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(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
House of Horrors
Chapter 4
The Mansion’s Salvation


Things had changed now that the two ghosts that had been trying to kill you were suddenly docile and asking for your forgiveness. Makoto and Haruka sat with you as you listened to the two tell you their story.

‘I’m so sorry for everything that’s happened. See, every full moon we lose control of our minds… She makes us lose them, she takes us over… She’s so incredibly spiteful and full of anger, we can’t escape her. She controls the house and sentences anyone who enters to death, whether it be sooner or later,’ explained the ghost of Satsuki. You listened as the ghost of their mother knelt down and gently ran her fingers through her hair.

“But… From what I saw, you two had gone insane and tried to kill Natsuki… How come you’re so nice now?” you asked, seeing the mother glance at you.

‘After being killed all those years ago, we were doomed to roam this house to atone for our sins… During that time, we’ve sent tons of innocent people to their deaths due to the curse… Satsuki and I want no more… When we retain our sanity, all we can do is weep for the innocent people we’ve killed, for all the blood soaking our hands… Please, you must help her! I know I was a terrible parent and a horrible mother, but I beg of you, save my daughters!’ pleaded the mother, looking at you with tears in her eyes. This side of her was pure, honest and had no hint of madness or deceit on her face. You thought over what they said.

“Wait… you said daughters… Where’s the other then?” Makoto asked, making you turn to glance at him. That was a good point. Where was Natsuki anyway? If the mother asked you to save both the daughters, and you were Natsuki, where was the Natsuki of old then?

‘Natsuki… My poor Natsuki… That man had poisoned her mind for too long… She’s down in the basement, in the deepest level… There’s a casket… Natsuki resides within it… She returned back with that thing, it wasn’t born yet… She took her own life there, but her hatred must’ve been too strong… She’s the one poisoning our minds every full moon’ the mother explained, making your eyes widen in shock. Natsuki was the one pulling all the strings?

“You said you wanted us to save Natsuki… How do we do that?” Haruka asked, looking at the two ghosts. Satsuki looked up at him with a grave look.

‘If you can make it down there… There are two ways to save her… One, you gather items hold a personal value to the true her, the inner her, and offer them to her… Or… You seal her away with a sacrifice…’ Satsuki explained, looking you straight in the eyes. Your eyes widened upon realization of exactly what she meant. You had to either appease Natsuki, or you had to sacrifice your own life to seal Natsuki away. You felt the hands on your shoulders tighten, making you turn to look at Makoto.

“No, we won’t let [Name]-chan die! We’ll find a way to appease Natsuki, there’s no way any of us are dying! Not today” Makoto declared, looking down at you with a small smile. You smiled back, seeing the ghosts smile at each other.

“What sort of items should we use?” Haruka asked, hoping to get some suggestions from the ghosts.

‘Things that remind her of her childhood, before my husband got to her… It will be difficult… I wish you luck… I only wish we could help you more… But the sunlight is beginning to shine, and we must return to the darkness… Good luck children’ stated the mother as both her and Satsuki began to fade away, disappearing entirely. You felt the hands on your shoulders grab your arms, pulling you up to your feet. Glancing behind you, you saw Makoto glancing at the ground. He looked like he was torn up about something. Haruka was looking at him worriedly, then glanced at you. You looked at Haruka, before turning and walking to Makoto.

“Makoto?” you asked, putting a hand on his arm before he suddenly grabbed you, wrapping you up in a tight hug. His shoulders were trembling violently as he hugged you, burying his face in your hair and shoulder.

“I was so scared. I thought you were dead… Please… don’t go down in the basement, ever again. Haruka and I will take care of it. It’s too dangerous for you to go down there, I’ve already experienced the feeling of thinking you were gone, I don’t want to actually lose you…” Makoto pleaded, gripping your jacket tightly in his hands. You blinked in shock, before wrapping your arms around his back, hugging him back gently.

“Makoto… I can’t just leave it to you and Haruka… What if something were to happen to the two of you? I couldn’t stand the thought of losing you either…” you reasoned, feeling him pull away from the hug. He gave you a disappointed look before smiling his usual smile, making your stomach tighten painfully. You hated his smile when it was like this, because you could tell it was so fake.

“Well, let’s get a move on and find these items… How many should we grab?” Haruka asked, turning to look at a photo of the whole family resting on the cabinet in the lounge room. You turned, seeing multiple photos resting in the room.

“I’m not sure… Enough for all of us to carry?” you suggested, finding a photo of just the twins. That would be a good one, so you took it and began looking for other ones.

“Would there be anything upstairs? Like a stuffed doll or something?” Haruka asked, pointing at the stairs. You glanced at the stairs, trying to recall what had been up there.

“I’m not sure… It’s worth a look… We might find something we missed” Makoto stated, offering to go upstairs with you. You nodded, following after him as you both walked up the steps.

“I’ll look in Satsuki’s room, you look in Natsuki’s” Makoto stated, entering the room that had the smashed mirror in it. You nodded, turning and entered the room with the strange stains on the bed. Entering the room, you looked underneath the desk for anything a little girl would’ve used. Having no luck, you walked to the bed and knelt down, peering under the bed. You couldn’t see much due to the cobwebs, but you could make out something small and black under the bed. Sitting up to try and wipe the cobwebs from your face, you felt a sudden sharp blow to the back of your neck. You froze, feeling your body give out on you as you collapsed to the ground. Looking up with the last of your strength, you saw Makoto kneeling by you, giving you an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry [Name]-chan… But I can’t risk you going in that basement…” he apologized, rolling you onto your back so you’d be more comfortable, just as your vision faded out completely. You weren’t sure how long you remained out cold, but when you finally came to, you had a pounding headache. It was a little colder than it was before. Sitting up, you grabbed your head as the headache came on stronger. What had happened? Oh, that’s right. Makoto had knocked you out to try and protect you. That meant they were probably in the basement right now, trying to appease Natsuki’s ghost. You gasped as the true meaning of those words hit you, and quickly turned, grabbing the black thing you’d seen under the bed. When you pulled it out, you saw it was a soft, little black cat doll. Standing, you ran out the room and down the stairs. The sun was beginning to set from what you could see out the window.

Opening the basement door, you jumped down the steps and looked around. There was a light on down here, meaning Haruka and Makoto had gone through here. You continued on the path, feeling the unstable ground beneath you. You looked around madly, searching for any sign of them.

“Makoto! Haruka!” you called out, looking around in a mad panic. You had to find them before they were hurt, or worse! You looked around, trying to find any trace of where they were. A figure began appearing, transparent in the room.

‘Sister, the boys ran off ahead! They’re approaching the bottom floor! You must hurry! They will be driven mad!’ said Satsuki as she ran to you, grabbing your wrist and pulling you behind her.

“Thanks Satsuki! We have to give them this! They missed this!” you called out, showing her the black cat doll. Satsuki’s eyes widened when she saw it, but she continued running ahead.

‘That doll was Natsuki’s favourite! Father gave it to her when she was born, it’s as old as her!’ Satsuki stated, continuing to pull you behind her. So you’d grabbed something Natsuki would like, that was good. It took a few minutes, but eventually you both entered a room. You gasped, seeing Makoto and Haruka kneeling on the ground in front of the casket.

“Makoto! Haruka!” you yelled, seeing them turn to look at you. Their eyes were blank, large and bloodshot. Your eyes widened as you froze, looking at them in terror.

“G-Guys?” you asked, your voice trembling as you backed up. They rose to their feet, turning to look at you.

“She’s returned, she’s finally returned…” Makoto mumbled, a grin on his face that almost stretched from ear to ear. Haruka had an equally creepy smile on his own face.

‘Natsuki’s here! You must offer the doll, hurry!’ Satsuki yelled, gasping suddenly as she held her head in agony, letting out a small scream.

“Satsuki!?” you questioned, turning to look at her. She was flashing between her white appearance and her light blue appearance. That couldn’t be good, that meant her mind was becoming corrupted again. Looking around, you saw a figure begin to appear between where Makoto and Haruka were standing. You gasped, recognizing the girl as a copy of you. The grin on her face was menacing.

“Natsuki! I come to appease you! Please, accept what my friends have given you, plus this” you pleaded, stepping forward and holding out the black cat doll. Natsuki’s expression faltered as she looked at the doll, her eyes widening open realization.

‘My… kitty?’ she asked, her crackling like it was filled with static. You beamed a small smile, stepping forward and offering her the cat doll. Natsuki looked up at you, then back down at the cat doll. Reaching out a shaky hand, she took the doll into her hands, cuddling it to her chest. The smile on her face was genuine, making you smile at just how adorable she was being, especially with the tears forming in her eyes.

“I’m glad I could bring this to you… You’ve been through so much, but it’s okay. You can rest now… Please, let everyone go…” you pleaded, smiling at her as she looked up, nodding gently.

‘Yes, I’m so sorry for everything I’ve done…’ Natsuki apologized, the tears beginning to fall down her cheeks. Satsuki lifted her head, no longer in agonizing pain as she stood. Another figure began forming in the room.

