes open wide and your mouth hanging agape. Everything in your mind just shut down as he smirked, his laughter filling the entire room.
Chapter 12

You barely slept that night. As soon as the sun rose, you rose from the futon that had been laid out for you in Makoto’s room. Makoto was asleep like a baby, snoring quietly as he slept on his side, curled up. Your eyes stung a little from the lack of sleep, but you rose to your feet, walking to the mirror and began brushing your hair. Today was the day, the day you’d say goodbye to your mother. It’d been difficult to cope with her death, but Makoto had been helping you through it, and then your father had been taken as well and you’d ended up living with the Tachibanas. Hiyori and Ryouta had been incredibly kind, and Ren and Ran had been very understanding, trying to take your mind off things. Looking at your reflection in the mirror, you noticed the lines and dark shadows under your eyes. Looking at the two suitcases sitting on the floor, you knelt down and opened them, looking for your black dress. If you were attending your mother’s funeral, you had to be dressed appropriately. Standing once you found it, you exited the room and headed to the bathroom.

Once you were dressed and ready, you exited the bathroom to see Ren and Ran standing there, looking up at you. Both of them were wide awake, having gotten plenty of sleep, but they were looking up at you with the biggest, saddest eyes in the world. They could honestly put a puppy to shame. Smiling gently, you knelt down in front of them.

“Ren, Ran, what’s wrong?” you asked, seeing Ren sniffle a little, tears forming in the corners of his eyes.

“Mummy and Daddy said that today we’re going to the graveyard… They said we’re attending a few-ner-all…” Ran said, attempting to say the word funeral. You couldn’t blame her, it probably wasn’t a word she heard very often. Ren was still tearing up, trying not to sob.

“Daddy said that your Mummy was gone… And that we’re going to say goodbye to her today… I couldn’t imagine my Mummy gone!” Ren exclaimed, bursting into wailing sobs. You smiled gently, shuffling forward and wrapping him up into your arms, cradling him as he gripped onto you tightly. Ran was looking at you sadly, watching her brother continue to wail and sob. The door to the bedroom opened and you looked up, seeing Makoto looking down at all three of you sadly.

“Sorry Makoto… Did we wake you?” you asked, seeing a small smile form on his face as he shook his head, kneeling down and placing his hands on Ran’s shoulders.

“Ren? It’s okay. Our Mummy is still here, she’s just down the stairs. We need to be strong for [first name]’s sake, okay?” Makoto reassured, seeing Ren look up at him, nodding quietly. He still clung to you though. Standing up, he clung to the skirt of your dress, refusing to let go. Ran looked up at you.

“Big Sister, can you help me get dressed? I want to look pretty at the few-ner-all!” Ran asked, grabbing the skirt of your dress and gently tugging. Ren looked up, strangely silent as he continued to cling to you.

“Alright. Ren? Do you want to stay with Makoto, or would you like to stay with me?” you asked, seeing him nod and cling to you more. You gently petted his head in your hand, before allowing Ran to drag you to their bedroom. Sitting down on the bed, Ren sat beside you, still clinging to you in his silence. Ran rushed to you, holding two dresses in her hands.

“Which one should I wear Big Sister? The red one or this blue one?” Ran asked excitedly before she suddenly quietened down, looking down at the ground in thought. She then looked up calmly.

“Which one would your Mummy like more?” she asked, making your eyes widen in shock. For an eleven year old, she was a very considerate young lady. Smiling gently, you pointed at the blue dress.

“She’d love that one, it’d remind her of Dad’s eyes… She wore a blue dress just like that on their wedding day” you stated, seeing the huge grin appear on Ran’s face. Turning, you smiled down at Ren.

“Ren? Would you like to pick something out to wear?” you asked, seeing him turn and nod silently. His hand was still gripping the skirt of your dress tightly. He stood and walked to the dresser, picking up a dressy pair of shorts, a shirt and a vest. Walking back to you, he gently pushed the clothing into your hands. Smiling gently, you began undoing his pajamas, getting him dressed. After securing the vest on tightly, you adjusted the small bow tie around his neck. He gave you a weak smile before Ran appeared, jumping excitedly around you.

“Me next! Help me get dressed next!” she exclaimed, smiling happily. You giggled, turning your head as you began helping her get dressed in her pretty blue dress. Makoto stood at the doorway, wearing his nice black suit. It wasn’t an actual tuxedo, but it was a fancy dress suit. He wore a small smile on his face as he watched you dress Ran, seeing Ren look at him quietly.

