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“Sei, do you have the 15th off this week?” you asked, sitting on your lounge chair as you worked on your cross stitch. It was a hobby you’d just taken up, due to the lack of anything to do in the Akashi household. The maids did a lot of the work, the butler attended to your every need, and you soon discovered that after a while, you had nothing to do. Seijirou, who you’d been calling Sei for years now, had recommended you take up a hobby like painting, needlework or perhaps knitting. After doing a little research, you figured you’d try some cross stitching. It was fun and you were glad you’d chosen it. Right now you were working on a picture of a mother lion and her baby cub sleeping. It was a big picture so it was taking a while to do.

Seijirou looked up from his paperwork on his own chair which sat beside yours, glancing up at you. He frowned, putting the papers down and began trying to look for his schedule. You giggled to yourself, seeing the papers scatter as he searched.

“Is this what you’re looking for?” you asked, grabbing a small book in plain sight and handing it to him. He flushed pink in embarrassment, chuckling lightly.

“Thanks, without you I’d be a mess” he replied, taking the book and began looking through it.

“Why do I need the 15th off?” Seijirou questioned curiously, raising a brow in thought. You sighed, rolling your eyes with an unamused smile.

“Honestly Sei… you’re that swarmed with work you forgot? Well, for one, your son has a basketball match that day, then your daughter has a ballet recital she’s performing that night. You need to attend, they’ll be sad if you’re not there. Their grandpa’s going, and my parents are attending as well, it won’t be the same without you” you stated, seeing his eyes widen before he smiled down at his schedule.

“I’m completely free on the 15th” he stated, grabbing a pen and circling everything on that day on his schedule, issuing he was going to get it rescheduled. You smiled lovingly at him, seeing him smile back before leaning forward to kiss your forehead.

{Time Skip}

You all sat in the stands, cheering on Takeru. Takeru was your son who was in the Teiko Middle School basketball team. His skills currently rivalled Seijirou’s back when he was that age, which obviously Seijirou and Masaomi were incredibly proud of. You made sure to keep the two of them in line though whenever they focused more on the victory rather than having fun. You didn’t need Takeru getting stressed and ending up being a repeat of what happened to Seijirou.

The final goal signaled the end of the match as you stood from the stands, jumping and cheering for Takeru. Seijirou’s eyes widened, looking at you in shock even though this was a repeat of every time Takeru played. Honestly, he shouldn’t be shocked by now, but you seemed to surprise him every time.

“Yay! Onii-chan! He won!!” squealed a little girl who jumped alongside you, a bright smile coating her face. You stopped jumping, turning to her and kneeling, linking your fingers with hers as you smiled brightly.

“Takeru was awesome, wasn’t he Yuki?” you asked, seeing your daughter Yuki, who was in her second year of elementary school nod, a bright warm smile on her face.

“Onii-chan is so cool! Just like Daddy and Grandpa!” Yuki cheered, earning embarrassed faces from both Seijirou and Masaomi. You smiled at the two of them, seeing that now that Masaomi had calmed down and come back down to earth, he and Seijirou were a lot alike. Takeru seemed to be following in their footsteps, with a cool disposition and attitude most girls would love. Though they were all really easy to embarrass once you got to know them. Yuki wasn’t like any of you, she was more like your own mother. You’d heard stories from your mother that when she was a child, she was the definition of a chatter box, bright and bubbly, pretty, and had boys asking her out all the time. Yuki was incredibly popular in school and a few boys had written nice little notes in her locker recently.

After walking down to the meeting rooms, Takeru exited the change room with a small smile on his face.

“Hello Mum, Dad, Grandpa, Pop, Nan” Takeru greeted before feeling something cling to his leg. He looked down to see Yuki pouting, so he grinned before scooping her up into his arms, giving her a cuddle.

“Did you watch me today Yuki-chan? That last goal I scored was for you” Takeru stated, making Yuki’s smile become almost as bright as the sun. You couldn’t help but smile, your two kids were just so adorable. Takeru was the perfect big brother to his little sister Yuki, and you couldn’t be any more proud of your children. Seijirou wrapped his arms around you from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Ready for your ballet performance princess?” Seijirou asked, smiling at Yuki who threw her arms up in a cheer. You giggled, resting your arms over Seijirou's.

You all now sat in the audience, watching the performance begin as Yuki played the lead role. She was a pretty fairy princess that saves the kingdom from an evil witch through her hope and courage. You sat between Seijirou and Takeru, watching happily as Seijirou squeezed your hand tightly.

“Our princess is so beautiful” Seijirou whispered, turning to look at you. You looked back at him, giggling as he leaned over and kissed your cheek.

“She must get that from you, my queen” Seijirou stated in a small smirk. You smiled, blushing a little.

“If that’s the case, then Takeru is a handsome prince who gets it from you, my king” you teased back, making Seijirou’s smirk grow more. He leaned in as you did, aiming for a kiss. You were mere inches from each other before Masaomi suddenly stood from his seat.

“Did you all see that!? That little girl playing the main role is my granddaughter!” Masaomi shouted, making you both tear away from each other, looking at him in shock. You hadn’t even noticed but the performance was over, and now everyone was looking at Masaomi as he made a spectacle of himself as he let everyone know that Yuki was his granddaughter.

“Grandpa, everyone’s looking! Sit down, please” begged Takeru as he stood and tried to make Masaomi sit down. You and Seijirou looked at each other before you both burst into light laughter. Takeru looked at the both of you in disbelief.

“Mum! Dad!” Takeru whined, his cheeks flushing from embarrassment at how his family was acting.
Akashi x (shy)Reader - Epilogue END
Here it is! The finale of the Akashi x Reader series I've been writing. I hope you all enjoyed that sappy ending! I'm thankful for those that hung with me during the ride, and to (DarkHikariDevil) who this is for, I hope you enjoy it when you finally get around to reading it.

Chapter 1 -…

Chapter 2 -…

Chapter 3 -…

Chapter 4 -…

Chapter 5 -…

Chapter 6 -…
Seeing Akashi’s eyes open to reveal two red irises and a kind smile on his face, you gasped, letting out a happy sob as you felt Akashi’s hand gently caress your cheek, wiping the tears away.

“I’m sorry (___), I’m back now” Akashi apologised, smiling as you felt a happy smile form on your own face.

“Hey, can someone please explain what’s going on?” asked a member of Akashi’s team, voicing his confusion. Akashi sat himself up a little, smiling at his teammate apologetically.