‘Satsuki… Mummy…’ Natsuki whimpered, sniffling a little before she wailed out, ‘MUMMY!!!’ The ghost of their mother smiled, walking to her and hugging her tightly in her arms.

‘I’m so sorry… I should’ve been there for you, but my mind had been poisoned by your father for so long, I was no longer myself… Can you ever forgive me?’ she asked, seeing Natsuki nod as she began bawling in her arms. Satsuki turned to smile at you.

‘Thank you… you saved my sister… Words cannot express how happy I am… We can finally move on, leave this place’ Satsuki thanked, seeing Makoto and Haruka both collapse onto the ground.

“Makoto! Haruka!” you yelled, running to them and kneeling by them. Groans eased your worries as you saw them both sit up, holding their heads in their hands.

“Ow… I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus…” Haruka grumbled, looking up at you. You sighed in relief, patting them both on the shoulders.

“It’s over now, we can go home…” you stated, seeing them both look at each other in confusion. Once you were all standing, you began the walk back to the stairs. Reaching the stairs, you saw two familiar faces peering into the basement.

“Nagisa! Rei!” you called out, smiling happily at them as they called out to you, waving and jumping around like mad. They were back to normal at least.

“Listen, [Name]-chan… I’m sorry about knocking you out and leaving you behind…” Makoto apologized, stepping close to you. You flashed him a smile.

“It’s alright. You were just trying to protect me, I understand that. I’m just sorry I didn’t arrive sooner to save you guys…” you reassured him, gently grabbing his hand and holding it in yours. You gave it a tight squeeze, seeing his cheeks flash pink.

Suddenly everything went black though as the door to the basement suddenly shut and the light went out. You gasped, looking around before Makoto’s hand that had been in yours suddenly vanished. You heard a loud cry of pain, trying to locate the source. The only thing you could make out was the blue glow of a familiar ghost, one you’d completely forgotten about. It was the father, and he had Makoto pinned to the wall, his hand around his throat.

“Makoto!” you yelled, seeing Haruka look at the situation in shock.

“Makoto!” he called out as well in unison with you, gritting his teeth tightly.

‘She’s mine! Mine alone! You can’t have her!’ called out your father in a deranged voice. You felt a sharp pain in your chest, making you clutch it tightly. What was this? Fear? You were terrified of the thought of Makoto dying at this guy’s hands.

‘Father!’ called out a familiar voice, making everyone turn to see Natsuki standing there, glaring at her father. The father released Makoto who fell to his knees, coughing to inhale air.

‘Natsuki… You came back to me after all!’ he called out in delight, but all she did was frown. Stepping closer to him, she wrapped her arms around him in a hug.

‘Father… we’ll go together… you don’t belong here either…’ she stated, beginning to glow brightly. You covered your eyes, being blinded by the light they were emitting. And just as quickly as it had appeared, it vanished, along with them. You looked around a little as Haruka helped Makoto up to his feet.

“Makoto, are you okay?” you asked, stepping towards him. He gave you a small smile.

“I’m alright… But I saw my life flash before my eyes though…” he answered, chuckling a little. You giggled.

“Alright Rei-chan! Break the door down!” you heard a voice call out. You turned to look at the door.

“It’s alright, it should open now!” you called out, hearing them pause before cautiously opening the door. In a matter of seconds you were all out the basement and back in the lounge room.

“What on earth happened….? All I remember was investigating the bottom floor…” Rei questioned, looking at you three in confusion. Nagisa pouted to himself as well.

“Yeah… I have a feeling I missed out on something really fun…” he pouted, making all three of you laugh.

“It’s a long story… We’ll tell you on the way back… But first, we have to drop by the police station first” you answered, seeing the two of them look at each other in confusion. Stepping out the mansion, you looking around as the cool night air hit your skin. It was almost just like the day you entered, but now it was calmer, a lot calmer, and you were finally free. You were all free, and the mansion had finally been given its salvation.
Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 4/4
The thrilling conclusion of the House of Horrors series I've been writing. I hope you all enjoyed the journey, and are looking forward to many other journeys I've been writing. More stories and updates will be coming eventually. Hope you all enjoyed this Halloween Special I've written for you guys. Remember, comments mean the world to me, and do encourage me to write more. I've also been thinking about drawing scenes or pictures from this, if you guys would like to see some. But other than that, thank you for reading the story and being a part of the journey. There's a special piece you take away after reading this, and I'm hoping it's with all of you after reading this. And one last thing, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Part 1 - Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 1/4
Part 2 - Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 2/4
Part 3 - Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 3/4
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
House of Horrors
Chapter 3
The Mansion’s Memories


‘Wake up sweetie… It’s alright, you’re safe now’

A voice lulled you from your sleep, your eyes opening weakly to look upon the face of a middle aged man. His eyes were wide open, bloodshot and crazed. The smile on his face was one of possession and mad lust. He was also glowing and see through. You gasped, jumping back as he smiled.

“W-Who are you!?” you asked, your voice a hoarse whisper. He chuckled, advancing further on you. You backed away until you hit the wall. The area was so dark, you couldn’t tell where you were, but it had a dank, earthy smell to it. You assumed it was an underground basement.

‘What’s wrong sweetie, it’s me. Daddy saved you. It’s alright now’

His voice was attempting to soothe your nerves, but it was so crazed and driven with lust that its purpose was wasted on you. Your breathing quickened to gasps as you shook your head madly.

“No… No! Stay away from me! Don’t come near me!” you exclaimed, seeing the shocked look on his face. He looked disappointed and sad, but you weren’t going to let it fool you. Jumping to your feet, you began running blindly ahead. You couldn’t see around you, so it was no surprise you tripped on something and fell onto the ground painfully. You turned, gasping as you saw the ghost jump on you, pinning you down. Your eyes widened as you saw the smirk on his face. You had no way out, you knew it.

‘Let’s make you remember, shall we?’

You gasped, hearing him say that before you froze, your eyes wide, your breath caught in your throat as a pain shot through your body. You gagged a little, trying to squirm but you felt your vision turn off as you were swept away, to someplace so familiar yet you knew you’d never seen before.

You were sobbing and crying on the floor of a room. Your whole body hurt, and you were covered in sores and welts. Looking to the side, you saw the blood covered table and the whip resting nearby it. Your shoulders shook as you began to wonder what you had done to deserve such a life. You’d contemplated suicide a few times, but you were always pulled back to reality when you began to think that your sister would be targeted next. You stood, looking around the room before deciding to leave. Before you made it to the door however, the door opened and a girl with your identical appearance walked in. You raised a brow, looking at her curiously.

“Satsuki? What’re you doing here? Mother and Father will be mad if you come in here” you warned, not wanting to see her get hurt. She looked at the ground, as if she were upset about something and remained silent.

“Not fair…” she whispered, making you feel even more confused. What couldn’t be fair?

“Satsuki? What’s not fair? What’s wrong sis?” you asked, stepping towards her. Before you managed to touch her shoulder though, she looked up at you with a crazed look and wrapped her hands around your throat. You gasped, gagging in pain as you stumbled back. You clawed at her hands, trying to pull her away from you when you smacked into the closet, then you tumbled for a little before falling back onto the bed. Satsuki hovered over you, her hands gripping your throat even tighter than before. You gasped, gagging for air as you clawed at her arms.

“S-Sat…su…ki…” you managed to wheeze out between breaths, looking at her in fear and disbelief. She was the reason you stayed alive, the only good thing in your life, and now she had even turned on you too. Her expression was one of hurt, crazed possession and anger.

“It’s not fair! You get everything! You get Father’s love, you always have! I work so hard and he never even notices me! Mother is always with you as well! It’s not fair! Why do you get everything!?” Satsuki yelled out, her grip tightening as she pushed her thumbs into your windpipe. You gagged in agony, trying desperately to push her off. Your vision was beginning to gain black dots as you were struggling to think coherently. So you looked to your left, seeing the lamp and grabbed at it, smashing it against Satsuki’s head. Satsuki let out a blood curdling scream as she let go of you, backing away and crawling at her face with her hands. You rolled to your side, clutching your throat and coughing. Your lungs were aching for air. Satsuki removed her hands to reveal a deadly glare as a feral growl escaped her throat. A trail of blood dripped down her face as well. You gasped, jumping off the bed and began running towards the exit.

“Satsuki!? Natsuki!? What’s going on up there!?” you heard your mother yell out from the first floor. Satsuki growled more, letting out a yell as she ran after you. You had to get away! Father wasn’t home so Mother would surely let Satsuki kill you, or she would herself once she saw the blood on Satsuki’s face. You reached the staircase, jumping down them two at a time, nearly stumbling once you reached the bottom floor. Your mother was sitting on a chair in the lounge room, having been reading a book. She looked up at you, glaring.

“Stop being so disruptive Natsuki! You repulsive child! Satsuki! Quiet down!” your mother scolded before she saw the blood dripping down Satsuki’s face. Her face turned to one of horror as her face went pale. She stood abruptly, making you turn and bolt for the kitchen. You could hear two sets of footsteps after you now, but you managed to make it to the large kitchen knives before they could grab you. You seized the largest, sharpest one that was used for cutting meat and bone, turning to point the blade at them. They gasped, jumping back a step.