“Big Brother? Are Mummy and Daddy ready?” Ren asked, finally speaking up after his big crying session. Makoto smiled, looking out over his shoulder behind him.

“They’re ready. We’re just waiting on you and Ran now. We all need to get our shoes on and then we can go” Makoto replied, stepping to Ren and petting his head. Ren looked around, looking like a lost little puppy.

Once everyone was dressed, you all exited the house and began walking to the graveyard. Ran held your hand in hers, Makoto holding her other hand, and Ren was clinging to your skirt again. You had your spare around wrapped around Ren’s shoulders, holding him to you as you walked. Hiyori and Ryouta Tachibana walked along behind the four of you. Ren really wasn’t taking this very well. Ran was a little more mature and could handle it, but this appeared to be really difficult for poor little Ren. Approaching the graveyard, you saw several figures already there. Gou, Rin, Haruka, Nagisa and Rei were already there. All of them turned, giving you both a weak smile.

“Hey everyone…” Makoto greeted, lifting his hand and waving to them. Ran waved at them excitedly, letting go of both your hands and running to Haruka.

“Haru! Haru!” Ran chanted, grabbing his hand and giggling happily as he tugged at his arm, jumping around excitedly. Haruka managed a small smile, letting her pull his arm around.

“Wow, Haru-chan’s popular!” Nagisa exclaimed, watching Ran shower Haruka in affection. All eyes turned to you and Ren and you felt Ren’s grip on you tighten more. Looking down at him, you gave him a gentle smile, petting his head. He seemed to relax at this.

“Ren doesn’t look very well” Haruka stated, looking at Ren worriedly. Hiyori smiled sadly, approaching the two of you.

“Ren’s just never been very good at dealing with loss… We just have to be gentle with him” she reassured everyone.

“I see… Ren? Would you like to go get a soda?” Gou asked, kneeling in front of you so she was eye level with Ren. Ren looked up at you, as if asking if it was okay. You smiled, seeing a small smile form on his face. He reached out a hand, grabbing Gou’s hand and let her lead him out the graveyard and to the vending machine nearby. You smiled, watching them leave, before turning to look at everyone.

“This is it… The priest will be here soon to begin the ceremony. Are you ready [first name]?” Rin asked, giving you a sympathetic, serious expression. You nodded, giving him a reassuring smile.

“I’ll be alright…” you stated, beaming a smile. Everyone looked at each other, before looking back at you. They could tell, they could see, just how hard you were trying not to break. You’d lost your mother, had your father taken by the police, and now you were burying your mother alone. There’s no way you were alright, and they knew it.

“[first name], it’s alright… You don’t need to act strong in front of us…” Rei stated, seeing your defences immediately cave. Your shoulders began trembling as your eyes stung and watered. You blinked rapidly, looking down as your hands clenched into fists. Your breathing became unstable as the tears poured down your cheeks, small sobs erupting from you. Makoto gave you a sad look, stepping to you and wrapping an arm around your shoulder comfortingly. Ran had been holding strong as well before she suddenly burst into tears, sobbing loudly. Everyone looked at her, seeing her wail loudly.

“Big sister!” she wailed, running to you and burying her face in your skirt. She wrapped her arms around your waist, wailing and sobbing.

“Ran, it’s okay…” Ryouta tried to soothe, stepping forward.

“No it’s not! Big sister’s crying! It’s not okay if someone’s crying!” Ran exclaimed, making him freeze at her outburst. He gave a sad look, retreating back to Hiyori as he realized she was right. You wrapped your arms around Ran, gently running your fingers through her hair.

“Ran… The priest’s here… We need to quiet now for the ceremony” Makoto stated gently, giving her hand a gentle pat as she looked up, seeing the priest arrive, smiling sadly. Gou and Ren came back, still holding hands as they approached the graveyard. During the ceremony, you had both Ren and Ran clinging to your skirt, sniffing and whimpering quietly as you put a hand on both of their heads. During the ceremony, people gradually came out, one by one, from the town and watched the funeral. You were glad a lot of people were showing their support. You watched the machine slowly lower the coffin down into the ground, knowing that your mother’s body was in there. You could feel the stinging of tears, but you held them back, knowing it would set Ren and Ran off again. You watched sadly, remembering all the times you’d had with your mother.