“My apologies Kotaru, Mibuchi, Nebuya, Chihiro… I’m alright, and I’ll explain it all later. We have a game to play after all” Akashi explained, smiling gently at his team mates. You couldn’t suppress your happiness any longer, tackling Akashi in a tight hug. Akashi froze, wondering what had tackled him tightly but let out a light chuckle as he wrapped his spare arm around you, holding you reassuringly as your trembles began to fade away.

“It’s alright (___), I’m here, I’m not going anywhere…” Akashi reassured you, pushing himself up so he was sitting, then began to gently run a hand through your hair. You sniffed, trying to hold back your tears.

“I’m so sorry… about everything that happened… I never wanted any of it to happen…” you apologised, whimpering a little. Akashi let out a light chuckle, a smile on his face as his team mates watched in confusion, unused to such a sight.

“(___), fear not, let’s put it behind us. Come now, we should be returning to the game” Akashi reassured, pulling you gently by your shoulders back, smiling. You smiled back down at him, hearing Kuroko step beside you. Looking up at him, you flashed him a bright, tear filled smile as he offered you a hand up. You grabbed his hand, feeling him pull you to your feet. Akashi stood up a second later, smiling at Kuroko kindly.

“Tetsuya, I leave (___) in your care for the match, take care of her for me” Akashi stated, earning a nod from Kuroko. Kagami stood behind you, chuckling to himself with a big grin plastered on his face.

“I promise Akashi-kun” Kuroko answered, smiling happily back at his friend. The coach approached Akashi, looking at him in concern.

“Are you alright to continue?” the coach asked. Akashi turned to look back at him, nodding.

“Yes, I apologise for the scene. I will explain everything after the match. But I am okay to continue. I look forward to finishing this match against Seirin” Akashi explained, bowing his head in apology to the coach. The coach and all his team mates looked shocked from seeing this behavior from Akashi.

“(___)!!!” yelled a voice from the crowd, making you turn to see Aomine, Kise, Midorima, Murasakibara and Satsuki all leaning against the railing and looking at you in a mixture of disbelief and happiness. Satsuki was waving madly with Kise, Murasakibara gave a small wave while Midorima pushed his glasses up his face, a small smile on his face. Aomine was grinning madly, the beginning of what looked like tears running down his cheeks. You smiled brightly, waving to the group as they chatted excitedly to each other. Riko walked up to you, smiling as she offered you her hand. Smiling, you took it and began to walk back to the Seirin bench.

In a matter of seconds, the second half of the match continued. You sat on the bench, watching happily as both teams began playing for the ball.

“GO SEIRIN! GO RAKUZAN! DO YOUR BEST!!” you shouted, cheering from the side lines. Riko giggled alongside you, knowing that you weren’t going to pick a side. You were practically on the edge of your seat, watching in suspense as the match continued until the final seconds. If Seirin didn’t manage this score then Rakuzan was going to win. You held your breath, seeing Kuroko about to make the final shot. Akashi jumped up, attempting to stop Kuroko’s shot.

“It’s over Kuroko!!” he shouted, glaring down as Kuroko smiled up at him.

“Not yet. I am a shadow” Kuroko stated, shooting the ball up and over Akashi. Kagami jumped up, catching the ball and shot it into the basket, performing an alley-oop. You gasped in shock, everyone else equally shocked as the buzzer sounded, Seirin’s score only one point ahead of Rakuzan.

“WE DID IT!!!” shouted all members of Seirin as Kuroko and Kagami, and everyone else, began cheering and screaming loudly, tears in their eyes. Riko and the others on the bench jumped up to their feet, running to the team as the group formed a large tackle hug, celebrating and cheering happily. You watched from your spot on the bench, seeing the defeated faces of the Rakuzan team members. Akashi had the beginning of what looked like tears forming in his eyes, clutching at the front of his shirt. You smiled sadly, standing from your spot and walking to him. You gently took his hand, placing it on your hand and gently placed your other hand over it, holding him as if he were a fine piece of China. Akashi looked up at you, looking puzzled as you smiled kindly at him.

“I know it’s painful now, but there’s always next time? The good thing about basketball, and anything really, is that no one stays at the top forever. The best at the game this year could be the first team knocked out next year, it always changes as the team practices and grows stronger” you stated, seeing him look shocked before a smile formed on his face. You nodded, knowing he was going to be okay now. Stepping aside, you let Akashi’s hand slip from yours. He walked forward, heading to Kuroko. Kuroko watched him, seeing Akashi hold out his hand for a handshake.

“Congratulations. This was your, no, your team’s win Kuroko” Akashi congratulated. Kuroko smiled back, taking his hand and giving it a firm shake.

“Right. I look forward to facing you again next year Akashi-kun” Kuroko replied, a warm smile on his face. You giggled happily, watching the sight.

“Hey, excuse me? But, can I ask how you know our captain?” asked an uncertain voice behind you. You turned, smiling at the blonde.

“Certainly. I’m (___) (___), I’m a childhood friend of Akashi’s. You’re a team mate of his right? You’re the one he called Kotaru, right?” you replied, seeing his eyes sparkle excitedly.

“You remembered me? I’m honored miss!” he exclaimed, almost looking like a dog with his tail wagging happily. You giggled, smiling as the other team members walked up to you.

“You’re a very pretty little thing, but you look sickly, are you alright?” asked an overly feminine boy with black hair who you learnt was called Mibuchi.

“T-Thank you… I probably look a bit sickly because I’ve actually been in a coma for three years recently. I was hit by a car and I only just woke up not long ago” you answered, seeing them look shocked.

“Was the driver charged?” asked the silver haired boy called Chihiro. You thought to yourself for a second.

“I haven’t heard anything about it. My guess is it was dealt with while I was asleep. They weren’t actually sure I was going to wake up for a while apparently” you replied, earning a laugh from the big black guy called Nebuya.

“At least you’re here now!” he exclaimed, swinging his arm, hitting you harshly on the arm, sending you flying a little. You didn’t feel the floor though, only feeling arms catch you and hold you steady. You glanced up to see Akashi looking at you worriedly.

“Are you alright? I know Nebuya can be a little uncontrollable…” he asked, glaring quickly up at Nebuya who flinched, looking apologetically at the ground. You giggled a little, standing on your own and letting Akashi talk to his teammates. You couldn’t help but feel overwhelming relief and happiness flow through you, watching Akashi talking with his teammates with a smile on his face. A genuine smile, not the false ‘emperor’ smile he’d been wearing at the beginning of the match. Turning to see Kuroko talking with his Seirin teammates, you smiled to yourself as you slinked off, exiting the court and heading over to meet up with the other generation of miracles. They must’ve wanted to catch up as well, so you wasted no time trying to get to the auditorium.