“Have you gone mad Natsuki!? We are your family! Why do you turn on us now!?” your mother questioned, glaring at you darkly. You glared back.

“Enough! I’ve lived with this all my life, but now I’ve had enough! I won’t suffer your abuse anymore Mother! Touch me and I will cut you!” you answered, seeing Satsuki’s expression was still one of nightmares.

“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!” Satsuki growled, her voice hoarse and wheezy as she held her hands out like they were claws. Before you got any time to react, Satsuki let out a yell and ran at you. You retaliated to try and stop her, but in a matter of seconds, everything froze. It was like time had stopped. Satsuki remained still against you, her chin resting on your shoulder and her arms hung limp beside her. Her expression was frozen and there was a wet liquid running down your hands now. You saw her body begin to slowly slide to the ground, watching in horror as she fell to the ground with a loud thump. Your eyes were wide in shock as you realized what had happened, seeing the large red stain on her dress and the floor growing. Your mother gasped as well, stepping back as she raised her hands to her face, trembling. She let out a scream.

“SATSUKI!!!” she screamed, making you wince from how loud it was. You moved your gaze to look at your mother, seeing her shoulders shake as she hunched over a little, looking at the floor. You suddenly felt fear like you’d never felt it before. The growl that came from her was menacing, like a monster had suddenly taken her over. She let out a scream as she grabbed your arm, trying to grab at you.

“Let me go!!” you shouted, slashing the knife down and striking at her wrist. You saw a splatter of blood across the room as she screamed and retracted herself from you, pulling away and holding her arm. She hid it from you as you stood there, glaring and pointing the knife at her.

“I warned you. Now let me go! I’m leaving!” you declared, stepping to the side and attempting to sidestep out the room. Your mother panted, looking at you with a foul expression.

“You killed your own sister… Why should you be allowed to leave?” she asked, charging at you again with her good hand. She grabbed at your throat, making you wince before you struck the knife forward, hearing a slice of flesh. More blood oozed out her stomach and onto your hand as you heard her gasp. Her grip on you loosened as she backed away. Her face turned pale as she fell to her knees, looking at you in horror.

“You’re a monster… You’re no better than us… And you will regret this day…” she hissed, her eyes beginning to dull as she fell back, landing on a pool of her own blood. You panted from where you’d been standing, looking at the two of them. They were completely motionless and still, but you had a terrible pain in your gut and felt like you needed to vomit. The door suddenly opening made you turn to gasp, realizing your Father was home. You quickly dashed into the dining room, waiting to see which way he’d come through, either the study or the lounge room. You could hear him whistling as he walked through the lounge room to the kitchen, then gasp. You snuck through the study, watching and waiting to see which way he’d go next.

“Natsuki… I must find Natsuki! She mustn’t be harmed!” your father stated, looking around in worry. You stood there in disbelief. Your mother and your sister were dead, and he was too worried about you to even care. He really was a delusional freak. You could see him searching every inch of the room before he ran to the dining room. You snuck through the lounge room, heading for the front door. The knife’s handle still firmly in your grasp.

“Natsuki?” you heard as you froze, turning to see your father standing there, looking at you with a sad expression.

“Did they hurt you? I’m sorry baby… I always knew they were no good. Let’s get rid of these bodies and we can live together! We can create our own family!” your father declared, opening his arms to try and embrace you. You felt your eyes widen as you jumped back, holding out the knife between you two. There was no way you wanted to be with just him and him alone. If that happened, you’d never get a break. The last time Mother and Satsuki had left, you’d been trapped in the room with him all day and all night, with no rest, having to do everything he said. You saw the hurt on his face when he saw the knife, but he didn’t advance further.

“Natsuki… What’s wrong baby? I’ve always loved you… I’ve never hurt you, remember?” your father tried to say, attempting to soothe you. You grit your teeth, your eyes widening more as you swung the knife around.

“NO! I don’t want anything like that! You’re my father!! Not my lover! We can’t be a family like how you want! I DESPISE YOU!!! If it hadn’t been for Satsuki, I would’ve killed myself ages ago!” you screamed, tears forming in your eyes as you saw his eyes widen. The hurt on his face was so obvious, but now it was mixed with a trace of anger. You felt fear return to your system as you stepped back against the door. You clutched the handle of the knife against your chest, your breathing becoming uneven as he advanced on you.

“Looks like I’ll have to borrow a page from your Mother’s book. I never wanted to hurt you like this Natsuki… But I’ll have to tie you up and make sure you can never escape” your father apologized, her grin sadistic. Your eyes widened in horror upon his words, making you scream and swing your knife forward. It all happened in a matter of seconds. You saw your father charge at you, a spray of blood, and then he was on the ground. He looked up at you weakly.

“Deny it as much as you want… We will… have our family… For it grows… within you…” your father declared, pointing at your stomach. You gasped, looking at your stomach and then back down to him. His eyes had gone lifeless and his body was still, but his words run in your ears. You dropped the knife to the ground, tearing the door open and ran out, without even thinking.

You gasped as you returned back to your body, gasping for air and feeling the need to be sick. The ghost man’s grin was right in front of your face as your eyes widened in realization. You were Natsuki. Or, you had been. Once upon a time in another life, you had been that poor abused girl, who had never truly been freed from her suffering and torture. You struggled against the ghost’s hold, attempting to break away.

‘Don’t run Natsuki. We’re finally together! You will be mine!’

You heard his words, gasping as you felt a cold presence begin to enter your body, starting from your toes and beginning to work its way up your body. You remained frozen, paralyzed in pain with your mouth agape, your eyes wide. You couldn’t even breathe. You could hear the man’s chuckles as the cold began spreading through your body, only small gags of pain escaping you.

Suddenly the door to the basement burst open, blinding you both with a bright light. The cold feeling suddenly left you, allowing you gasp in the air you desperately needed.


You looked up through one eye to see the ghost girl that had tried to strangle you. She was running down the stairs and quickly pushed the man away. She grabbed your wrists, pulling you to your feet shakily.

“[Name]-chan!” called out a voice and you looked up at the exit to see Makoto was kneeling there, offering you his hand. You smiled in relief, grabbing his hand and felt him pull you to your feet. The girl ran out after you and you looked down, gasping to see the man was trying to grab at you. Makoto frowned, slamming the lid to the basement down, shutting him down there. You sighed in relief, feeling Makoto’s strong arms around you.

“[Name]-chan! Are you alright?” asked a voice. You glanced up to see Haruka looking down at you in concern. You flashed him a weak smile.

“I’m okay… I think… Why are they here?” you asked, pointing at the ghost girl and woman. Both were now glowing blue instead of white like they had been before, and looked human now, instead of crazy.

“I’m not sure what happened, but they suddenly stopped and began apologizing… They also told us where to find you. They helped us get you out of there… But Nagisa and Rei still haven’t woken up though…” Makoto answered, his arms still tightly around your shoulders as you laid back against his chest. You didn’t have much strength to move, so they let you lay there for a bit. The ghost of Satsuki walked to you, kneeling down in front of you.

“Sis… I’m so sorry… Please, let me explain everything to you from the beginning” Satsuki asked, looking up at you with a serious look.
Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 3/4
Here's part three in the four part series of 'House of Horrors'. I hope you're all enjoying this story and are looking forward to the thrilling conclusion! Cause I sure am! Remember, comments really encourage me to write more than favs do. And remember, if you're thinking something, I'd love to read it. Like 'Why the ghosts are suddenly friendly?' 'What happened to Natsuki after she left?' 'Who the villain is?', those sorts of things. I'd love to read your thoughts on all this.

Part 1 - Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 1/4
Part 2 - Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 2/4
Part 4 (END) - Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 4/4
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
House of Horrors
Chapter 2
The Mansion’s Demons


The tight grip around your neck was excruciating. You couldn’t breathe as your feet left the ground. You were being suspended in the air by the ghost of the girl that had appeared in the room with you and Makoto. Makoto had let out a loud shriek, backing against the wall as his eyes widened to an incredible size. He couldn’t say anything coherent, just babbling what sounded like a whimpered version of your name several times. You gagged a little, feeling your feet dangle as you tried to claw at her hands which were gripping your throat. The shadows began circling the room, inhuman noises filling the room. You winced, feeling the grip tighten as you tried to inhale what little breath you could manage. The ghost’s face was twisted in what looked like a combination of pleasure and maddened joy. She was almost getting off on strangling you to death.

‘I’ve waited so long…! I’ve waited so long! Won’t let you escape! Won’t let you ESCAPE!!’

You could hear the voices beginning to form coherent sentences in the room, and turned to see Makoto was extremely pale against the wall, trembling in fright. You noticed the mirror next to him though, was showing a reflection of the ghost that was strangling you. Gasping, you gagged loudly as she pressed her thumbs into your windpipe, but managed to extend one arm, pointing at the mirror.