(six years old)
“Mummy?” you asked, wandering around the house, looking for your mother. Your father was busy working, and your mother had suggested playing hide and seek to pass the time. It was your turn to seek. You approached the door to the study, reached up and grasped the door handle in your hand, giving it a twist. The door opened and you peered inside.

“Mummy? Are you in here?” you asked, stepping inside and looking around again. You heard a bump from inside the cupboard, making you jump and let out a small squeak. Reaching for the handles, the doors suddenly burst open and you found yourself being lifted up into the air by familiar, slender hands and blue nails. You saw a wavy, flying mess of dark blonde hair and green eyes, identical to your own. Laughter filled the room as you giggled, being hoisted up into the air above a familiar, smiling face.

“Found you Mummy!” you exclaimed, seeing her giggle as she pulled you down to her chest, wrapping her arms around you in a hug. You clung to her, burying your face in her shoulder, nuzzling into her hair. Her hair was a familiar scent you always found comforting, so you nuzzled into it for a long time.

“You silly goose” she cooed, running her fingers through your long, dark brown hair. You remained like that for a while.
(End Flashback)

You watched the coffin be laid still, being snapped back to reality. The priest finished saying his final words and you were called up to the front. Ren and Ran reluctantly let you go, letting you walk up to the front. When you got there, you turned to face everyone. Inhaling, you steadied yourself.

“Everyone… I’d like to thank you all for coming. About a week ago, my mother, Julia [last name], was murdered, here in Iwatobi. During that time, a lot has happened, both good and bad… But today, we say goodbye to a brave, kind hearted woman, and mother, and wife, who will be missed dearly. Julia was known best, for her loyalty, her willingness to continue a task till its completion and her motherly and protective nature. I have no doubt that my mother… died bravely, fighting to protect either herself or a loved one. Today, we may be saying goodbye… but we will always remember her in our hearts…” you declared, feeling the tears fall down your face as you announced this to the large crowd of people that had arrived. Ren and Ran were bawling now, clinging to Hiyori and Ryouta. You turned, facing the coffin and knelt down.

“Goodbye Mother…” you said softly, announcing the end of the funeral.
Chapter 11

The next few days were difficult. You rarely left the bed, but Makoto stayed with you the entire time. The others had come during different times to check up on you, and you were grateful for it. But you just didn’t have the energy to get up or do anything, you barely had the energy to eat. Makoto was helping you with everything. He got you food, he’d plead with those big puppy dog eyes of yours for you to eat something, and when you finally gave in and forced food into your stomach, he’d comfort you when you burst into tears. Your mother was dead and your father was depressed. He’d at least become more friendly and concerned, but he was still distant, as if holding himself back. You’d asked Makoto about it, but he’d explained that he was feeling guilty for what he’d done to you, and didn’t want to make it worse by being too friendly, too quickly.

Now you sat on the couch, Makoto next to you, snuggled up to his arm. Your eyes were red and puffy from crying and they stung. A box of tissues sat on the table at the ready. You were watching a comedy on the TV, but you both didn’t react to the funny parts. Makoto was wearing a blank, almost sad expression as he ran his fingers through your hair gently, comforting you. He looked like he had something on his mind, but he didn’t speak it.

A knock on the door caught your attention as you both lifted your heads and turned to look at it. Makoto let you go, standing up slowly.

“I’ll get it” Makoto responded, walking to the door as you stood and walked slowly after him. Was it more of the gang? When the door opened, you blinked in shock to see two little kids at the door, and standing behind them was a familiar man and woman.

“Big brother! Big sister!” called out the twins as Ren launched himself around Makoto’s waist as Ran skipped to you, giving you a gentle hug. You looked down at her, smiling gently before placing a hand on her head, gently patting it. She looked up at you and giggled.

“Mum, Dad, what’re you both doing here?” Makoto asked, genuinely curious about their arrival. His mum wore her brightest smile as she lifted up a basket she had in her hands.

“I brought some goodies… May we come in Mako?” she replied, seeing Makoto turn to look at you. You nodded, seeing him step aside as both his mum and dad walked in. His father walked up to you, gently placing a hand on your shoulder.

“It’ll be okay, stay strong. We’ll always be here for you [first name], consider our home, your home” he stated, making a weak smile form on your face.