After you’d gone down a few hallways, you spotted someone out the corner of your vision. You froze to the spot, seeing him freeze equally to the spot, staring at you in shock and horror. Masaomi Akashi, staring at you in horror and as if he were holding back the urge to strike you.

“You…” he hissed, his shock fading as his expression turned into pure rage. You gasped, stepping back. To him, three years had passed, but for you, it felt like only a few months since you’d last seen him, so the fear was still fresh. He took a step towards you, making you turn on your heel and begin a mad dash for the auditorium. He couldn’t do anything in a crowd.

“Get back here!!” Masaomi shouted after you, running after you as quickly as he could. You hadn’t even spotted Akashi who’d come out looking for you. He spotted your figure running away as he saw his father run after you, freezing in shock.

“(___)!” he shouted, running after his father. He had to get to you before his father did!

Turning a corner and running up the stairs as quickly as you could, you burst into the auditorium and spotted the Generation of Miracles all chatting in the stands.

“Guys!” you shouted, catching Aomine’s attention first. He turned, spotting you running to them. He smiled, lifting a hand to wave before pausing at your expression. Seeing Masaomi hot on your heels, he gasped, standing to his feet.

“Oi! Murasakibara!” Aomine shouted, making Murasakibara look up sleepily. He turned, spotting the scene before standing, walking so he was standing directly in your path. You didn’t have time to stop, bumping into him, but he caught and supported you. Shifting you so you were now behind him, he glared down at Masaomi who had stopped in his tracks, but was glaring. Aomine took your shoulders from behind, looking down at you in concern.

“(___)! Are you alright?” Satsuki asked, rushing up to you in concern. You nodded shakily, exhausted from running.

“Ehh…? What’s Mr Aka-chin doing chasing (___)-chin? I won’t forgive you if you hurt her again…” Murasakibara asked, sending a sharp glare at Masaomi. He growled under his breath, unshaken by Murasakibara’s words.

“It would be wise if you left Mr Akashi… You wouldn’t want to face us all” Kise declared, stepping around the three of you and standing beside Murasakibara. Midorima stood from his seat, smirking as he adjusted his glasses on his face.

“I agree with Kise… For multiple reasons, including the one behind you…” Midorima stated, smirking as Masaomi raised a brow, turning before gasping to see Akashi standing behind him, a dark glare on his face.

“Seijirou… Is she the reason you lost today!? You’re an Akashi! You are not allowed to lose, otherwise you are unworthy of being an Akashi!” Masaomi declared but Akashi’s glare didn’t fade.

“Father… Are you the reason for what happened three years ago? Are you the reason she tried to leave? You’re the reason she ran out blindly and ended up getting hurt? You must’ve been thrilled the moment you heard of her condition, and that’s why you told me to forget about her! You told me she wasn’t going to ever wake up and that I should just move on with my life! Why father!?” Akashi shouted, his glare dissolving into an expression of hurt. Everyone watched in shock, this being one of the first times they’d ever seen such an expression on Akashi’s face. Masaomi glared, balling his hands into a fist.

“I did it for you! You are an Akashi! We are absolute! We only marry or socialize with only the very best! These misfits are only dragging you down!” Masaomi yelled, his expression one of pure rage. Akashi lowered his head, staring at the floor.

“Wasn’t Mother one of those misfits though?” Akashi asked. In a matter of seconds, before anyone had time to react, a loud smack was heard and Akashi’s face had been turned, a red mark on his cheek. You gasped, raising your hands to cover your mouth in shock. Akashi didn’t react though, he just raised his head to look up at Masaomi.

“I’m right, aren’t I? You couldn’t handle Mother’s passing, so as a form of grieving, you pretended she never existed. That might’ve worked just fine for you, but as a ten year old child in the fifth grade, that method of grieving doesn’t work! It only damages them! I ended up broken, my personality began to warp to cope with the pressure and pain. I finally found refuge in basketball, then (___) came back into my life. I felt like I could handle anything life threw at me then, but you just had to ruin that too, didn’t you? You took (___) from me, then slowly I began to lose basketball. I lost it and turned into someone completely different. I ended up hurting all those that I love, I even hurt (___) when she returned… But I’m back now, and I don’t intend to let anyone hurt (___) ever again!” Akashi declared, raising his head and glaring at Masaomi in determination. You watched in shock, hearing everything from his side of the story, tears forming in your eyes.

“Why…? Why is this one girl so important to you Seijirou? There are thousands of other people out there” Masaomi asked, his voice finally calm. Akashi closed his eyes, as if preparing himself, then looked up at his father with a gentle smile.

“Why…? Because I love her of course” Akashi stated, making you gasp and freeze to the spot. Masaomi gasped in shock as well as you heard the other Generation of Miracles gasp at the sudden declaration. Masaomi was the first to recover, his shoulders slacking.

“I see… It’s like when I was young, and I fell in love with your mother… I apologise Seijirou… I lost myself, and I never realized how much I was hurting you. I know words can’t fix the past, but I’ll leave you be. Come see me later and we can talk more” Masaomi apologised, bowing his head for the first time to Akashi. Akashi blinked in shock, silently gasping as he watched Masaomi turn to you, bowing in apology as well. He raised his head, turning and exiting the auditorium. You were still frozen in shock, unable to process what had just happened.

“(___)” Akashi stated, walking up to you and looking you in the eyes. You felt Aomine’s hands on your shoulders slacken as he backed off, dragging Satsuki back with him. She squirmed, trying to get away, but Aomine just laughed.

“Oi, (___), you better come hang with us after you’ve finished talking to Mr Bossy here, okay?” Aomine declared, laughing as he grabbed Satsuki. She squealed, yelling insults at him which earned laughter from the group as they left. You turned your attention back to Akashi, seeing the kind smile on his face.

“I know my declaration probably caught you off guard, so I don’t expect an answer straight away-…” Akashi began to say before you’d recovered from your shock. Tears began to fall down your face, making him stop mid-sentence. A huge smile formed on your face as you suddenly tackled him in a hug, wrapping your arms around his neck as you buried your face in his shoulder.

“Me too!” you replied, feeling him freeze before he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you in closer for a tight hug. He buried his face into your hair, one hand rising to gently stroke your long hair.