“M-Makoto!” you yelled, seeing his eyes widen in shock. He’d been snapped back to reality, looking around at what you were pointing to. He noticed the mirror himself, seeing the reflection of the girl in it. The reflection began to laugh maniacally. Makoto’s eyes narrowed as he glared, turning back to look at you with a serious expression.

“Smash the mirror!? Got it!” Makoto shouted, grabbing the mirror off the wall. The girl was still laughing insanely, making you grit your teeth together, feeling your eyes shut tightly. Makoto lifted the mirror above his head, letting out a yell as he threw the mirror to the ground. A loud crashing sound filled the room as the girl suddenly screamed. The grip around your neck loosened as you fell to the ground on your rear. The girl backed away, letting out a scream as she clutched at her face, throwing her head back in a mouth curdling scream. You coughed, clutching at your neck as a pain filled your lungs. You’d gone without air for too long. You desperately tried to fill your lungs with air with every cough and wheeze.

“Come on!” Makoto shouted, grabbing your wrist and began to pull you to the door. You stumbled on your feet as you looked at his shoulder. He was so much bigger and stronger than you, and now he was taking charge, taking the initiative. He grabbed the door handle, practically forcing the door open, and pushed you out the room first. He followed suit, slamming the door shut. He panted a little, placing his hands on his knees as you continued to hold your neck, coughing occasionally.

“Are you… okay?” Makoto asked, glancing at you worryingly. You nodded, smiling at him weakly. He gave you a relieved smile back, before he stepped forward, grabbing your shoulders and pulling you to his chest. His arms wrapped around you as you felt his giant frame shake violently. You froze, not knowing what to do, but looked up at the side of his head. He’d buried his face into your hair and shoulder.

“I’m so sorry… You were in trouble, and I couldn’t help… I’m so, so sorry…” Makoto apologized, making you wrap your arms around him, gripping the material of his jacket. This caused him to hug you even tighter.

“Makoto… It’s alright…” you wheezed out, your throat sore and your voice hoarse from being choked for so long. You smiled gently at him, nuzzling your face into his shoulder. He began to stop shaking, pulling away from the hug a little as his hands slid from your shoulders, all the way down to your hands. He kept your hands tightly in his, smiling at you gently.

“I’m so glad you’re alright… For a minute I thought we were going to die…” Makoto stated, staring into your eyes. You didn’t get very long to look into his green eyes. A loud noise from behind the door startled you both as Makoto gripped your hand tightly in his.

“Come on! We’re getting out of here!” Makoto declared, beginning to run to the stairs. You were being pulled along behind him, making sure not the trip. Your roles had been reversed. You ran down the stairs, heading for the door but when Makoto reached the door handle, it wouldn’t open. No matter how much he jiggled the handle, it wouldn’t open at all. You gasped, seeing him turn to give you a hopeless look.

“It won’t budge…! We’re trapped!” Makoto exclaimed. You turned, seeing the dark shadows beginning to creep along the walls of the room. You looked around for the exit to the room, pointing it out.

“This way!” you yelled, beginning to run to the next room, hoping to find the door to the back of the house. You also had to find Haruka, Nagisa and Rei.

“We have to find Haru, Nagisa and Rei! They should be here somewhere!” Makoto called out from behind you. You nodded, turning as you exited the kitchen, entering the dining room. The entire house was littered in cobwebs and dust. You exited the dining room and entered what looked like a study. You stopped though when you saw a familiar figure leaning against the door that exited the house. He had his arms folded around his chest, and he was smirking.

“Rei! We need to get past! We need to get out! This place is haunted!” Makoto exclaimed, stepping in front of you and walking to Rei. Rei just chuckled. You blinked, your eyes widening as you saw Rei step away from the door, looking down at the ground with limp arms.

“I know, isn’t it great!? We’re all trapped here, and we’ll all die here!” Rei exclaimed, lifting his head up to laugh insanely at the roof. You and Makoto both gasped, taking a step back. This was not the Rei you knew. His eyes were wide and bulging, as if he were possessed. His expression was twisted and foul.

“We gotta get out of here [Name]-chan. But he’s blocking the exit!” Makoto hissed, glaring at Rei who was still laughing. As you continued backing away, Rei stepped closer to you both. You were about to say Rei’s name when an arm suddenly wrapped around your neck from behind. You gasped, letting out a yelp as you were dragged back by the sudden figure. Makoto turned, gasping in shock to see who’d grabbed you.

“N-Nagisa!?” Makoto exclaimed, stepping forward to you when Nagisa’s grip around your neck tightened.

“Not another step! Or I’ll break her neck!” Nagisa threatened, chuckling from behind you. You grabbed at his arm, trying to pull it away from your neck. Makoto looked at you both with a horrified expression. He didn’t know what to do. He was at his wits end. Rei began advancing on him from behind. You gasped, seeing him lift his arms with what looked like a hammer in his hands.

“Makoto! Behind you!” you screamed, seeing his eyes widen as he turned, narrowly dodging the hammer swing as it smacked into the ground. A hole was formed from the impact, which you stared at in horror. Makoto was now against the wall, trembling in terror. It that had hit him, he would’ve died for sure.

“Makoto! Run! Don’t worry about me! Get out of here! Find Haru!” you shouted, feeling Nagisa’s grip around your neck beginning to tighten as you tried to fight against him. Makoto looked up at you, panting and looking petrified. He also looked conflicted.

“[Name]-chan! I can’t just leave you!” Makoto exclaimed, gasped as Rei managed to pull the hammer out the ground. He began swinging it loosely in his hand as he laughed. Your eyes widened, seeing him begin to turn towards Makoto.

“Makoto!” you screamed, your breathing turning into gasps and wheezes from your panic and fear. Makoto looked just as terrified. Rei laughed, swinging the hammer to the side.

“You’ll make the most beautiful corpses!” Rei exclaimed, lifting the hammer again to strike. Nagisa continued chuckling from behind you. You turned, seeing the grin on his face, before you returned to watching Rei in horror. Just as Rei was about to try and strike at Makoto again, someone quickly ran into the room.

“Makoto! [Name]-chan! Duck!” called out the voice. Makoto wasted no time in ducking, covering his head with his hands as something struck both Nagisa and Rei. You were also hit as well because you couldn’t duck due to Nagisa. You felt pain enter your system as you hit the ground with Nagisa.

“[Name]-chan! [Name]-chan! Can you hear me!?” called out a familiar voice. You opened one eye, glancing to look at familiar blue eyes which were wide with worry. Haruka looked like he’d seen the most horrifying thing in the world. Makoto was kneeling nearby, looking just as worried. You sat up groggily, holding your head in your hand.

“Sorry, I had to act quickly…” Haruka apologized, offering you a hand up. You accepted his hand, seeing Makoto offer you his hand as well. You ended up taking both their hands as they pulled you to your feet.

“Thank you for saving our lives Haru-chan. But now we need to figure out how to get out of here!” Makoto thanked, looking back at the door. He stepped to it, taking the handle and began trying to open it.

“I’ve already tried that. None of the doors are going to open, same with the windows… We’re trapped in here. But we have a bigger problem than getting out… We need to find a way to break the possession on Nagisa and Rei” Haruka explained, seeing Makoto turn to look at him in disbelief. You sighed, holding your forehead in your hand. You had a splitting headache and all this thinking was not helping.

“So what do we know so far?” you asked, seeing them walk to you.

“Well, we know that we can’t get out, Nagisa and Rei are possessed by some kind of spirit, and this place is most definitely haunted.” Haruka explained. You looked at Makoto, wondering if you should add in your own experience.

“We also found out that there’s at least one ghost here. A girl that looks pretty similar to [Name]-chan. She tried to kill [Name]-chan, but we managed to get out in time…” Makoto added, seeing Haruka’s eyes widen. You glanced down at the journal that was still resting in your pocket.

“We also found this journal… There were two daughters in this house. One of them was being abused by their father…” you explained, pulling out the journal. Haruka’s eyes widened as he let out a soft gasp, eyes travelling from you to the journal.

“We need to let the police know…” Haruka stated, seeing both you and Makoto nod. You were about to say something else but the dark shadows began to creep into the room. You gasped, turning to look behind you. The whispers began filling the room, making Makoto and Haruka step closer to you. A figure began forming in the doorway to the dining room, appearing to be the ghost girl from the other room.

“Run!” Makoto shouted. You all turned, heading for the stairs. There were no safe places on the first floor, maybe the second floor had a safe room. You ran up to take the lead, turning down the hallway and began running to the room at the end of the hallway. You’d completely forgotten about the warnings the journal entry had said, and pushed the door open. It wasn’t until after you’d all stepped in and began trying to catch your breath that you gasped, freezing to the spot at the sight. Makoto glanced at you, before looking around the room. He gasped as well, same with Haruka. The boys had managed to shut the door behind them.

Inside the room was a large double bed, a desk, and then in the other side of the room, were numerous torture devices. You were struggling to remember to breathe. The journal entry from one of the daughters had been disturbing enough, but what on earth had these been used for? You gulped, looking at the desk to see another diary resting on the desk. Walking to it, you grabbed the cover and flipped it open.