“Thank you sir…” you replied, bowing your head slightly. His mother placed the basket down on the table before the twins let go of the both of you, rushing to the table. As Mrs. Tachibana began pulling out the small cakes, the twins began pointing at them excitedly.

“I helped Mum make this one!” Ran exclaimed, pointing at a small pink cupcake. When she pulled out a second blue cupcake, Ren pointed at it.

“I decorated that one! I got a little carried away with the icing though…” Ren stated, chuckling nervously. You couldn’t help but giggle at their childish innocence. Walking to the two of them, you placed a hand on either of their shoulders, smiling gently.

“Thank you, they’re beautiful” you thanked, giving them both a kiss on the cheek. Their smiles grew to double their size. Mr. Tachibana smiled, watching the scene fondly as he stood beside Makoto.

“You really like them!?” the twins exclaimed, looking up at you with bright smiles. You smiled, nodding. Two sets of arms wrapped around your waist tightly, making you smile down at them. Patting their head gently, you heard footsteps approaching from the bedroom. Turning, you saw your father enter the room. He still looked really worse for wear, but he wasn’t grumpy anymore, he seemed sad instead.

“Guests?” he asked, approaching. Mr. Tachibana walked to him, offering a hand.

“Ryouta Tachibana. I’m Makoto’s father. This is my wife Hiyori Tachibana. These are the twins, Ren and Ran. Hope you don’t mind the intrusion” Mr. Tachibana introduced, seeing your father accept his hand, giving it a good shake.

“Damion. Pleasure’s all mine. Your son’s been a god sent gift. He’s been helpful in every way possible, you should be very proud” your father stated, pulling his hand back as you turned to see Makoto’s face was flushed very red. Hiyori giggled to herself, watching Makoto’s reaction. Ryouta turned to look at Makoto, smiling.

“We are. Your daughter is also a very charming young lady. We’re very excited to have her join the family” Ryouta stated, and this time it was your turn to flush red. Your ears felt like they were burning. Hiyori walked to you, gently placing a hand on your shoulder. Turning to look at her, she wore a warm smile, similar to Makoto’s. Damion rubbed the back of his head, chuckling a little.

“I’m assuming these two little rat bags are the twins? Ren and Ran, right? I saw you two when Makoto walked [first name] home. How’s it going you little rascals?” your father asked, leaning forward with a teasing smirk. The twins smiled brightly, running to stand in front of him.

“Bet you can’t figure out which of us is older!” Ran challenged, giggling happily. You smiled, watching them chat before turning your attention to Makoto. Ryouta walked to Hiyori, watching as you stepped to Makoto. Makoto gave you his warm smile, wrapping an arm over your shoulder as you snuggled to him, resting the back of your head into his shoulder and collarbone. The house had felt empty since your mother’s passing, and the funeral was tomorrow. The coroners had done their autopsy and discovered all the evidence they needed, and said that she could be buried soon. Your father had jumped at the chance, wanting to get her down and in peace as soon as possible. Now it was just the two of you, trying to survive in this cruel world.

“I’m terribly sorry for your loss Damion… If words could fix everything, they’d be sacred. All I can offer you is my support and condolences…” Hiyori apologized, her expression sad as Ryouta put an arm over her shoulders comfortingly.

“Life’s hard without Julia… She usually took care of the housework while I looked after the bills… Now that she’s gone, I’ve had to have [first name] teach me how to clean… But nothing will replace Julia…” Damion stated, giving them both a sad smile. You looked down at the ground, your bangs hiding your face.

“We started this journey with three… It will never be finished when there are just two left…” you whispered, seeing all heads turn to look at you. You could feel Makoto’s gaze upon you as his arm moved from on your shoulders to your waist as he hugged you tightly from behind. Nuzzling his chin on your shoulder, he gave you a comforting squeeze. You couldn’t help but smile gently, holding his arms in your own.

However your peaceful silence was then shattered as someone began knocking on the door harshly. Turning, you looked at the door, walking towards it and opening it. A police officer stood at the door, a frown on his face.

“Is Damion [last name] home?” he asked, making your eyes widened as you stepped aside to let the officer in. A second police officer stood beside him, looking just as angry. Your father walked to them.

“Yes, what is this all about?” he asked, and you swore you saw a flash of something in the police officer’s eyes.