“(___)… Thank you… I swear I will make us happy…” Akashi vowed, earning a giggle from you. He paused, confused by your laughter.

“Silly Akashi… It not you that had to make us happy, it’s the both of us” you corrected him, smiling happily. You couldn’t see Akashi’s face, but you could tell a content smile had formed on his face as he snuggled his face into your hair.
Akashi x (shy)Reader - Chapter 6
Hey guys! We're officially near the end! It's just the epilogue left! I hope you've all enjoyed the series as much as I have, and I love reading comments from you guys. I'm sorry it took so long, it took an entire week for me to get internet at my university campus. But I'm back and I'm working on the epilogue as we speak! I don't know if Masaomi's changing was too sudden, but I feel like the moment the mother was mentioned that's when he finally stopped and thought about what he was doing. I know Masaomi was a major d*ck in the series, but I like to try and justify it that he's a protective father that only wants the best for his son, but ended up hurting him in the process of making sure he only got the best. I know that may not be how he was in the series, but I like to imagine the one in my story being like this. It totally doesn't justify what he did, and he was in the wrong, but it makes it a little harder to hate him thinking of it that way.

Anyway, I'm gonna stop babbling now.

Chapter 1 -…

Chapter 2 -…

Chapter 3 -…

Chapter 4 -…

Chapter 5 -…

Epilogue -…
Hey everyone!

That Makoto x Reader story I've been writing is on Hiatus for the moment. I'm focusing on this Akashi x Reader story first, then I'm gonna complete Parallel Worlds, then I'll resume the Makoto x Reader story. Or, depending on my moods, I might go to that story.

But aside from that, I'm moving in just a few days and will soon be attending University. I'm so excited about it, but also so scared. Like, shit scared. I couldn't be anymore scared.

So yeah, after a few days, my updates could speed up or slow down, I'm not quite sure which one yet.
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When you next opened your eyes, you were greeted by an unfamiliar ceiling. It was pure white, and it smelt like antibacterial cleaning agents. Looking around, you noticed beds in the room, a table beside your bed, several needles and IV drips in your arms. A heart monitor displayed your heartbeat in irritating constant beeping. No one was in the room, but on the table beside you were flowers that looked fresh. Sitting yourself up with some difficulty, you noticed the flowers were beautiful yarrows. You remembered reading with Kuroko that these flowers meant ‘good health’. Smiling gently, you looked down as you pondered what had happened. You remembered Masaomi Akashi threatening you and forcing you to cut ties with Akashi, telling him that and then running out the gym. You recalled seeing a car come speeding for you, hitting you, and then you recalled seeing Akashi fighting against Kise and Aomine as they desperately held him back. What had happened after that? You desperately needed someone to put the pieces together for you. Maybe a nurse would help? Reaching for the button, you pressed it and in a matter of seconds a doctor and several nurses burst into the room, looking absolutely flabbergasted.

“Y-You’re awake!?” the nurse exclaimed, looking shocked as the doctor rushed up to you, flashing a torch into your eyes. He began asking you all these weird questions about how you were feeling.

“I feel fine… Sir, may I ask what happened?” you asked, seeing him calm down and test you slowly now.

“Well, you’ve been asleep in a coma for quite a while. Three years to be exact” the doctor stated, making you gasp in shock.

“T-Three years!?” you yelled in disbelief, completely panicking. What on earth had happened during those three years? How was Akashi?! How was everyone else!?

“Please calm down… You might make yourself sick. You did only just wake up…” one of the nurses begged, gently petting your shoulder to try and calm you down. You relaxed, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly.

“You weren’t showing any signs of improving, we were beginning to give up hope. But your family was adamant about keeping you on the life support, same with a boy and girl who kept visiting you. They’d always come once every two weeks…” one of the nurses explained, making your eyes widen as you looked at her.

“A boy and a girl? Do you know anything about them?” you asked, desperate for any information you could scramble. The nurse looked puzzled before focusing in thought.

“Yeah, a girl with long pink hair, and a boy with blue hair…” she explained, gasping as you clung to her arm tightly. A girl with pink hair and a boy with blue hair? That must’ve been Kuroko and Satsuki!

“Please! Do you know anything about them?! I need to find them!” you pleaded, begging up at her. She frowned in thought before gasping in realization.

“Ah! The boy wore a Seirin High School uniform!” she exclaimed, earning a big smile from you. Seirin, so that was your first stop in your quest for information!

After your therapy, you were finally allowed outside. Your first stop was Seirin High School, you had to get the truth out of Kuroko! Running into the school grounds after school had ended and club activities had begun, you searched around desperately for the gym. Kuroko was most likely playing basketball, he had to be! Otherwise you had no idea where to look! Finally finding the gym, you opened the doors rather loudly, startling everyone in the gym as all eyes turned to look at you. Scanning the room, your eyes finally laid on a boy with blue hair and blue eyes. He looked like he’d seen a ghost, staring at you with a look of disbelief.

“Kuroko… I finally found you!” you stated, running up to him as everyone shifted to give you room. Stopping in front of him and crouching over, holding your knees as you struggled to catch your breath.

“(___)… Is that really you?” Kuroko whispered, making you look up at him with a sheepish smile.

“Yeah, it is. I’m just as shocked as you to be honest, finding out I was in a coma for three years… Are you okay?” you asked, finally realizing he was really, really pale.

“I’m sorry, I’m having trouble struggling to process this… Are you really here or is this just a figment of my imagination…?” Kuroko asked, his eyes blank.

“If she was a figment of your imagination, we wouldn’t be seeing her too you idiot!!” a red haired boy suddenly yelled, making you jump back in fright. You let out a squeak of fright, looking at him in fear. Before you had time to process anything though, a figure suddenly collided with you, hugging you tightly. You froze, blinking in shock before realizing Kuroko was hugging you tightly. He was shaking as well. Everyone in the gym seemed to be completely shocked, you included.

“K-Kuroko?” you asked, only feeling him tremble more.

“This is real… You’re really awake and here…” Kuroko mumbled to himself, pulling away and apologizing for having hugged you so suddenly.

“I-It’s fine! I know having me suddenly come back out of nowhere would shock anyone! But are you okay?” you asked, tilting your head curiously at him. Kuroko cleared his throat, looking away awkwardly.

“I’m fine… I’m sorry again for having hugged you so suddenly…” Kuroko apologised again, making you wave your hands in front of him.

“It’s fine! Really!” you stated, laughing. Kuroko formed a small smile on his face.