‘December 30st 1870,

That girl dares to steal my husband? I birthed her, she is my creation! And yet she is my rival in love for my beloved! Satsuki is a good girl, she has never stolen a glance from my love, but Natsuki, and she dares to even lay in the bed with him! He is mine! Mine alone! I’ll teach her a lesson! Today, I strapped her to the table and whipped her! It was a sight to see! She was a sobbing mess by the end of it, crying her eyes out and begging for my forgiveness. I’ll never forgive her! I’ll never forgive her! She stole my husband all the way back when she was six! I used to wonder why he snuck out of bed in the middle of the night, and when I asked him upon his return, he said he could hear that one of the twins had woken and was crying. One night, I was suspicious when he got up, and followed after him. When I peered through the crack in the door, my love was laying on Natsuki’s bed beside her, had pulled her night gown up, and had his hand in her underwear. She was crying but my love was whispering sweet nothings in her ear. All the same things he said to me. How dare she!? He was mine! I will never forgive her! I will kill her! I will kill that abomination!’

You quickly shut the book, leaning over the desk as sweat covered your face and you were struggling to breathe. The air was thin in the room and you didn’t dare read anymore. The handwriting had become to violently written, you feared what it actually said.

‘You dare to read my book!? How dare you!? You little monster! I will kill you!!’

You gasped, turning to look behind you. The boys were also looking, watching in terror as a new ghost formed, in the same of a middle aged woman. She was in pale dress and her dark brown hair had been tied up, but strands of it hung out in a mattered mess. Her eyes darted around the room madly as she raised a hand, revealing a whip in her hands.

“T-Two ghosts!?” Makoto squeaked, stepping back as the woman laughed, stepping forward. Dark shadows began creeping into the room again as the door suddenly burst open, revealing the ghost of the girl from downstairs. She was laughing as well, stepping towards the ghost of the woman. Both of them turned to look at all of you.

“W-What do we do?” Makoto asked, looking between Haruka and you. You glanced at the two ghosts, before looking at the door.

“Run!” you shouted, seeing the boys dart for the door. You darted after them, trying to catch up but the door suddenly slammed shut. You smacked into the door, feeling a pulsing pain enter your head. You began falling back, feeling your limps go limp as you hit the ground. Laughter echoed the room as your vision began shifting to black.

‘Got you now’

You heard the ghosts’ taunts as your vision faded and you fell into a world of nothing.
Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 2/4
Here's part 2 everyone! Enjoy!

REMEMBER! This story will just continue to get darker! Next chapter will be incredibly dark and trigger-ish, so be warned! Also, remember, I love comments! They really encourage me to write, so please, post what you like about this. I like comments more than favs. :D

Part 1 - Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 1/4
Part 3 - Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 3/4
Part 4 (END) - Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 4/4
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(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
House of Horrors
Chapter 1
The Mansion’s Secrets


You’d heard rumours of this place, but only the rumours you’d heard from Nagisa. The blonde boy was always telling you the new, hip things he heard, and nine times out of ten, those things would freak out several of your group of friends. When Nagisa had mentioned this haunted mansion, Makoto had been the first to freak out. He’d let out a shriek as he jumped back, trying to subtract himself from the conversation. Rei had exclaimed that such a thing was impossible, and Haruka had glanced off to the side, already bored of what was being said. Your eyes had lit up open hearing the words ‘haunted’ and ‘mansion’. And Halloween was coming up too, what could be better? Nagisa could sense your enthusiasm, grabbing your hands in his as you both looked at each other with glittery eyes.

“It’s decided! We’ll go there to investigate on Halloween!” Nagisa exclaimed, shoving an arm into the air as if shouting out a victory cheer. Makoto looked as if his world had come crashing down around him, and his face was beginning to turn a little blue. Rei looked a little iffy about this whole thing, but he sighed to himself, knowing not to fight against the hyper little blonde.

And that was how you found yourself in front of the mansion now, on Halloween night. It had a large, high metal fence, with a gate with vines growing through it. Cobwebs lined the fence, gleaming under the light of the full moon. Makoto was standing nearby Haruka, clinging to the boy’s jacket tightly. Haruka was looking very unamused, staring at the mansion with a bored expression. Rei had been trying to act tough, but he was now a trembling mess. The only people not trembling with fear were Nagisa and yourself. Haruka too of course, but hardly anything scared that man. You were looking up at the mansion with a big smile on your face. If you were trembling, it was with excitement and anticipation. You turned to look at Nagisa, seeing he was in the same shoes as you. Stepping forward, you grabbed the handle on the gate, about to push it forward when you felt something suddenly shoot through you. You froze, feeling your pulse increase in a sudden jolt.

“Aren’t we trespassing?” Makoto asked, peering out from behind Haruka. His question remained unanswered as all attention turned to you. You were still frozen, holding the handle of the gate. Nagisa raised a brow, stepping towards you and peering into your face from around your shoulder.

“[Name]-chan? Are you alright?” Nagisa asked, snapping you back to reality. You glanced at him, blinking in confusion.

“Huh? Oh! I’m alright, don’t worry. Let’s go in shall we?” you answered, flashing a bright smile as you pushed the gates open, stepping down the stone path that led towards the large, stained glass front door. The boys followed behind closely. Along the stone path were shrubs, overgrown bushes and vines beginning to stretch out, as if trying to grab at your ankles. Rei was beginning to freak out a little now and was sticking close to Nagisa like glue. In a matter of seconds, you were in front of the front door. You stared down at the gold handle, feeling a strange feeling wash over you. Your instincts were telling you to run as quickly as you could, but you couldn’t let the boys down. Not when two of them were already beginning to chicken out. Gripping the handle in your hand, you turned the knob, blinking in surprise as it slowly began to creak open. A smell of mold hit your nose suddenly, almost knocking you off your feet with its strength, but you managed to refrain from coughing. Pushing the door open further, you peered inside the house to see it looked like it’d been abandoned a hundred, maybe possibly two hundred years ago.

Nagisa poked his head in alongside you, scanning the area before jumping in, dragging poor Rei in with him. You all followed after them, stopping in what looked like the lounge room. Rei was now clinging to Nagisa’s jacket tightly as well, looking around in fear. You could barely see a foot in front of your face, but had to look away as you were suddenly blinded by a bright light. Glancing at the source, you saw Nagisa standing there, grinning into the light the torch was making.

“I brought two torches, so we’ll have to split into two groups to investigate! Haru-chan, Rei-chan, you two are with me! Mako-chan, you’re with [Name]-chan! Let’s meet back here in an hour! You two go investigate the top floor!” Nagisa explained, handing you a torch. You smiled back, turning to look at Makoto who hadn’t objected, but was already clinging to your jacket now instead of Haruka’s. His whole giant, well-built body was trembling violently and you couldn’t help but feel sorry for the gentle giant.

“Alright, meet back here in an hour. See you later guys” you stated, nodding your head to the other three boys, seeing them nod back and then turn, beginning to walk away. You turned to look up at Makoto, who was about a foot taller, seeing he was looking more and more terrified every second, if that were even possible. You flashed him a reassuring smile, seeing the corner of his mouth twitch into an awkward smile, before it returned back to awaiting despair. You began walking to the stairs, feeling the constant pull at the back of your jacket from where Makoto’s large hand was gripping it tightly. Making your way up the steps, you noticed every step creaked upon every floorboard you stood upon. At the top of the steps was a large spider web, glistening from the light of the torch. Makoto squeaked a little in fright, hiding behind you as you saw the spider crawl among the web.

“It’s just a spider Mako. It’s nothing to worry about. It’s a harmless breed.” you reassured him, turning to give him another smile. You turned, patting Makoto’s shoulder as you began descending down the steps, grabbing an unused lamp off the table, and jogged up the steps, brushing away the web with the lamp. Once that was done, you placed the lamp down and began walking through the hallway. The second floor looked a lot different from the bottom floor. There were hardly any decorations on this floor, compared to the first floor. The first floor had been decorated neatly like an old style mansion, but this floor looked drab and dreary, like it belonged to a poor peasant. The grip to the back of your jacket returned, making you giggle to yourself a little. Approaching the first door in the hallway, you grabbed the door handle, slowly opening it. Flashing the torch into the room, you saw the room was bare except for a small little bed against the wall. You stepped inside, feeling Makoto still clinging to you.

“I don’t like the looks of this place… This floor is way too different from the first floor.” Makoto whimpered, closing his eyes tightly and letting himself be led by you. You stopped in front of the bed, flashing the torch down at it. The bed had crumpled sheets laid out over it, with a moldy brown pillow at the head of the bed. It was resting on a weak, half bent metal frame, and you could see some stains on the sheets. You raised a brow, shining directly on the stains as you lent forward. The stains looked like a crumbly light brown powder stain. It had a revolting smell to it too, which was raising your flight response even more. Grabbing the sheet, you pulled it back and felt your breath freeze in your throat at a small blood stain on the bed. Makoto let out a shriek, hiding his face in your hair quickly as soon as he saw the blood stain on the bed. You had no idea how long you stood there, staring down at the blood stain in horror, but eventually you snapped yourself out of it and began looking around the room more. Shining the torch in a different area, you saw a rotten out desk with a half broken chair. Stepping closer to it, you saw a small book resting on the table. Reaching out, you grabbed the cover, flipping it open.