“Damion [last name], you’re under arrest for the murder of Julia [last name]. You have the right to remain silent, anything you do or say can be used against you in a court of law. You are entitled to a lawyer, if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you” the officer stated as he grabbed his hand cuffs from his belt and grabbed your father’s arm, pulling it behind him harshly. You gasped, your eyes widening as you watched the officer pull your dad’s other arm and handcuffed them together, then began leading him out the house. Everyone was standing there, frozen in shock and horror.

“What the heck’s going on!? I didn’t kill Julia! I would never kill her! She was my wife!” your father shouted, being dragged outside the house. You gasped, realizing that your last parental figure was leaving you.

“Dad!!” you screamed, trying to run to him before Makoto suddenly grabbed you in his arms, stopping you from escaping or hurting yourself or someone nearby. Your father turned to look at you over his shoulder.

“I didn’t kill her, please keep remembering that [first name]. Stay strong, I will be out soon when they realize they’re wrong! Makoto! Please look after her! She’s my baby girl, she’s all I have left! Swear to me!” your father shouted as he was dragged to the awaiting cop car outside. Makoto nodded, holding you tightly in his arms.

“I swear. I will look after her with my life!” Makoto yelled back, seeing the relief show on your father’s face. And in a matter of seconds, your father was shoved into a police car and they drove away. Everything seemed to stop as you stood there, watching the car disappear into the distance, your body shaking violently. Your eyes stung, tears wanted to flow out, but you had none left.

“Dad!!” you shouted again, making Makoto bury your face in his chest as he held you tightly, running his fingers through your hair. Hiyori looked at Ryouta in shock, as the twins glanced at each other in confusion. Sobs broke through your body as you clung to him, shaking and sobbing loudly. Just when things had begun to get better, you were now parentless. Ryouta stepped forward, kneeling down so he was in your line of vision.

“[First name], would you like to come live with us for a bit? We’d love to have you with us” Ryouta offered. You blinked, before looking up at Makoto. Makoto smiled, nodding his head in approval. You looked at Hiyori, seeing her nod with her biggest, warmest smile. The twins were looking very happy amongst themselves. Looking back down at Ryouta, he held up a hand in offering to you. You lifted your hand, shakily placing it in Ryouta’s. Ryouta smiled, standing and gave it a gentle shake.

“Makoto, help her pack, will you? She’ll be with us for a bit, but if we forget anything, we can just come get it” Ryouta stated, seeing Makoto nod.

“Alright, come on [first name], let’s get your stuff ready” Makoto urged, gently leading you to your bedroom.


Upon arrival at the Tachibana residence, you entered the familiar house, a small smile on your face from the warm atmosphere. Ryouta and Hiyori helped Makoto carry your bags up to his room as the twins pulled you into the lounge room. Sitting down, they sat on either side of you and began to chat about, well, anything in general. They could spend half an hour talking about the sky if they could. You smiled, listening to the intent chatter as you stared ahead at the blank TV screen. Every time you looked in the mirror, you had a constant reminder of your mother, and it saddened you. Your eyes were the exact same as your mother’s, but you couldn’t go and gouge your eyes out or anything.

“[First name]?” Makoto asked, snapping your attention away from the TV. Turning to look at him, he smiled gently. He was standing nearby the couch, watching the twins chatter happily while claiming either side of you. You really appreciated the fact that the twins were so good at cheering you up, and they weren’t even trying.

“[First name]? May I have a hand in the kitchen?” Hiyori called out, making your head snap up instantly. Plucking yourself away from the twins, you jogged into the kitchen and saw Hiyori in an apron and had a bowl, eggs, flour, sugar, butter and choc chips laid out on the table.

“Whenever I’m upset, baking something sweet always cheers me up. Would you like to help me bake some cookies?” Hiyori offered, seeing the smile on your face light up. Following Hiyori’s gentle instructions, you prepared the mixture and made the cookies correctly. Placing the tray gently in the oven, you turned to look at Hiyori as she smiled at you, setting the timer on. Now all you had to do was wait.

“I’m terribly sorry about everything that’s happened honey… But just know that you’re not alone, okay?” Hiyori apologized, placing a hand on your shoulder and giving it a gentle squeeze. You smiled sadly, nodding at her.

“I know… Thanks…” you replied, continuing to chatter for a little until the timer went off. Placing on the gloves, you pulled the cookies out the oven and placed them onto the rack to cool. The next words would seal your fate.