“I’m really glad you’re awake… I missed you, same with Momoi-san. Does she know you’re awake yet?” Kuroko asked, reaching for his phone.

“Hey, before that, I need to ask what happened during the time I was out. Is Akashi okay?” you asked, seeing Kuroko freeze, almost flinching. He put his phone back in his pocket, looking down sadly.

“Akashi? Red haired guy? He’s turned into a controlling asshole!” the red haired boy stated, making you blink up at him in shock.

“What!? Akashi!? No way! Never! He was always kind! Sure, he was strict, but he was never mean or an ‘asshole’ as you put it!” you exclaimed, balling your hands into fists. You wanted to smack this guy who was reminding you too much of Aomine.

“That was before though… (___), a lot changed after you were hit by that car… The Generation of Miracles, all their powers began to grow, and Akashi-kun was having trouble controlling them. He let Aomine-kun begin to skip practice as long they won matches, and Murasakibara-kun began to rebel. Akashi-kun was about to lose the match he was using to try and control Murasakibara-kun, added on with the stress of what happened with you, and Akashi-kun snapped. He suddenly changed, and became obsessed with victory and being absolute. I believe the real Akashi-kun is trapped somewhere in him, waiting to come out” Kuroko explained, making you stare at him in disbelief. Akashi had become a completely different person? You shook violently, trying to process everything before suddenly collapsing to your knees, the guilt hanging over you painfully. You brought your hands to your face, sobbing loudly into them.

“No! No! How did this happen!?” you sobbed, wiping at your eyes as more tears fell to replace them.

“Hey, Kuroko… What’s going on?” the red haired boy asked, looking down at you awkwardly. Kuroko looked up at him before kneeling in front of you, putting a hand on your head and gently petting your hair.

“This is (___), she was Akashi-kun’s childhood friend in kindy. They parted ways for elementary school and met up again at Teiko Middle School. She quickly became a close member of the group, befriending everyone. She looked after me a lot at Teiko back whenever I got sick, so I see her as a precious friend. Everyone does. But as the team began to break apart, (___) suddenly grew distant. She skipped school for a few weeks before suddenly coming and cutting all ties off with Akashi-kun. She ran out the gym and that’s when she got hit by the car” Kuroko explained, filling the boy in on the story, as with his team. You burst into loud sobs at the end of his story.

“I didn’t want to! I had no choice!” you exclaimed, wailing as Kuroko looked down at you in worry.

“What do you mean?” Kuroko asked, gently holding your shoulders. You looked up at him, tears falling down your cheeks.

“Masaomi Akashi! Akashi’s father! I stood up to him and told him he was turning all of you into robots with this pressure for absolute victory, he struck me! He threatened me and told me not to get in Akashi’s way! After I hid for a few weeks, I returned to school and he threatened me and my family, telling me to cut ties with Akashi completely and quit the team!” you explained, seeing Kuroko’s eyes widen in what looked like fury. His grip on your shoulders tightened, but not enough to hurt you. He shook, trying to control his anger.

“That asshole’s father is the cause of all this?!” the red haired boy exclaimed, growling angrily. Everyone in the room looked seriously pissed. Kuroko suddenly looked up at you, determination on his face.

“(___), we’re going to fix this. But I need your help, will you come along with us to the finals of the Winter Cup? We’re gonna try and talk to Akashi-kun” Kuroko stated, making you blink in shock. You nodded, frowning in determination.

So now you sat on the bench beside the female coach of Kuroko’s team, known as Aida Riko, watching the final match of the Winter Cup. It was Seirin versing Rakuzan, the high school Akashi had attended. The match was painful to watch, seeing Akashi completely disregard his team and play on his own, using his zone and new skill ‘emperor eye’ to bring multiple members of the Seirin team to their knees. The red head, known as Kagami, had been brought to his knees several times, but he was one of the only people that was able to keep up with Akashi somewhat. You pulled the hoodie you were wearing over your head more, hiding your eyes.

“I can’t watch anymore…” you whispered, seeing Riko turn to look at you.

“Come on! You can’t give up, not now! Akashi needs you, look at him!” Riko urged, making you peer up from under your hood. Kuroko had insisted you wear a hoodie to hide yourself, so you could reveal yourself during the midway break. Riko nodded her head, gently petting your back.

“Come on, I know you can do this” Riko reassured you, looking back out at the court. Gasping, you saw Kuroko activate his new ability called the ‘Quasi Emperor Eye’, allowing him to work with his team and eventually they began to defeat the ‘Emperor’ Akashi. The buzzer blared, signaling the midway break. Kuroko, Kagami, Hiyoshi, Hyuuga and Izuki all returned back to the bench, having a drink and rest. They were exhausted and covered in sweat, but seemed full of fighting spirit still. Kuroko finally stood, Kagami following as he walked to you, offering you his hand. You accepted, letting him pull you to your feet.

“It’s time (___). Let’s go get Akashi-kun back” Kuroko stated, beginning to lead the way to the Rakuzan bench. The coach was in the middle of a huge rant at the team but stopped when he looked at the three of you.

“What’re you three doing here?” he questioned, clearly pissed. The members of Rakuzan looked at you all, unimpressed.

“Sorry sir, we just need to have a word with Akashi-kun…” Kuroko stated, seeing him look down at Akashi who nodded. He stood, turning to face you all.

“This had better be good Tetsuya, you’re wasting the ten minute break” Akashi stated, frowning at you all. His eyes were so cold, one eye red, the other gold. You were beginning to have second thoughts. Would this work?

“I assure you, this is very important Akashi-kun. You see, someone recently came to me, and I think you should meet them” Kuroko began to explain, earning insults from everyone on the Rakuzan bench.

“You’re wasting the break for something mundane like this?” several of them complained. Akashi glared sharply, about to begin yelling at Kuroko for wasting time before you stepped forward.

“It’s me! I’ve finally come back, Akashi-onii-tan!” you stated, pulling the hood from your head and letting your hair fall down, hanging near your rear. Akashi froze instantly, his eyes wide in shock. You could hear several gasps from the audience.

“(___)cchi!!?” yelled a loud voice from the crowd, hearing several people running to the edge of the audience. You turned to see Aomine, Murasakibara, Midorima, Kise and Momoi all gathered at the edge, looking at you in shock. Turning to look back at Akashi, you saw he was still frozen in horror.

“It… It can’t be…” he muttered, stepping back. You took a step forward, looking at him pleadingly.