‘December 29th, 1870.

Today, Father came home finally! He finally returned home! He’d been away so long, Natsuki and I missed him. But for some reason, Mother didn’t seem happy to see him. As soon as Father entered the house, Natsuki and I smothered him in hugs and kisses. He laughed, picking us both up into the air, and called us his ‘little princesses’, though he can’t really call us that anymore. The day continued on as normal, Father teased and joked around with Mother, Natsuki helped out with the cleaning while I helped with the cooking. It wasn’t until later that day that I noticed something was strange. Father and Natsuki were nowhere to be seen. Mother didn’t seem all that worried either, she just looked really angry. I asked her where they were, but she told me that Father was just helping Natsuki was a task upstairs, and I wasn’t to go and disturb them. First chance I got, I slipped away from Mother and the kitchen. It wasn’t fair, why did Natsuki get to spend so much time with Father anyway? She was always the favourite of us, we were a pair, were we not? Why was she always picked? Walking up the steps, I began to hear creaking noises coming from Natsuki’s bedroom. I could hear Father whispering things and I could hear Natsuki crying. That was odd, Natsuki usually never cried. She was always the strong one of us two. I peered in through the door which had been left slightly ajar and felt my whole body freeze. Both Father and Natsuki were on the bed, both were naked as well. They were performing some kind of strange act together that required a lot of hip movement from Father, and Natsuki was biting her own hand as she cried. But the look on Father’s face was what terrified me the most. I had never seen such a look upon his face. It frightened me to my very core. Stepping away, I covered my mouth with my hands, turning and beginning to run to Father and Mother’s room. I do not know why I ran that way, I had been forbidden to ever enter their room. Natsuki was also forbidden to do such a thing as well, but when I entered the room, I realized that Father’s face was not the most terrifying thing in the world, but what was in that room. I dare not write it for fear of this being found. But I will say it was more frightening that the face of fear itself.’

You took a moment to process what you’d just read, feeling your stomach tighten into a hard knot. You felt like you wanted to be sick, understanding what the writer was talking about. Makoto hadn’t been reading, but was still clinging to the back of your jacket, looking around the room. He kept an eye on the door, watching it as if someone would shut and lock you in there. You turned, glancing at the bed. You now knew what those strange stains were, and felt even sicker than before. You needed to get out the room. Grabbing the journal, you began to think that more information about what happened to the family would be written further in, so you stuffed it into your pocket.

“[Name]-chan… I don’t like this… Can we move to a different room?” Makoto whined, turning to glance at you. He raised a brow, tilting his head curiously.

“Are you alright? You look pale…” Makoto asked, his grip on your jacket increasing as his other hand gently gripped your arm. He still looked scared, but his worry for you was even stronger. You closed your eyes for a second, taking a deep breath to calm yourself.

“I’m alright… I just found a disturbing journal… One of the daughters in this house used to get raped by the father… Right here” you explained, pointing at the bed as you heard Makoto gasp, his face turning pale as well.

“Let’s go to a different room…” you whispered, not liking the eerie atmosphere in the room. You began walking forward when you were suddenly yanked back by your jacket. You turned, seeing Makoto looking petrified and his shoulders trembling. You gave him a gentle smile, despite the ill feeling in your gut still lingering. Offering him your hand, he gave you his trembling large hand, which you gripped onto tightly. He seemed to calm down a little at this, allowing you to drag him out the room. Once in the hallway, you suddenly noticed the air was harder to breathe. Letting out a small gasp, you gripped at your jacket, trying to loosen it from around your neck. Dark shadows began to circle around the room and eerie voices began to echo off the walls.

‘You’re back! You’re finally back! Come to me! No! To me! Come to me!’

Voices began to echo around the room, making your stomach tighten into a knot again. Looking around more, you heard the voices were a mixture of what sounded like three different voices, all fighting with each other.

Creaking of the stairs suddenly caught your attention, making you turn to look at the stairwell you’d just come out of. Makoto was whimpering behind you, using both hands to cling to your jacket tightly as he buried his face into your hair. You were tense, looking at the stairs before relaxing as a familiar blonde head became visible.

“Nagisa! Don’t scare us like that!” you exclaimed, seeing the hyperactive blonde grin, giving you a peace sign.

“Sorry Mako-chan! [Name]-chan! I just thought I’d check on you guys. How’s it going?” Nagisa asked, tilting his head curiously. You glanced at the journal which was sticking out your pocket, debating over telling him about it or not.

“Well, we’ve found some pretty disturbing stuff up here… This family was not very nice to each other…” Makoto answered, making you turn to look at him. He had emerged from behind you, giving Nagisa a serious expression. Nagisa’s eyes widened upon hearing this, before he tilting his head in thought.

“Really? The first floor looks really nice and family friendly” Nagisa pondered, before you stepped in.

“Of course it would… If they had guests over, the first floor was what they saw. It was a disguise, a rouse. To hide what was being done…” you answered, seeing him look even more shocked.

“Well, I’d better get back to Haru-chan and Rei-chan. You two be careful up here. The roof looked a bit rotten in some places from the first floor. So watch your step” Nagisa stated, turning to begin walking down the stairs. You glanced at Makoto, seeing the dread on his face. After Nagisa had left, you turned to look at your next destination, the room across from the one you’d just entered.

Once Nagisa had reached the bottom of the stairs, he lifted his arms to stretch. Just as he was about to take a step, a lamp from across the room suddenly fell to the ground, shattering into a thousand pieces. Nagisa gasped, looking at the source before suddenly his vision faded to nothing.

As you opened the door you heard a large smashing sound from downstairs. You glanced at Makoto, seeing he’d returned to his trembling mess.

“I’m sure they just knocked a vase over or something. Come on. The more stuff we find, the more we can hand into the police once we’re done” you encouraged, seeing him nod. Entering the room, you gasped to see this room was even barer than the other, if that were even possible. A small bed, in the same condition as the other, was resting against the wall, but it didn’t have the stains the other did. Glancing around the room, you noticed a mirror resting against the wall. Stepping closer to it, you reached a hand out, gently touching the frame. The moment you did so, the torch turned off in your hand, and the door suddenly slammed shut. Makoto let out a shriek, gripping onto your shoulders as you looked around the room with a gasp. A static noise began to fill the room, making you turn to look at the door, gasping to see a figure beginning to appear. A girl, about your age, had appeared in the room. She had really long, dark brown hair, which covered her shoulders and face. She was in a white, knee length night gown, and was staring at the floor.

“A-A ghost!?” Makoto exclaimed, hiding behind you. You inhaled, trying to calm yourself. You looked at the ghost, staring it down. Before you got to let out a sound though, the ghost looked up, her hair splitting to reveal her eyes were wide, bloodshot, with a green iris. Blood was dripping down her forehead and around her face. You couldn’t even manage a word, instead both you and Makoto shrieked at the top of your lungs as she suddenly lunged forward, hands stretched out to grab at you.
Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 1/4
Hey everyone, this is a Halloween Special I've written for you guys! There will be four parts of this story. Hope you guys all enjoy, and I'm sorry to say this, but as the story goes on, it will get even darker and more ideologically sensitive. So if this was almost enough to trigger you, I'm sorry to say that you maybe shouldn't read the next chapters when they come out. It will just get worse. But that aside, what does everyone think of the story? What are your thoughts on the ghost and the house? I'd love to know what you guys are thinking will happen next! It's interesting to find out what other people are thinking.

But anyway, enjoy and look forward to the next part soon! I aim to have this completed before Halloween! :D

Also sorry, the picture doesn't give you a clue of what you're reading, but it was the scariest one I could find.

Part 2 - Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 2/4
Part 3 - Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 3/4
Part 4 (END) - Makoto x Reader - House of Horrors - Part 4/4
The difference between the merfolk and the humans is vastly different. Merfolk have double the life span of a human, merfolk have magical abilities that humans could only dream about. The most powerful of all the merfolk is the Merking. The Merking’s power comes from his scepter and crown. The scepter has been passed down to every new king, as per the tradition. Hundreds of years ago, merfolk decided to show themselves to their land equivalents. At first, things went well. An alliance was formed and the Merking and the Human King became friends. However, as per all alliances, this could only last so long. The Human King passed away, leaving his son in power. However, his son was power hungry, and especially greedy. He immediately attacked the merfolk when he got the chance, forcing the alliance to be dissolved. This angered the Merking, and he took the remaining merfolk that had survived the attack, taking them deeper into the ocean to rebuild their home. They created a new kingdom, called Oceana, and lived in spite of the humans that had killed many of their brethren. The Merking outlawed all contact and talk about the surface and its dwellers. Of course, as per all civilizations, there were the few that broke the law, however there was no punishment for doing so. That was because all that did, never returned. The Merking passed on his rule to his son with the most magical power, and he ruled over the Merfolk in peace. He had six children. Four boys and two girls. The eldest was called Akihiko, the second eldest was called Hideaki, the third child was called Kasumi, the fourth child was called Daiki, the fifth was Nanami and the youngest was called Haruka.