“Cookies! Come get ‘em while they’re hot!” you called out, feeling impending doom fall upon you as a chorus of footsteps raced into the kitchen.
Hang On! Hold me! Makoto x Reader - Chapter 11
NEW CHAPTER!! I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as you've been enjoying the story. It means a lot to me when people tell me they really like this series, and it just keeps encouraging me to write more. I couldn't be any more thankful for all the support you guys are giving me, it's like, the best thing ever! HUGS ALL ROUND!!! FREE HUGS!!!

This should be the lucky last piece of angst for a while, so look forward to cute or exciting things soon, no more sad, besides the funeral. I can't make that bit not sad...

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Chapter 10
Family Time

(Makoto’s P.O.V)
The inside of the house was an honest mess. [first name] had to live in this house? As we entered, I noticed the vase that lay on the ground, shattered into a thousand pieces. [first name] worked so hard on that, to try and get them to realize their relationship could be fixed, but it was all for naught. Mr [last name] placed [first name] on the bed in her room, putting the sheet and blanket over her as I watched worriedly. [first name] was looking pale, her cheeks were bright red and she looked like she was in pain. I stepped around the other side of the bed, gently holding her hand in my own. She felt cold to the touch so I kept her hand tightly in my own. Her father looked at me with a small glare, but he didn’t voice anything about it.

“So, when did this happen?” he suddenly asked, making me look up at him.

“It technically happened the last day of the trip. I finally confessed to her and she said she was willing to give being in a relationship with me a try. We’re going nice and slow cause she seems to be scared of something…” I answered, seeing him look down.

“We weren’t exactly the best example of a shining relationship, were we? I don’t blame her for being scared to enter a relationship, she was probably scared she’d end up like Julia and me,” he stated, looking down guiltily. I couldn’t help but feel sympathetic for him.

“Julia… She was [first name]’s mother, correct? That’s a very pretty name, I’m sorry for your loss,” I apologized, seeing him sit down on the chair nearby. He looked sadly at the photo on [first name]’s desk by her bed. It had all three of them in it, obviously taken during happier times. Julia was hugging [first name] from behind and her father was standing behind them, a hand on Julia’s shoulder as he grinned at the camera proudly. I suddenly paused and looked at the photo properly as I realized something was off about the picture. That’s when I realized, [first name] had really long hair in the picture, but she looked not much younger than she was now.

“I honestly thought Julia had just gotten fed up with me and left, dumping [first name] solely on me to try and get me to ‘shape up’, I never thought she’d been killed… I know our marriage has been in shambles for a while now, but I still cared for her. I was waiting on that couch for her to return, with that smug grin on her face, and begin taunting me that I wasn’t fit to look after [first name] on my own. I’m beginning to think she’s right… Look what I did to her… Look what I did to my baby girl…” her father stated, gripping his hair tightly in one hand by his forehead, his voice breaking near the end.

“I never wanted any of this to happen… to Julia… or to [first name]… Julia, I’m so sorry… If I could take it back, or redo it all, I’d do it again in a heartbeat…” he apologized to no one in particular, tears beginning to fall down his face. I felt my face soften as I realized I could no longer be angry at him.

“Sir… If you don’t mind my asking, why was your marriage falling apart?” I asked after pulling up every ounce of my courage. Mr [last name] looked at me, having let go of his hair. He gave me a weird look suddenly.

“Sir? That makes me sound like an old man… I guess you can call me Damion, seen as you’re together with [first name]. You seem like a nice lad, though that’ll have to be decided a bit later on… I’m watching you boy… But as for your question, no, I don’t mind… I’ll tell you, it’s the least I can do…” Damion stated, smirking a little before his smile fell. He glanced down at [first name], smiling sadly.

“This all started before we even moved here… Heck, it even started before [first name] was even born… [first name] doesn’t know this, but she had an older sister… Our first born daughter, Rosaline, was born very sick. Julia and I did all we could, but she passed away after she was five months old… Julia and I kind of blamed each other for Rosaline’s death, despite the fact that it was no one’s fault. Just as we had a huge argument and I was getting ready to grab the divorce papers, Julia suddenly found out she was pregnant again… with [first name],” Damion explained, shuffling his chair forward to look at [first name].

“So [first name] was the reason you stayed together with Julia?” I asked curiously, seeing him nod.