“Akashi… I never meant for any of this to happen! I’m so, so sorry!” you apologised, seeing his eyes turn sharp as he glared.

“You left…! You left me, after you said you’d always be there for me! You lied!” Akashi suddenly exclaimed, swinging his hands around into fists. His composure completely fell apart as he became furious, glaring dangerously. His words hurt, but you had to get through this.

“Hey, listen to her for a minute” Kagami stated, earning insults from Akashi.

“Shut up! I don’t have to listen to any of this!” Akashi yelled, swinging his fist dangerously close to your face as he flailed his arms about, but Kuroko managed to pull you back in time.

“Akashi! Please! Listen!” you pleaded, seeing Akashi’s eyes widen before he clutched at his forehead with his hands. He grunted in what sounded like pain. You had to do something! You put a hand on his shoulder gently, looking at him worriedly before his eyes snapped open, a crazed look on his face before his hand suddenly latched onto your throat, gripping it tightly. Everyone gasped in shock, unsure what to do.

“Don’t touch me! I don’t need any help from a liar!” Akashi exclaimed, glaring crazily at you as you winced, gagging and trying to pry his hand from your throat.

“(___)!” Kuroko yelled, shocked as he ran up to you, Kagami throwing his arm up, hitting the underside of Akashi’s arm. The force knocked his arm away from you, releasing you from his grip. Kuroko caught you, kneeling behind you and checking to make sure you were okay. Coughing a few times, you looked up at Akashi.

“Akashi! I never meant for any of this to happen! It was your father! He threatened me, he even hit me, and forced me to cut ties with you! I never wanted to!” you exclaimed, seeing his eyes widen. He looked at you in disbelief, frozen to the spot before suddenly grabbing his head and grunting in pain. You watched in shock as he suddenly threw his head back, letting out a yell of pain.

“Akashi!!” you screamed, seeing him suddenly go limp, collapsing to the ground. You gasped in horror, scrambling to your feet, crawling to him and kneeling beside him.

“Akashi! Akashi! Wake up! Please!!” you pleaded, grabbing his hand and looking down at his unconscious form on the ground.

“Sei-chan!” exclaimed a team mate of Akashi’s, all of them looking at the scene in confusion and shock.

“Hey! What’s going on?” asked another team mate.

“Akashi!” called another. Your eyes filled with tears, beginning to fall down your cheeks. The tears began to fall on him as you sniffed, pleading for him to wake up. After seeing his eyelids twitch, you gasped as his eyes opened, a soft smile on his face.

“(___)... Sorry for not believing in you… You can stop crying now” Akashi stated, lifting his hand and gently placing it against your cheek, wiping the tears away. You smiled gently, seeing a set of red eyes smiling up at you.
Akashi x (shy)Reader - Chapter 5
Should be one more chapter now, and a possible epilogue. What did you think? hehehe. Also, sorry if Akashi is really ooc, I did my best.

Chapter 1 -…
Chapter 2 -…
Chapter 3 -…
Chapter 4 -…
Chapter 6 -…
Epilogue -…
Things continued on as normal, but gradually you began to notice the team falling apart at the seams. Aomine was the first to begin changing. He began getting in arguments more, yelling at the people who weren’t as good as him, and he began to drift away from Kuroko who was his best friend. This continued until one time at the gym, you heard him begin yelling at some newbies and then stormed out the gym.

“Aomine…” you whispered, looking at the door he’d left out of. You were worried about him, and were about to go after him before you noticed the coach running out after him. Blinking in worry, you turned to look at Satsuki who looked just as worried.

“Dai-kun…” she mumbled, standing beside you to prevent herself from running after him. You put a hand on her shoulder, offering her a weak smile to try and reassure her. Things were falling apart in the basketball team. One by one, everyone seemed to gradually be pulling away, stretching the bonds of the team to the point they were about to shatter. Midorima and Murasakibara were arguing continuously like a married couple. It was almost as if Midorima was a knit picking mother who was secretly a clean freak, and Murasakibara was acting as if he didn’t care about personal hygiene, anyone’s comfort and was just continuously eating like a pig. You knew both were in the wrong, making it hard to choose a side. Luckily Kuroko had managed to break up a few of the fights, but they still continued.

Kise and Aomine still fought like there was no tomorrow. They reminded you of close brothers, and most of their fights got physical, but never enough to cause serious injury. Another member of the team, Haizaki Shogo, had made it clear it was now his personal goal to try and impress you. The moment he met you, he continuously showed off, trying to act like a ‘bad boy’ to try and woo you. Satsuki was keeping a close eye for whenever he approached you, so she could come along and try and protect you. This pissed Haizaki off, but the first time he tried to yell at Satsuki, the entire Generation of Miracles glared daggers at him and quickly shut him up. Now Haizaki kept trying to approach you during class transitions or after club activities so he could be alone with you. It was annoying, and he was rather scary, but you couldn’t exactly tell him to go away and never speak to you again. You both went to the same club after all.

But one of the final nails in the coffin that began to break apart the team was when Nijimura left the team, heading off to America as he assigned Akashi the new captain of the Teiko basketball team. His father began to attend some of the practices, ensuring that Akashi wasn’t slacking or going easy on the team. Team practices intensified to the point Kuroko was sick a few times. His body couldn’t physically keep up with the strain, so now you found yourself kneeling beside the bench and dabbing a cold wet cloth onto Kuroko’s head as he tried to relax. He was covered in sweat and was heaving. You had a bucket nearby in case he needed to be sick again, looking down at him in concern. You’d asked Akashi why you were the one assigned to look after Kuroko when he was ill, and he responded with the fact that he trusted you to take care of one of his most treasured friends. Satsuki was assigned the role of watching their development and making sure they were improving, so she couldn’t be distracted by Kuroko being ill.

“I’m sorry about all this…” Kuroko whispered, his voice hoarse from having been sick. You shook your head, smiling sadly as you removed the towel from his head and watched him open his eyes to look at you.

“It’s alright Kuroko… You can’t help it. This training went really intense, really quickly, and you just can’t handle it. I wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of training either” you reassured him, wetting the towel in the container of water and squeezed it out, putting it back on Kuroko’s head. He attempted to move, indicating he was going to try and return to practice, but you pushed him back down on the bench.

“No, you need to rest more. You’re still shaking like a leaf and you need to try and stomach some water and food first before you go and exercise more” you reprimanded him. He gave up immediately, falling back against the bench and going still. You assumed he’d passed out, smiling gently before grabbing another towel that was in the container of water, squeezing it out and began to wipe at the sweat on his arms and legs. He’d lost too much water and was really starting to get sick.