Haruka had always been babied in his family, and by the community, and he resented that. He hated being pitied, he hated being helped, and he hated those that thought he couldn’t do anything. His sister’s especially babied him, they loved putting sea flowers in his hair and dressing him up, and all he could do was sit there and pout at them. His siblings and he shared different mothers, so they all looked different, except for Nanami. Nanami and Haruka were birthed by the same mermaid, so they shared the same hair and eye colour. Every mermaid had been raised with the folk tales of the humans, it had been drilled into their heads since they were little, and Haruka was no exception. And he cared nothing for the surface either. He could care less if something were to make all the land and land creatures disappear in an instant.

At this current point in time, he was laying against a rock, staring out into the ocean from his window. He sighed to himself, wondering if anything interesting was going to happen. Life was rather boring under the sea, but he wouldn’t dare trade it for anything though. The water was all he knew, and he was too insecure to trade it for anything. A sudden weight rested on his arm and he looked out the corner of his eye to see long black hair on a feminine face that looked just like his. Matching blue eyes looked at him, a pout on the delicate face.

“Haru, I’m bored” Nanami whined, snuggling closer to her little brother. Haruka could only look back to where he was looking earlier, sighing again. He never let his siblings rest on him like this unless it was Nanami. Nanami was the only exception, he didn’t really know why. Maybe because they shared the same mother? Or maybe because of her childish antics and charm? The pout on Nanami’s face only grew from his quiet response. She flicked her blue tail in one strike and was suddenly in front of him, rolling on her back and slowly floating into his view.

“Boo, Haru, you’re no fun! The palace is so boring this time of day!” Nanami complained, before her eyes widened and she shot forward, mere inches from Haruka’s face.

“I know! Why don’t we go explore the ocean depths? We might find some cool treasure!” Nanami exclaimed, noticing that Haruka barely moved. He was used to this a lot, but she was right. Her idea was ten times better than just sitting here, wasting such a good day. He sat up, seeing her eyes sparkle in anticipation.

“Sure, I’ll go with you. I know you like collecting stuff” Haruka replied, sounding bored, but Nanami squealed in excitement, wrapping her arms around his neck tightly.

“Thank you Haru! You’re the best! I’ll meet you out front in a few minutes!” Nanami exclaimed, giving her tail a quick flick and practically darting out the room and into another area of the palace. Haruka sighed, gliding down to his mirror and adjusted the hair that had been messed up by Nanami, then began flicking his tail in a repetitive motion as he swam out the castle and waited out the front. It only took a few more seconds, but Nanami quickly darted out to meet him, swimming around him happily, giggling madly. Haruka gave her an unamused look, sighing as he snatched the bag off her shoulder and began swimming away. Nanami gasped, pouting at him, before swimming after him.

“Haru!” she called out, catching up to him. He glanced down at her, seeing the bright smile on her face. She was really happy to get to spend some time with him, that much was clear.

“So, you excited for today?” Nanami asked suddenly, twirling around Haruka and giggling.

“It’s Hideaki’s crowning ceremony, of course I’m excited for him” Haruka replied, giving Nanami a small smile back. Nanami’s eyes widened, before she exclaimed happily, tackling him in a tight hug.

“You’re so cute when you smile Haru! You should smile more often!” she babbled, rubbing her cheek against his as her grip tightened, but Haruka didn’t mind. He still wore a bored expression though.

“I thought we were exploring?” Haruka asked, seeing Nanami pull away, looking shocked.

“Oh my gosh… You’re right! Come on Haru! This way!” Nanami exclaimed, darting off quickly to lead them where they were going to search. She finally reached an old, broken ship that had sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Haruka’s eyes widened at the sight, and as Nanami darted inside the ship to search, he couldn’t help but slowly swim around the ship. He took in the sight of it, marveling at its size and grandeur. It was an impressive sight that was certain. He’d never seen a ship before. He knew what it was called, but heaven forbid, he’d never seen one. When he reached the front, his eyes widened at the size of the long, sharp plank of wood that stuck out the front of the ship. It looked similar to a sword, something his father had shown him. They had a sword hanging against the wall of the palace. His father explained that it was something humans used to fight each other. Humans used such weird and strange things, what was wrong with claws, teeth and magic? Oh wait, humans didn’t have the stuff merfolk did. He forgot that humans couldn’t use magic, and their teeth and nails were blunt. Such strange creatures, how did they eat and defend themselves from predators then? Perishing the thought, Haruka shook his head to clear it of all things human.

A sudden scream made his eyes widen as he quickly darted to the hole he’d seen Nanami enter. He scanned the area madly for her. All he could see was the inside of the ship. It was dark, cramped and had an unpleasant odor coming from it. He looked around, gripping the wood tightly in his hand.

“Nanami!” he shouted, worried about her. What had caused her to scream suddenly? Merfolk only had two enemies. One was jellyfish, the second was… sharks! Haruka frowned, quickly kicking off with his tail as he took off in a quick spurt, dashing into a room and gasping. Nanami was backed into a corner as what looked like a great white shark was closing in on her.

“Nanami!” he called out, kicking off again and turned, slapping his tail down on the shark. The shark snapped its teeth, turning to look at him as his eyes widened. He quickly turned, taking off again in a quick spurt as the shark did so too. It smacked into the wall of the ship, before turning and chasing after Haruka.

“Haru!” Nanami shouted in worry, swimming after the two of them slowly. She didn’t want to attract the shark’s attention, but she was really scared for her little brother. Haruka swam out the hole in the ship, seeing the shark follow, and began swimming as quickly as his tail could carry him through the open ocean. Nanami watched from the hole, looking at her brother with terrified, trembling eyes. Haruka could feel the shark on his trail, turning to glance behind him and had to refrain from freezing in terror. The shark’s mouth was open, displaying rows and rows of razor sharp teeth. Haruka frowned, giving his tail another swift kick and changed directions, heading down. The shark couldn’t stop in time, and swam forward more, giving Haruka time to do what he needed to.

Raising his hands forward, he closed his eyes as symbols appeared around his hands. His hair began moving around more as the water began to spin more violently around him. When he opened his eyes, the chain of letters and symbols was complete. He inhaled deeply.

“Unda Flatus!” he exclaimed and a beam of air and water shot out, flying through the water and hit the shark, batting it around. The shark was hit by several mini explosions and once the waters had calmed down, it zoomed off in a different direction. Haruka let out a sigh of relief, before he was suddenly tackled by Nanami in a death grip.

“Haru! That was amazing!” she exclaimed, giggling happily with tears in her eyes as she hugged him tightly, bawling into his shoulder. Haruka froze in shock, before he placed one hand on her shoulder, the other gently resting on the top of her head. This was the most affection he displayed, and it was only to Nanami. Nanami pulled away from the hug, making a quick recovery and tilted her head in a giggle.

“Lookie, lookie! I found some cool stuff we can add to the castle!” Nanami stated cheerfully, holding up several strange looking human objects. Haruka raised a brow silently in his confusion. They battled a shark and explored this dangerous area for those? One looked like a tiny trident, the other looked like a tiny scooper, and the third one looked like a mini sword.

“These are so weird, aren’t they? I heard from Akihiko that they’re called cutlery, humans use them to eat their food cause they don’t use their fingers!” Nanami explained, making Haruka’s eye brow rise even more. Humans refused to use their fingers to eat food? How lazy could they get? What a strange culture of beings.

“Anyway, it’s getting close to the ceremony time! We have to hurry!” Nanami exclaimed, grabbing Haruka’s wrist and pulling him along behind her as they hurried back to the castle. Haruka let himself be pulled along, sighing to himself as they entered the palace, seeing merfolk trying to set up the castle for the ceremony.

“There you two are! Come on! We have to get ready!” Kasumi scolded, stopping in front of Haruka and Nanami, hands on her hips as her long, golden blonde hair danced around in the water. Her green eyes filled with nothing but kindness though. Nanami darted behind Haruka, peering out behind him shyly.

“Boo, you’re a meanie Kasumi!” Nanami pouted, sticking the tip of her tongue out at her. Kasumi frowned, puffing out her chest as she folded her arms over her chest.

“You were exploring the ocean floor again, weren’t you? What would you do if a shark attacked you, or you couldn’t make it to the ceremony?!” Kasumi exclaimed, watching as Nanami flinched at the mention of sharks. Kasumi raised a brow, before she gasped.

“You ran into a shark!? Are you both alright!? You’re not harmed, are you!?” Kasumi exclaimed, grabbing Haruka and pulling him forward, examining him. When she was satisfied, she let him go and began examining Nanami. Haruka sighed, swimming off when he got the chance. He entered the ceremony hall, looking around with a bored expression at the room. His father hovered in the middle of the path, barking out orders to the merfolk who were swimming around and setting up the room. Hideaki was right next to their father, watching and learning as he would take over from their father one day. Haruka could care less about a position of power, or responsibility. All he wanted was to be free and live life as he pleased.