“Yeah, I stayed because Julia was pregnant… a lousy excuse huh? To stay because I was granted a second chance to be a father again? Anyway, [first name] was born and she was also very sick. I can’t remember the name of what she had, but it made her immune system very weak and she was slowly getting weaker and weaker. Julia and I began panicking, thinking we were going to lose another daughter. Luckily we found out she could be saved by a blood transfusion of the same blood type. I matched her blood type and we managed to save her. But she’s still sick though, she’ll never be rid of this sickness. It makes her body weaker than most, that’s why I was hesitant to let her join the swim club. She has low stamina and over exertion can cause her to become ill like this, same with stress,” Damion explained. I gasped as I realized I’d seen what he meant. That was why she was having trouble swimming and didn’t seem to be getting stronger, even after all that training. Her body couldn’t physically handle it.

“But that doesn’t answer your question, does it lad? Sorry, I trailed a bit off topic there… Work’s become hectic, and Julia begun hanging out with friends after work so I felt like she was dumping everything on me. I know that’s no excuse, but I began blaming [first name] for it. I began wishing she was an adult so I wouldn’t have to look after her anymore, then I’d be able to go out as well…” Damion stated, sighing sadly, looking ashamed. I gave him a serious look.

“Mr Damion, you may not have noticed it, but [first name]’s already almost an adult… she’s seventeen, she can take care of herself. I’m not saying she’s no longer dependent on you, because she will be until she’s eighteen at least, but she can look after herself while you go out and see some of your friends, she’s not a child anymore,” I stated, seeing him look at me. He looked stunned for a second, before he began smiling.

“Yeah, you’re right… Thanks lad…” he said, giving me a gentle smile.

“Makoto… my name’s Makoto Tachibana, not lad,” I stated, playing the same card he’d played on me. He smirked, chuckling a little.

“Tachibana… You’re Mr and Mrs Tachibana’s son? They run the neighborhood watch, right?” Damion asked, seeing me nod in response.

“If you’re their son, then I know [first name] will be alright. Please, when I’m not around, can you look after [first name]? I don’t want her getting sick again… This time seems to be alright, she’s already beginning to recover by the looks of it. I just need to go get her medicine and she should be fine in a few days…” Damion asked, standing from his seat. I looked up at him, having been kneeling by [first name]’s bedside. I nodded.

“I swear I’ll look after her. I won’t let anyone hurt her,” I swore, seeing him smile. He turned and left the room, leaving me alone with [first name]. It looked like her father had cleaned up his act, but I still couldn’t completely forgive him yet. I sighed sadly, seeing that only a little of the red on her cheeks was gone. I reached my spare hand up and brushed some hair from her face, gently running the back of my fingers down her cheek. Her cheeks felt like they were on fire, burning my skin.

“I wonder why you cut your hair…” I wondered aloud, hearing Damion suddenly clear his throat. I turned, looking at him as he entered the room with some medicine. He placed it on the bedside table, then returned back to his seat.

“You want to know why she cut her hair? To be honest, Julia and I didn’t know why either… One minute we were all happy, then the next we heard her crying in her room. We went in to see what was going on and found her sitting on the bed, a knife in her hand and locks of her hair all over the bed. She was cutting the final chunk of her hair by the time we arrived. She never told us why she did it, but it was one of the reasons we moved, not just because of my work relocating,” Damion stated, sighing sadly. I blinked in shock, looking down at her sleeping form. What had caused her to do such a thing? What had happened at her old school? She really was such a mystery. Running my hand down her cheek, Damion seemed to be looking at us now.

“You really do care about her, don’t you?” he asked, having been observing my actions. I felt my cheeks flush a little before I turned to look at him with a stern expression.

“I do… I really do care about [first name]. I’d protect her with my life if the need arose,” I explained, seeing all hints of his hesitation and worry disappear. He relaxed, looking up with a smile before he stood, placing his hands in his pockets.

“I’m gonna hit the sack… Want a futon pulled out for you tonight?” Damion asked, his voice still hoarse from all the shouting and crying he’d done earlier. I nodded, seeing the smile remain as he walked off. Looking back down at [first name], I placed a hand on her forehead and smiled, leaning down and kissing her cheek gently. She seemed to be sleeping peacefully now, or at least better than she was earlier. Stepping back, I saw Damion return with a futon, blanket and pillow. He began setting them down nearby the bed.

