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December 12, 2012
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Italy trudged down the stairs from his room, looking around and wondering when ____ would be home. He slowly dragged his feet into the kitchen, seeing the bare counters and dark, desolate feel to it. Cobwebs were beginning to form in the corners and dust covered the wood.

“Honestly… she’s been on vacation for two weeks now…” Italy mumbled to himself, walking out the kitchen, scratching the top of his head. He glanced around, before opening his front door. Germany stood out the front, dressed in his usual uniform. He had sad, tired eyes that looked almost lonely.

“Germany? What’re you doing here?” Italy asked, glancing at him curiously. Germany straightened up, his usual expression back on his face.

“Italy, it’s time to go upstairs! Dress up nicely and clean yourself up! Honestly, you’re letting your appearance slide! You’ve got stubble on your face and you haven’t brushed your hair in a week!” Germany commanded, leading Italy upstairs and into his room. He helped Italy dress into a nice brown jacket with a pale cream scarf. Italy slowly shaved then exited the bathroom to meet Germany downstairs at the door.

“Alright, let’s go” Germany stated, leading Italy out his house.

“Where are we going?” Italy asked, following after Germany like a little puppy.

“To a place I should’ve taken you a long time ago…” Germany stated, walking down the streets.

“Veh, Germany! You said ____ was on vacation, isn’t she back yet?” Italy asked, skipping and catching up to Germany so they were side by side. Germany seemed to freeze up for a second.

“Italy, tell me some stories about ____, will you?” Germany asked, looking away for a few seconds.

“Um…. Alright” Italy stated, looking confused for a second before a huge smile went onto his face.

“We met four years ago! In the Academy! Sure, she wasn’t a country like us, but she accepted us nonetheless! I’m so glad to have met her, she never judged me, nor did she look at me like I was some kind of freak!”

“Italy!! Hey, can I borrow your notes from yesterday’s class?” you asked after running close to Italy. Italy had turned to face you, and chuckled, grinning.

“Sorry ____! I forgot to take notes….” Italy replied, chuckling nervously. You sighed in defeat.

“Aw man…. Now I’m gonna get scolded for sure by the teacher…” you said in exasperation. Italy laughed to himself.

“Oh well, we’ll get scolded together, don’t worry!” Italy stated, wrapping an arm around your shoulder, leading you to class.


You ran down the street as quickly as you could. You had just seen something that had caused you to run off crying. Your eyes filled with tears as you heard footsteps after you. Why was he chasing you? He obviously wasn’t interested in you. Wait? Why did you think he’d ever been interested in you, and when did you ever become interested in him!? You knew the real answer, you’d fallen for him since you’d met him, he’s nice smile, his caring nature, the fact that he could always make you laugh…

“____! Wait!! It wasn’t what it looked like!!” yelled Italy’s voice as he caught up to you amazingly, grabbing your wrist and pulling you straight back like a bullet into his chest, wrapping his arms around you tightly.

“Let me go! You belong with Hungary!! Go back to her!!” you demanded, struggling against his grip despite how much you wanted to stay in the embrace. Italy wouldn’t let that happen and his hug just got tighter.

“No! I’ll never let you go! Because… I love you ____. Back then, with Hungary, that was just an accident. You know I’m clumsy; I tripped and fell on Hungary, that’s all. Hungary’s more like a mum to me; I could never view her in that way… My heart belongs to you” Italy explained and you lifted your tear stained face to look up at him as he captured your lips in a tender kiss.


“Hey! Why not let me order you a drink?” asked a very drunk Denmark as he wrapped his arms around your shoulder. You sighed, knowing this was going to happen. It always did every time you and the countries went drinking.

“Sorry Denmark, you’re not my type…” you said, declining him politely. You could see Norway sitting there, glaring silently. You swore you could see little arrows pointing at the two of you off the top of his head.

“Aw, come on! Don’t be like that! I promise you’ll have fun” Denmark tried to flirt and just as you were about to turn him down again, a hand grabbed your waist, spinning you out of his grip and into someone else’s. You looked up to see Italy with his arm wrapped tightly around your wrist, a small smirk on his face.

“Sorry, I’m going to have to ask you don’t try and flirt with my girl” Italy requested and Denmark pouted, going back slowly to sit with Norway. You looked up at Italy, smiling a little.


“____? Can I ask you something?” Italy asked, sitting at his end of the small table. You two were eating dinner for the night and Italy had randomly asked you this strange question. You glanced up at him, curious.

“Sure, you know you can ask me anything! We’ve been together for 2 years now” you stated, seeing him stand from his chair and walk to you. He stopped in front of you and then knelt, grabbing your hands in his as you faced him. You blinked in confusion, wondering what he was up to.

“____, can I ask you to marry me? Or is that too much trouble?” Italy asked and you gasped, your hands flying out of his and over your mouth as Italy reached into his back pocket, pulling out the prettiest ring you’d ever seen. Italy reached for your hand, waiting for your response.

“Yes…. YES!!!” you cried out, tackling him to the dining room floor, laughing as he slipped the ring on your finger. Italy laughed himself, hugging you tightly while tears ran down your face.


You sat in the bathroom, pondering to yourself. You and Italy and been married for a year and you were feeling funny lately. You held the small device in your hands, looking at the other two lying on the counter. All three read the exact same thing.

“____? You alright in there?” asked Italy and you got up, walking to the door and opened it. Italy stood there, looking worriedly at you. You looked up at him.