“Get him back out in practice already. He’s a starter and should be practicing like the others” demanded a voice behind you, making you turn to see Akashi’s father, Masaomi Akashi, glaring down at the two of you. He had been giving you disgusted looks ever since you first met him. You weren’t sure what you’d done to upset him, but you got the feeling he didn’t like you much.

“Sir, he can’t. He’s just too exhausted and he’s sick. He needs to rest. This training is too intense on his body, and he’s not that physically strong. His skill isn’t speed or strength, its misdirection. This sort of training doesn’t do any good, it just harms him” you told him, seeing him glare at you with such disgust you were frozen to the spot. He huffed to himself, walking off as he muttered about ‘useless nothings’. You trembled for a few seconds before letting out a loud sigh of relief, bracing yourself with your arms as you shook. Masaomi Akashi was terrifying, and you were scared shitless of him.

These sorts of conversations continued until the Teiko team had won their fifth game in a row. They’d thrashed the team by triple points, but no one was happy. This new motto of ‘winning is everything’ was just upsetting everyone. They couldn’t enjoy basketball like this, and it was turning them all into robots. You could see them becoming more and more bored with the sport, and they were becoming lifeless dolls under Masaomi Akashi’s fingers. It was terrible and painful to watch, as these people who were so passionate about a sport were slowly getting the light sucked out from their eyes. Finally, you couldn’t take anymore. After all the team had left after Masaomi gave them the usual ‘good job winning’ and ‘winning is everything’ speech, you stood your ground and approached him.

“Sir, this needs to stop” you stated, using all your courage not to try and stutter. He glared down at you, acting as if he were talking to some lowly insect.

“Huh? Excuse me? Did you just try and tell me what to do?” he questioned, still glaring sharply down at you. You felt your feet freeze, making you unable to move. You inhaled deeply, gathering all your courage.

“Yes, this needs to stop. You’re turning the team into robots. These boys are still kids, they need to have fun, experience defeat and loss so they can cope with it later in life. Life isn’t fair and they need to learn how to deal with everything life throws at them. You can’t win at everything, no matter how hard you may try. Life just doesn’t work like that, it’s unrealistic and unfair to force this on them” you reasoned, seeing fury flare on his face. You gasped, letting out a squeak as you stepped back, trembling in fright. He looked almost ready for murder.

“You... You know nothing about the Akashi family… We strive for success, and failure is not an option, especially for its heirs. Seijirou must learn this, and if the other boys want to be successful, they will do the same” he exclaimed, smacking his fist into the wall behind him. You squeaked again, backing up a step. This guy was so frightening you actually felt close to pissing yourself. But his words sparked new courage into you.

“That may have been the case for you, but you don’t need to put that kind of strain on your kid! On any of them for that matter! You have a chance to make things right, make amends, and you’re just repeating the same mistakes by thrusting them onto Akashi! You’re turning him into a robot, a puppet you control at will! He’s not even his own person! He needs to learn how to experience defeat so he can try and learn how to cope with it, and avoid it in future scenarios! No one’s perfect, yet you’re trying to force him to be perfect! You’re losing him sir!” you exclaimed, balling your hands into fists as you shouted at him. He glared darkly, his hands balling into fists as well.

“Where’s your proof girl?” he asked, his voice low and dark, dangerous. You frowned, looking up at him in determination.

“That you don’t even know your own son!” you answered, and in a matter of seconds you felt something sharp connect with your face. The room seemed to spin for a second, focusing on the view to your right. Your left cheek stung and your jaw hurt. Masaomi Akashi had just slapped you, and he was moving closer to you. You gasped, backing up before bumping into the lockers. He stood in front of you, practically pinning you to the lockers. His eyes glared down at you in a threatening way.

“You’ve been spending too much time around my son. You’re an eyesore, unneeded, and you keep distracting him. You are to distance yourself from him and never get in his way, do I make myself clear?” Masaomi ordered, making you nod on instinct. You were so terrified of him. If he slapped you, what else was he going to do if you disobeyed him again? He smirked in satisfaction, backing away and leaving the room. You were left on your own, standing against the locker as you tried to process what had happened. Slowly you fell against the locker until you sat on the ground. Bringing up your legs and hugging them, you slowly broke down into tears.

Days turned into weeks, the team continued to practice. Satsuki scribbled in her little notebook, looking up to see Akashi jog up to her, puffing as he wiped the sweat off his face with his shirt. He looked down at her worriedly as she returned the same look at him.

“I’m worried about (___), she hasn’t been to school at all these past few weeks. I’ve tried to get in contact with her, but she keeps telling me she’s got this really bad flu and doesn’t want to give it to any of us” Satsuki stated, seeing the concerned look on Akashi’s face. He frowned in thought before giving Satsuki a small smile.

“Let’s go visit her after practice. I’ll try and organize the rest of them and I’ll meet you out the front of the school after practice” Akashi stated, earning a smile from Satsuki as she nodded. Everyone had noticed your absence, and everyone was worried. However, only Akashi, Kuroko, Satsuki and Kise managed to leave as a group to head to your place. Everyone else had claimed that they were busy or couldn’t go. Satsuki walked alongside Kuroko, looking at him worriedly. Without you there, Masaomi Akashi had become stricter on Kuroko and was making him practice again straight after being sick. He was pale and shaky, but he was at least able to stand and walk properly. Kise sighed to himself, rubbing the back of his neck as they walked along the path, heading to your house.

“Man, this sucks…” he mumbled, grumbling to himself. Akashi remained silent, walking along the path before turning at the entrance to your front yard. Satsuki quickly ran up to the front door, pressing the doorbell as she stood there waiting for the others to arrive. By the time they arrived up at the front porch, you opened the door and gasped at seeing them all there.

“Satsuki… Kuroko… Kise… Akashi… What’re you guys doing here?” you asked, blinking in shock. Satsuki hugged you tightly, calling out your name as she rubbed her cheek against yours.

“We were worried about you. You haven’t been at school for about two weeks now…” Kuroko stated, looking like he was in a worse condition than you. Akashi’s eyes narrowed, studying you.

“Yeah, I was ill for the last week or two, but I appear to be over it, today was just to make sure. I’ll be at school tomorrow. Sorry for worrying you all” you apologised, plucking Satsuki off you as she looked at you in confusion. You bowed to them politely, speaking in even more of a monotone than Kuroko, and began to close the front door.