“Oh, one more thing Makoto. Don’t tell [first name] about Rosaline please? I don’t want to add to her shock and stress,” Damion asked. I looked up at him, feeling hesitant to accept. [first name] had a right to know, was it really my secret to keep? But Damion was right though, [first name] couldn’t handle any more stress or shock at the moment. I nodded silently. Damion sighed in relief, standing back and walking to the door.

“Thanks Makoto. I’ll be in my room, I’m counting on you to look after my baby girl for me, okay?” Damion stated. I nodded again, seeing him smile gently and leave. A smile suited him better than a frown, that was for sure. Slipping into the futon, I glanced up at the clock to look at the time, before placing my head on the pillow. We’d all had a rough day and deserved a bit of rest. I closed my eyes, allowing darkness to consume me.


‘Thank you for looking after my baby sister. But I fear your job is only just beginning. I’m sorry for the burden that will befall you, but the tragedy has only just begun. Be ready for anything, the worst is yet to come’

Who was that? That voice that sounded of light, soft, silver bells. It was so melodic, so beautiful to listen to. Who did it belong to? I wanted to see. Show me, please. I want to see who you are. Turning in the darkness of my sleep, I saw a bright, brilliant light. Shielding my eyes, I snuck a look and saw long, elegant blonde locks of hair, dancing around in the non-existent breeze and blue eyes that would make anyone envious. The light calmed down and I finally got to see the owner of the voice properly. It was a woman, with incredibly long, knee length, straight blonde hair, the most beautiful blue eyes and the same face shape as [first name]’s. She wore a long, pure white dress. The softest of smiles was on her face while her eyes were filled with pain.

</i>‘Makoto, I beg of you, look after my baby sister. You won’t be alone though, I’ll be right by your sides to protect you. Your biggest trial is yet to come’</i>

“Rosaline? Are you Rosaline? [first name]’s older sister?” I asked, seeing her smile and nod, before she began to glow brilliantly again. I let out a sound of shock as I covered my eyes again, but not before I felt a presence flow through me. I gasped, feeling my consciousness shift again and I was transported into another dream.
Hey everyone, it's been a while since i did a journal last! A lot has been happening since my last one. I'm still trying to finish off my year 12 externally and I'm writing more on that MakotoxReader story.

I'm doing a creative careers course every Wednesday and we do a different creative thing every week, for example, one week it'll be digital editing, the next it'll be spray painting. It's incredibly fun and I've gained a new friend that i've introduced to the group. She's been accepted well by all my friends so we all consider her part of the gang. The only shame is she lives a few towns over, about an hour drive away. So we don't get to visit very often.

I've gotten a new car as well cause my old one literally was on it's last legs. It's a beautiful burnt copper bronze Toyota Camry, 2001 model. I absolutely love it! The only shame about it is i've had it for two months, and it already needs to see a mechanic to see why it's leaking engine oil. Why do all the cars i get do this? I don't drive them excessively, or recklessly, and yet they always break! I have no luck with cars... or computers either... My computer has a neon green line through the screen, straight down, on the right hand side. I can't fix it. So i've just given up on it. It doesn't seem to be affecting the performance of the computer, so it's fine. I hope.

Oh, and another thing about the Creative Careers course is we'll be making a horror movie together! I'm really excited about it! Everybody wants to make like a slasher horror movie, meanwhile me, i want to make it similar to Corpse Party. I just think that'll be easier because we're setting it in the old high school that was used over 30 years ago. Seen as Corpse Party has school kids in it and we're all close to school age, or at least, we'll pass for it. We also have like no budget for it either, and we need permission from the council to use the High school in our movie as well. Another issue is that if we do get permission to go in as well as use the outside of the school, we'll need blueprints or maps of the school so we can plan where everything will be. I'm really iffy about all of this and trying to figure out how it will turn out, but i'm also really exited about it too.

But yeah, wow, this journal is pretty big! That's about all i have to say.
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Hey everyone, not much to say here, except i'm 20, love anime and writing for it, and one day i hope to become an author or a manga artist. The second one's a bit unlikely, but i'll certainly give it my all!

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animepikachu Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the watch!! ^_^ Your stories are awesome!!
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aww, thank you. Your stories are amazing as well! :D
animepikachu Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you!! TTwTT
FMAKHR102 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
you're welcome! I look forward to reading more of your stories too! :D
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Thanks for the fav! ^^
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not a problem! I like your artwork!
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