“Italy…. What would you do if I told you I’m pregnant?” you asked and Italy gasped, his face going into shock before he smiled gently.

“I’d pick you up and twirl you happily in the air” he replied and you grinned, beaming brightly.

“I’m pregnant Italy!” you declared and Italy cheered in joy, lifting you into his arms and twirling you around for a few circles.


“Say ahhh!” you encouraged, lifting the spoon full of mushed up food and directing into a tiny open mouth. You removed the spoon, smiling at your little daughter who sat in her high chair happily, munching on her food. She was ten months old and eating mushed up baby food. You giggled as she pulled a funny face, not used to the sour taste.

The door suddenly opened and you were greeted by Italy who came up and kissed you, then went behind the high chair, kissing his daughter on the forehead.

“How were my two favourite ladies?” Italy asked, making you giggle.

“I was fine, little Adrianna/Maria was good too! She’s just trying out her new food. I think it’s a little sour, just watch her face!” you said, feeding her another mouthful. She pulled the same funny face, making both you and Italy crack up laughing.

“So how was the world meeting?” you asked, looking up at Italy. Italy loosened the tie around his neck, sitting heavily into the chair next to you.

“Tiring… Everyone just did a lot of arguing again…” Italy stated, glancing at you. You giggled, before smiling back down at your daughter.

“Veh… then everything seemed to go wrong…” Italy stated, still walking alongside Germany. Germany sighed, knowing a little about what he was going to say.

You sat on the chair, crying your eyes out. The tears felt like they wouldn’t stop. Italy sat next to you, his arm around your shoulders. Tears fell out of his eyes too. You watched as the men took the small stretcher, taking it outside the house. You knew what was under that white sheet.

You’d gone to check up on your daughter because she was napping for too long, and noticed she wasn’t moving at all. You remembered yelling to Italy and he rushed into the room, trying to revive Adrianna/Maria, but it hadn’t been successful. You’d lost your most precious little person in your life and both of you were taking it hard.

“There was nothing we could’ve done… It just must’ve been her time… As short as it was…” Italy whispered into your ear. You began sobbing loudly, burying your face in his chest. Italy’s arms wrapped tightly around you as he tried to comfort both you and his aching heart.

“We’re here…” Germany stated and Italy stopped his last recollection and looked down at where Germany was looking. He gasped, his eyes locking onto one of the familiar names. There was a huge stone with the name ____ Vargas on it. Straight underneath it, it had Adrianna/Maria’s name. Italy looked around, noticing many other giant rocks with names written on them, lying around in the area.

“G-Germany… What is this?” Italy asked, looking up at him in fear. Germany glanced down at the floor, his face hidden by his hat. Italy’s eyes widened more in terror as he grabbed the collar of Germany’s jacket, pulling him towards him.

“Germany! Tell me! Tell me what’s going on!!!” Italy yelled, tears threatening to fall from the corners of his eyes.

“It is what it looks like… ____, your wife… is dead…” Germany stated, looking down still. Italy froze, going numb from the horror as he let Germany go and glanced back at the grave. He took a couple shaky steps before collapsing to his hands and knees in front of the grave.

“Germany, tell me what happened… I need to know…” Italy pleaded, clenching the grass tightly in his hands.

“I’ll tell you the story then… I was doing some shopping two weeks ago when I ran into ____. She was across the street from where I was, and when I called out to her to say hi, she waved, running to where I was so we could talk I guess… She didn’t look before she crossed the road… I remember hearing a loud horn blast and seeing her turn in horror and scream at the bus that was driving straight towards her. I heard brakes screeching and then a loud and painful bang. Once all the traffic had stopped, I heard people screaming. I rushed to where her body was and she was barely conscious. When I got to her, she pleaded me to tell you the story after she’d had time to rest a little, and asked me to say sorry for her. So after her body had been taken and I’d given them the details, I went straight to you and told you she’d gone for an emergency vacation so I could tell you the truth later… I’m sorry I lied to you, she asked me to” Germany explained, looking down at the ground.

Italy had become frozen where he was, the tears dripping off his face and onto the grass.

“Italy?” Germany asked before looking around. He gasped suddenly when he saw a faint glimmer in one of the grassy fields. He grabbed his gun from his waist, lifting it up and firing as a shot was also fired. Italy gasped, turning around quickly as he heard a yell of pain a distance away, and saw Germany stumble forward before falling backwards. He dashed forward, grabbing Germany and lifting him into his arms.

“Germany! Germany! Don’t leave! Hang on!! Please, don’t leave me as well!!” Italy pleaded, the tears falling fiercer now. Germany grunted in pain, smiling up at Italy.

“You knew that ____ and Adrianna/Maria were going to leave you eventually one day… Just be glad it was sooner rather than later… Us countries don’t age and I’m not going to die and leave you so easily… I’ll be back after a good sleep… Maybe a couple of days…. But until then, move on… Please, I know it’s hard… But you have to move on…” Germany pleaded, closing his eyes and becoming motionless. Italy gasped, hugging Germany’s body and sobbing loudly. He knew Germany would be back soon, a country doesn’t die that easily, but he’d try and live up to his promise, he’d try his hardest to move on. But he wasn’t going to forget his time with ____ and his daughter; he was going to cherish it as the happiest time of his life!
Okay, i think i should offer tissues to all the readers first. Seen as all my stories seem to make people cry....

Anyway, enjoy everyone!!!

I don't own the above picture
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