“Haruka!” called out a voice and Haruka turned, seeing Akihiko and Daiki swimming up to him. They placed a hand on either of his shoulders, resulting in a glare from Haruka, but they ignored it and continued blabbering on to him. He just sighed, tuning them out.


“Have the preparations been made?” asked a middle aged man, turning to look at his companion in the room. This companion was a young woman, with long, waist length, dark purple hair, narrow lavender eyes, pale skin and a figure that was round in all the right places. The middle aged man was tall, very buff for his age, with a head of dark brown hair and turquoise coloured eyes.

“Yes Your Majesty. The spell is ready. Which should we choose? The eldest or the youngest?” the woman replied, hearing the King chuckle to himself.

“Let’s choose the youngest. The youngest tends to get doted on a lot, so I think we’ll get the best response from capturing him” the King responded, making the woman giggle manically.

“Very well, the youngest it is” she replied, stepping away and walking towards the huge cauldron that rested in the room. She waved her hands around, closing her eyes, as letters and symbols formed, warping around as the insides of the cauldron began to glow.

“Once Avalon curses the youngest, the Merking will fall into my hands at last” the King said to himself, chuckling as he clenched his hand into a fist, grinning in satisfaction.

“Veneficus ut servo sursum , quod veneficus ut restituo nos. Tribuo mihi vestri vox ut EGO dico super a negotium. Natu minimus Procer mos cado victor , tribuo him legs quod termino him applico. Locus a vomica ut EGO dico sicco meus nomen ut signum pactum. Avalon D'elair!” Avalon chanted, the symbols forming and joining as lines connected them, before shattering into a thousand sparkling particles. Avalon gasped, falling to her knees as she panted, sweat covering her forehead.

“Avalon? Did it work?” the King asked, walking up to her and grabbing under her arm, pulling her up to her feet. She panted a little, looking up at him with a weak smile.

“Yes, the curse is now in place. Now we wait for him to come to us” Avalon informed him, smirking as she saw the grin form on the King’s face, before chuckling and laughter filled the room.


“And with this crown, I now crown you, Prince Hideaki, the crowned Prince, who will take over after me. May you preserve and sustain us in the future to come” declared the Merking as he gently and slowly began placing the crown on Hideaki’s head. Hideaki closed his eyes, leaning his head forward in a bow and just as the crown touched Hideaki’s head, Haruka gasped suddenly. Something felt wrong, very wrong. No one seemed to notice his gasp though over the sound of all the merfolk screaming and cheering for Hideaki. Haruka grasped at his chest, looking down at his hands and gasped again, seeing the webbing between his hands beginning to recede in. Haruka’s eyes trembled in terror as he felt an unbearable pain beginning to form in his tail. He turned to look at the exit of the palace, and darted out as quickly as he could. Nanami saw him leave quickly, and followed after him.

“Haru!” she yelled out once they were out the castle, and Haruka twirled around to face her. She raised a brow in confusion as she approached him, grabbing his shoulders gently.

“What’s wrong Haru? Why’d you dart out like that?” Nanami asked, seeing the terror and panic on Haruka’s face. A pain filled her stomach as she began to worry about Haruka.

“I don’t know… but my tail hurts… there’s an ache in my chest, and the webbing in his hands is getting smaller!” Haruka exclaimed, showing Nanami his hands. Nanami gasped, her face filled with horror. She gasped again as she noticed what was happening to the gills on Haruka’s neck and ribcage.

“Your gills!” she exclaimed, pointing at his neck. Haruka looked down at the ones on his ribcage, freezing in horror as he realized they were closing over. Before he had time to react, Nanami grabbed him and began swimming up to the surface as quickly as she could. Haruka tried to inhale through his mouth, only to have his eyes open wide in pain as nothing but water entered his lungs. Pain shot through his body. His chest felt like it was being stabbed, his tail was hurting so badly it felt like it was being split into two.

After a minute, both Nanami’s and Haruka’s heads appeared over the surface. Haruka coughed and spluttered, clinging to Nanami tightly as a support. Nanami glanced over at him, brows raised in concern.

“Haru?” she asked, seeing him glance up at her. Haruka’s gills had completely sealed up as if they’d never existed to begin with. A mark had formed on his chest. It looked like a red, spiral shaped tattoo. Nanami’s eyes widened as she recognized the marking.

“You’ve been cursed Haru… Another mer has cursed you… I’m so sorry Haru… I can’t undo the curse… I just can’t… I’m not strong enough” Nanami apologized, hugging Haruka tightly to herself. Tears began streaming down her face. Haruka was just as terrified as she was, and when he attempted to kick his tail to help support them, his eyes widened as he felt his tail brush against his other tail. Wait, that wasn’t right. He looked down, gasping to see he had two legs now. His tail was completely gone, as were the scales, and he had these weird shaped limbs now.

“You’ve been turned into a human… Haru… You can’t stay with us anymore, you’ll die if you try to go back into the water for too long” Nanami explained, seeing Haruka’s eyes widen and shake in disbelief as her words settled in his brain. Her face was flooded with tears as she placed her webbed hands on his cheeks, making him look at her.

“I’m going to take you to the shore. Try and survive, please. I’m begging of you. I’ll tell Father what’s happened, and we’ll come get you. I promise!” Nanami stated, seeing Haruka begin to calm down a little, before nodding. He gripped onto Nanami tightly as she began kicking her tail in swift motions and took them towards the giant thing in the distance, resting against the edge of the water.

When they finally reached the shore, Haruka used his hands to crawl onto the soft brown earth. The waves helped push him away from the water and to shallow water. He couldn’t use his new limbs yet though, so he pulled himself up with a painful grunt.

“I’ll be back soon Haru!” Nanami called out from where she was in the deeper water. She ducked under the water and swam away. Haruka panted as he crawled onto the sand further, before collapsing onto his chest, panting heavily. His eyes closed in exhaustion, his body shivering and covered in goose bumps as the air rushed over him, sending cold chills down his body.

“Eh? What in the…?” called out a voice, catching Haruka’s attention as he opened an eye slowly, looking as the figure approaching him. The person knelt beside him, looking terrified and worried.

“Hey! Are you alright?” called out the male, but Haruka couldn’t understand a word he was saying. Instead, he looked at the man weakly before his eyes closed and he slumped to the ground.

“Hey! Stay with me!” the man yelled, but Haruka’s consciousness completely blacked out, leaving him in a limp, naked mess of blood and water on the shores of the beach. But the last thing he saw were worried, kind green eyes that reminded him of Kasumi.

Translation notes.
The first thing Haruka says in Latin is 'Water Blast'
The second thing that Avalon says in Latin is 'Magic that keeps up, and magic that restores us. Grant me your power as I call upon a task. The youngest Prince will fall victim, give him legs and restrict him to land. Place a curse as I call out my name to seal the contract. Avalon D'elair.'
I apologise if the translation is not correct, I used an English to Latin translator, so that was the best I could do. But other than that, enjoy the first chapter.
Azure Eyes - Chapter 1 - Free Merman AU
A free fanfic based on a merman AU. Hope you all enjoy it and I look forward to reviews and comments and stuff.
Hey everyone, it's been a while since i did a journal last! A lot has been happening since my last one. I'm still trying to finish off my year 12 externally and I'm writing more on that MakotoxReader story.

I'm doing a creative careers course every Wednesday and we do a different creative thing every week, for example, one week it'll be digital editing, the next it'll be spray painting. It's incredibly fun and I've gained a new friend that i've introduced to the group. She's been accepted well by all my friends so we all consider her part of the gang. The only shame is she lives a few towns over, about an hour drive away. So we don't get to visit very often.

I've gotten a new car as well cause my old one literally was on it's last legs. It's a beautiful burnt copper bronze Toyota Camry, 2001 model. I absolutely love it! The only shame about it is i've had it for two months, and it already needs to see a mechanic to see why it's leaking engine oil. Why do all the cars i get do this? I don't drive them excessively, or recklessly, and yet they always break! I have no luck with cars... or computers either... My computer has a neon green line through the screen, straight down, on the right hand side. I can't fix it. So i've just given up on it. It doesn't seem to be affecting the performance of the computer, so it's fine. I hope.

Oh, and another thing about the Creative Careers course is we'll be making a horror movie together! I'm really excited about it! Everybody wants to make like a slasher horror movie, meanwhile me, i want to make it similar to Corpse Party. I just think that'll be easier because we're setting it in the old high school that was used over 30 years ago. Seen as Corpse Party has school kids in it and we're all close to school age, or at least, we'll pass for it. We also have like no budget for it either, and we need permission from the council to use the High school in our movie as well. Another issue is that if we do get permission to go in as well as use the outside of the school, we'll need blueprints or maps of the school so we can plan where everything will be. I'm really iffy about all of this and trying to figure out how it will turn out, but i'm also really exited about it too.

But yeah, wow, this journal is pretty big! That's about all i have to say.
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