“H-Hey! We came to see you, why’re you closing the door on us!?” Kise exclaimed, shocked at the cold treatment. You stopped, looking up at them with almost lifeless eyes.

“Sorry, but my parents aren’t home. I’m not allowed to have visitors over unless they’re home…” you apologised, closing the door shut. Kise exclaimed loudly, pouting to himself as Kuroko looked at Akashi, just as confused.

“I don’t recall (___) ever mentioning a rule like that… She said her parents were always overjoyed when she had guests over and didn’t care if they were there or not…” Satsuki pondered, scratching her cheek in thought. Akashi’s eyes narrowed at her words, beginning to connect the pieces together.

“Come on, I’m beginning to think we’re not wanted here…” Akashi stated, turning to walk off the front porch. Kuroko and Kise began to follow but Satsuki called out to them from where she stood.

“You’re not thinking something like ‘she doesn’t want us over’ or ‘she’s been avoiding us’ are you?! (___) isn’t like that! She’s kind, she’s caring! She wouldn’t even defend herself from Haizaki! There’s no way (___) would ever think like that! Something must’ve happened to her! Maybe someone threatened her!? Or someone hurt her!” Satsuki exclaimed, balling her hands into fists. All three of the boys stared up at her, wide eyed. Satsuki was on the verge of tears, looking at them as if they’d offended her. Kuroko smiled kindly at her, walking up to her and putting a hand on her shoulder gently.

“Of course not Momoi-san… We’re all just worried about her. Right Kise-kun? Akashi-kun?” Kuroko reassured her, looking at the two boys as they nodded, looking away in shame for a bit. Satsuki nodded, clinging to Kuroko’s arm as they walked off, leaving your front yard and walking away. You’d been listening at the door, hearing Satsuki’s words as they stabbed you in the heart. You brought your hands up to your face, beginning to sob and bawl into them. Masaomi’s words circled through your head, each word stabbing your heart more and more each time. You couldn’t do it, you couldn’t face them, not like this.

So the next day, after washing your face several times and giving yourself several pep talks, you walked to the gym after school. You were late and everyone else was already inside practicing. Before you made it to the entrance to the gym, a man stood there waiting for you. You froze, recognizing Masaomi Akashi as he glared at you. He began to move away from the wall, walking up to you and stopped beside you.

“I’ve made a decision. You are to quit the club and remove yourself from Seijirou’s life. Do I make myself clear?” he ordered, making you gasp and look up at him disbelief. What!? He was forcing you to disappear from Akashi’s life?! You’d promised Akashi you would always be there for him!

“N-No…!” you stuttered, your fear making your stutter return. He glared sharply at you, grabbing your wrist and pulling it up painfully so you were forced to face him.

“Do you understand the situation here?! Refusing me is pretty much asking to be dead to the world! I will make sure you can never get any job ever, your parents will lose their jobs and you will be financially unstable for the rest of your life! Now, what is your answer?” he threatened, making you gulp in fear, wincing as he gripped your wrist harshly.

“O-Ow! I… I understand!” you yelled, feeling him let go as you held your wrist, rubbing it gently. He gave you an expectant look, making you hide your head as you slowly walked to the doors, entering the gym as everyone immediately stopped what they were doing, looking at you. You looked around the room, spotting Akashi before looking back down at the ground and began walking up to him.

“(___), you’re finally back to practice” Kuroko stated happily, but his smile faded when he spotted the misery on your face. Finally approaching Akashi, you stopped in front of him. Your hands shook as you swallowed, trying to avoid stuttering.

“I… I-I quit… I don’t want to b-be on the team anymore… A-And I’m sorry A-Akashi, but w-we can’t be together a-anymore… I-I’m sorry I h-have to break my promise… B-But I’m l-leaving… Y-You will never see me a-again…” you stuttered, your voice breaking in several spots as you fought back sobs. Akashi’s eyes widened considerably, everyone in the room in shock.

“W-Wait, (___)chi, what’s that supposed to mean?!” Kise called out, completely shocked.

“(___)! You can’t just quit like this on us! Was it something we did!?” Satsuki called out, tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

“(___)… What caused this…?” Kuroko questioned, more spooked and shocked rather than hurt. Akashi’s eyes showed so much pain, and it was killing you inside.

“(___)… why?” Akashi whispered, making you finally break. You shook violently as the tears began to fall from your face. Masaomi’s threats repeated themselves in a vicious cycle through your head, reminding you that you had no choice.

“W-We just can’t! I-I’m so sorry!!” you yelled, balling your hands into fists as you practically screamed it, the tears falling like waterfalls before you took off in a blind run, heading for the other door to the gym. You were running blind from the tears blurring your vision.

“(___) wait!!” Akashi yelled after you, turning to run after you. You burst through the door, running out onto the paved footpath before you heard tires squealing, a horn blaring loudly. You gasped, looking to your right and letting out a scream as you felt something collide with you, your body twisting and turning before landing in a crumpled head on the ground. You heard a door open and a man begin shouting before you heard multiple gasps from the team. But the one thing that sent a chill up your spine before you blacked out was what Akashi had said.

“(___) NO!!!” he’d yelled, repeating to yell your name over and over again as he tried to run to you, Kise and Aomine both having to hold him back. Akashi was clawing at them, desperately trying to fight against them so he could run to your side. Eventually, your world entered darkness and the screams of Akashi were finally heard no more.
Akashi x (shy)Reader - Chapter 4
The story is almost over! Just a chapter or two left! Bet you guys weren't expecting that kind of twist, eh? Don't worry, we're alive~ But happens after is anyone's guess! Hope you guys are enjoying the story, and I look forward to hearing what you guys like or think about this story. Remember please to comment, comments motivate me much more than favs. I love hearing from you guys, even if it's just a few words.

Chapter 1 -…
Chapter 2 -…
Chapter 3 -…
Chapter 5 -…
Chapter 6 -…
Epilogue -…
Hey everyone!

That Makoto x Reader story I've been writing is on Hiatus for the moment. I'm focusing on this Akashi x Reader story first, then I'm gonna complete Parallel Worlds, then I'll resume the Makoto x Reader story. Or, depending on my moods, I might go to that story.

But aside from that, I'm moving in just a few days and will soon be attending University. I'm so excited about it, but also so scared. Like, shit scared. I couldn't be anymore scared.

So yeah, after a few days, my updates could speed up or slow down, I'm not quite sure which one yet.
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